Check City Wireless Policy


AccountTransaction Calls to Your Cell Phone (using automatictelephone dialing systems, autodialers, artificial or prerecorded voice,and SMS text messages) to your Cell Phone.

Receipt of cell phone calls (including textmessages) may be subject to charges from your service provider. Your service provider’s Msg & Data Rates apply to any Short MessageService (SMS)SMS (Short Message Service) messages.

If you have listeda cell phone in the documents we receive from you or you give us an updatedcell phone number, then you authorize us, our affiliates, successors ininterest, and assigns to call (including sending SMS text messages) using anautomatic telephone dialing system or artificial/prerecorded message to yourcell phone number. These calls or SMS text messages will provide you withaccount information and services, such as when yourtransaction is approved, payment reminders, andcollection efforts. Message frequency will vary by account.

If you have any questions, please contact ourCustomer Service Team at (800) 404-0254.

If you do not want to receive such automatedcalls about your account, you can withdraw consent and remove your SMSinformation by sending “STOP,”,“END,” ,”CANCEL,”,“UNSUBSCRIBE,” or “QUIT” to the SMS text messageyou have received, by texting ortext "STOP"to 43783, or by notifying us at any time in writing at P.O. Box 970028, OremUT, 84097. For help, email us at,text "HELP"to 43783, or call 1-855-650-2915.


MarketingCalls to Your Cell Phone and Residential Line (includingcalls using automatic telephone dialing systems, autodialers, artificial orprerecorded voice, and SMS text messages).to your Cell Phone and Residential Line:

If you have opted in, you agree to allowCheck City, our affiliates, successors in interest, and assigns todeliver to your cell phone and your residential line telemarketingcalls (including SMS text messages) to your cell phoneand your residential line using an automatic telephone dialingsystem and artificial/prerecorded message.

Receipt of cell phone calls (including textmessages) may be subject to charges from youryoruservice provider. Your service provider Msg & Data Rates apply to any ShortMessage Service (SMS)SMS (Short MessageService) messages. You understand that regardless of your choicefor “marketing communications,”,by providing youryorucell phone number, you have consented to receive account transaction calls(including SMS text messages) using automatic telephone dialing systems and andartificial/prerecorded messages as explained in the “AccountTransaction Disclosure.” You also acknowledge that CheckCity is not requiring you to provide authorization for telemarketing calls(including telemarketing SMS text messages) as a condition of obtaining creditor doing business with us.


This program is supported by Alltel, AT&T,Boost, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobil, MetroPCS, T-Mobile, and U.S.Cellular. Carriers are not liable for delayed or undeliverable messages.