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Below we have outlined the features, terms, rates, and fees for all the financial services available to Check City customers in this state. For more information, contact Check City and speak to a customer service representative.
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Terms For Installment Loans

Loan Amounts

$100 to $1,000

Acquisition Fee

10% of the Principal

Monthly Account Handling Charge

$12.50 for a $100 to $300 loan amount

$15.00 for a $300.01 to $500 loan amount

$17.50 for a $500.01 to $750 loan amount

$20.00 for a $750.01 to $1,000 loan amount

Loan Examples

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the cost of your credit as a yearly rate and will vary depending on the length of your loan. Please see your consumer loan agreement for the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and other terms applicable to your loan.

Loan Term = 3 months

Loan Amount = $500

Finance Charges = $95

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) = 118.25%

Payment Amount = $85

Payments = 7 biweekly payments

Total Repayment = $595

Loan Requirements

To apply, please stop by our Check City store location. Please bring a Photo ID, proof of income, your routing and account numbers for an active checking account, and proof of address. Within the state of Colorado you can apply for an installment loan of up to $1,000. Your loan limit will be determined by your income, application information, Check City loan history, and the information in your consumer report provided by a consumer reporting agency.

  • State or Federal ID 
  • Proof of income
  • Direct deposit information (void check or routing and account number)
  • Proof of direct deposit 
  • Proof of address