Installment Loans Idaho

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Apply for installment loans in Idaho with the Check City Installment Loan. When you need money quickly, it helps to have a fast online application process. The Check City installment loan offer customers a quick short-term loan solution during a financial emergency.  

Installment Loans Idaho

Installment loans are small, short-term loans that are paid off quickly in one lump sum on your next pay date. They can be the perfect short-term financial solution when you need money now.

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Why Use Check City for Online Installment Loans in Idaho?

We're a Direct and Licensed Lender

There is a big difference between direct lenders and indirect lenders as well as licensed lenders and unlicensed lenders.  

Being a licensed lender means that we have all the licenses and certifications we need to do our job the right way and help our customers safely and securely get the money they need.  

Being a direct lender means that our California payday loans come directly from us, Check City. We won't send your information to third party lenders. Instead, you'll borrow directly from us.

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Easy Application Process

Check City loves to make your life easier. That's why we use and create the best financial technology around to best serve the financial needs of our customers.

All our quick cash loan products come with a fast and easy online loan application process. We want all our fast financial solutions to be easy loans that don't take hours to apply.

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Exceptional Customer Service

Check City prides itself on having exceptional customer service. Whether you are in a store, online, or on the phone, our representatives are friendly and approachable. They are informed financial guides that know exactly how to help you with all your money needs.

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Idaho Rates and Fees

Visit the Idaho Rates and Fees page to learn more about the terms and conditions of our loans in the state of California, any credit score requirements, finance charges, due dates, interest rates, origination fees, and more.

You can also contact a Check City representative at the following phone number or start an online chat to learn more. Your customer satisfaction is important to us, and we pride ourselves on the exceptional customer service experience we provide.

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