State Licensed Lender

Check City is proud to be a state licensed lender so we can provide the assurance and peace of mind our customers deserve.

Why Check City is Proud to Be a State Licensed Lender

If a customer gets a payday loan from a non-licensed or overseas lender who does not abide by state and federal lending laws, the borrower will be without important consumer safeguards.

If a lender is not willing to abide by state and federal lending laws, what else might they not be willing to abide by? Borrowers should not take this chance and should choose licensed lenders over non-licensed lenders.

The Check City Difference

Choose a lender you can trust by choosing Check City. We not only stand by our word and services, but we back up our word and services by abiding by state and federal lending laws to give customers the loan quality and care they deserve.

Every loan that Check City lends is legal and backed by lending laws for our customer's protection and peace of mind.

1994 State Licensed Lender Seal