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Additional Services

Whether you want to get cash for gold, pay bills, or get cash for gift cards, Check City’s additional services can help you.
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Bill Pay

Bill Pay Services are available at all Check City stores. Now you can use bill pay services to pay your monthly bills. Get all your bills paid at one place, at one time at Check City.
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How to Use Bill Pay
You have enough to worry about with bill due dates and payments. At Check City we make paying your bills an easy and simple process.

Step 1: Visit a Check City Store

Step 2: Bring your bill payment information.

Step 3: Pay your bill at Check City.

Bill Pay Requirements
We accept gold jewelry set with gemstones, but the gemstones are not considered in determining the cash value of the gold.
  • Personal Information
  • Bill Account Number
  • Cash as a Form of payment
Bill Pay Benefits

Avoid Late Fees

Bills are an important monthly expense that can carry heavy consequences when they become overdue. Pay your bills quickly and efficiently when you use Check City Bill Pay. We'll process your bill payments by the next business day so you can avoid late fees.  

Fast Bill Payment Processing

Check City has fast bill payment processing so that we can get your bills paid as quickly as possible. At Check City we understand the importance of on-time payments and we can generally process all your bill payments within a day.  

Cash for Gift Cards

Cash for Gift Cards is available at all Check City stores. Exchange old or unwanted gift cards for cash at your local Check City. You can bring in old gift cards or gift cards you won't use and exchange them for cash you can use anywhere.
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How to Use Cash for Gift Cards
Now when you don't know what to do with a gift card, you can bring it to Check City and sell it for cash. The process is simple and now you can make sure those gift cards don't go to waste.
Step 1: Visit a Check City store.

Step 2: Bring the gift cards you want to sell.

Step 3: Exchange your gift cards for cash or a money order.

Cash for Gift Card Requirements
  • Government ID
  • Contact Information
  • The Gift Cards you want to Exchange for Cash
Cash for Gift Card Benefits

Get Cash or a Money Order

We don’t just exchange gift cards for cash. You can also choose to get a money order as payment for your gift cards instead.  

Exchange Up to $3,000 a Day

You can exchange up to $3,000 worth of gift cards per day with the Check City gift card buy back program.  

Use Cash Anywhere

Many gift cards can only be used at one place, but cash can be used anywhere. Don't let your gift cards go to waste and get the cash you can use anywhere instead.

Cash for Gold

Cash for Gold is available at Utah, Nevada, and Colorado Check City stores. You can sell gold, silver, or platinum items for cash with a professional evaluation.
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How to Use Cash for Gold
Selling gold at Check City is an easy and convenient process. What's more, you can get cash for gold when you sell gold at Check City. To sell gold at Check City, all you have to do is the following steps:

Step 1: Bring in your gold, silver, or platinum to any Check City Store.

Step 2: We will weigh what you bring in on a jeweler’s scale.

Step 3: We then test it for precious metal content to determine its cash value.

Step 4: Get paid cash in the store.

What You Can Sell
We accept gold jewelry set with gemstones, but the gemstones are not considered in determining the cash value of the gold.
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Dental Gold
  • Pendants
  • Coins
  • Chains
  • Earrings
  • Jewelry
  • Watches
Requirements to Sell Gold
Gold Buying is available at Utah, Nevada, and Colorado Check City stores.

Check City makes selling your gold, jewelry, and other precious metals easy to do. The process is simple and our Check City Representatives will handle everything. All you need to do is bring a few items into a Check City Location before walking away with cash for gold today:
  • Government ID
  • The Precious Metals
Benefits of Selling Precious Metals at Check City

Free Precious Metals Evaluation

Check City will take care of everything involved in selling your precious metals. We'll evaluate the market value of your precious metals with our certified jeweler's scales.  

No Limits to How Much You Can Sell

There are no quantity limits to how much you can sell at Check City. Customers can sell as little or as much gold, or other precious metals, as they'd like.  

No Obligation to Sell

There is no obligation to sell after we evaluate the price of your gold and give you a quote.  If you're curious about how much you can get for your precious metals, get a free evaluation of its worth today without any obligation to sell after the evaluation is done.