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Personal Loans Online at Check City

We’re always looking for better ways to meet your short-term financial needs. That’s why we created a personal loan to provide cash loans with flexible payback options over several months.
Personal loans are designed to give customers greater freedom and flexibility. Unlike short-term payday loans that are repaid in a matter of weeks, Check City's personal loans are repaid over a matter of months.
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How to Get a Personal Loan

Step 1: Fill out the online loan application or visit a nearby Check City store.
Step 2: Select “Personal Loan” when prompted on the online loan application.
Step 3: If approved, online applicants will receive their funds through direct deposit and in-store applicants will receive their funds at the store in cash.

Personal Loan Requirements

  • Basic Contact Information
  • Government ID
  • Social Security Number
  • Check or Bank Statement
  • Proof of Income
  • ACH Account Number
  • Proof of Direct Deposit (bank statement)
  • Valid Phone Number
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The Benefits of a Check City Personal Loan

At Check City, we are all about taking care of our customers' personal financial needs. With the Check City personal loan, you can get the funding you need, given directly to you, with the freedom to spend your funds the way you see fit.

Easy Personal Loans Online Approval

Getting a personal loan online is easy and simple to do. All you need are a few basic application items and you can apply online and in stores. Friendly Check City representatives are always there to help you if you have questions.

Same-Day Personal Loans

Customers can get a same-day personal loan by applying inside a Check City store where our tellers can let you know if you've been approved and get your funds to you that same day.  

ACH Payment Discount

Get a discount when you opt for an automatic ACH repayment plan. Customers who use automatic ACH payments will have their origination fee waived. ACH payments will also set up your loan payments to be automatic and easier to remember.

No Prepayment Penalties

Personal finance shouldn't be a hassle. That's why we cut out unnecessary fees and penalties from our loan terms. We want your repayment terms to be as simple and straightforward as possible.

Easy Refinancing Options

After you’ve made your first successful payment on your loan, you can refinance anytime to access credit that may still be available to you. Customers who have already successfully paid off loans with Check City may qualify for higher loan offers and loan amounts. Contact your local Check City for more details.

Freedom in How You Spend

Check City Personal Loan funds are given directly to the customer. This allows our customers the freedom to choose how they spend their loan amounts. You can choose both how you receive and repay your loan offer. Repayment terms usually coincide with your pay dates, making it easier for you to repay.

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