Western Union Money Order Services and Wire Transfers

Money orders and money transfers offer an easy and reliable way to make purchases, pay bills, and send money without a checking account.
A Western Union Money Order is a prepaid check that can be accepted as payment by banks, companies, and individuals. A Western Union Money Transfer can also conveniently wire transfer money from one location to another.
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How to Send a Western Union Money Order

Step 1: Visit a Check City location.
Step 2: Fill out the money order form. On the money order form, you will fill out some information about yourself and the receiver so the money can get to the right recipient. This information includes things like both the recipient and sender's names and addresses. You might also need to show the teller's your photo ID to verify your identity.

Step 3: Pay for the money order and the fees. You'll need to pay the full amount of the money you want to send along with any additional service fees. You will also get a Western Union tracking number when you purchase a money order that will help you keep track of your purchase.

How to Cash a Money Order

Step 1: Visit a Check City location. Bring the money order along with your photo ID to verify you are the correct recipient.
Step 2: Endorse the money order. At the teller counter, endorse the money order with your signature. This is similar to how you would endorse a check before cashing it.
Step 3: Pay any applicable money order fees and get your funds. Any fees you might have to pay will simply come out of the money you receive from the money order. Don't forget to secure your cash in a safe place before leaving the teller's counter. Before the transaction is truly complete you want to secure the funds in an envelope or wallet.

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Money Order Service Requirements

  • Government ID
  • Social Security Number
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How to Send a Western Union Money Transfer

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Western Union money transfers are a convenient way to send money because they give customers the option to deposit funds directly into someone else's bank account with a quick and convenient wire transfer. Wire transfers are especially convenient because they can be done entirely online!

Step 1: Visit a Check City location.

Step 2: Provide your phone number and the transaction details to one of the tellers. You can even start the transaction on the Western Union app.

Step 3: Pay for the transfer with cash or a debit card.

Step 4: Once the transaction is complete, you'll receive a receipt with a Western Union tracking number (MTCN).

How to Receive a Money Transfer

With money transfers, the recipient has more options for how they want to receive their funds. If the recipient has an electronic account, then the wire transfer can be sent to that account directly. If they don't have an electronic account, all they have to do is the following:

Step 1: Visit a Check City location.

Step 2: Bring your photo ID, phone number, or the Western Union tracking number.

Step 3: Money transfers can be received in cash, on a prepaid card, or in your mobile wallet.

The Benefits of Check City's Money Order Service

Check City and Western Union

Check City uses Western Union for our money order service. This means that Check City is a participating Western Union agent location where customers can manage all their money order needs.

No Bank Account Necessary

Check City's money order service doesn't require a bank account. This makes our money orders available to a wider customer base so that our money order services can help more people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a money order?

A money order is like a prepaid check. It is a printed document that has a prepaid amount of money on it. 

An ordinary check usually requires an active checking account and is not prepaid, meaning the funds on the check are taken from your account later. But with money orders, you pay those funds the moment you take out the money order. 

How much do money orders cost?

Money order costs may vary depending on your location or money order amount. 

Contact your local Check City store to learn more about any costs or fees that might apply to you.

Do money orders expire?

In general, money orders do not expire. However, there is a chance the issuer will detract from the total amount of the money order if the receiver doesn't cash or deposit the funds by a certain date.

What is a wire transfer?

Wire transfers can also be called money transfers. They are a Western Union electronic fund transferring service that can move funds from one account to another.

What money transfer fees apply?

The money transfer fees depend on how much money you are sending and where you are sending the money transfer. 

Contact any Check City location to ask about the exact cost of a money transfer.

How long does a wire transfer take?

Most wire transfers are available for pick up in 15 minutes. You also have the option for a next-day money transfer which costs even less.

Does the money transfer recipient have to be a Western Union member?

No, the money transfer recipient does not have to be a Western Union member. But the money will be available at any Western Union location in the specified area. 

The recipient will simply need to have a valid ID to get the money transfer funds.