10 of the Best Time Tracking Apps

Working hourly at a work from home job means you'll need a way to clock your hours and send time reports to your boss or clients.

It helps to have a time tracking app that will automatically track your time so you can send time reports and invoices to your employer. The best time tracking app will provide a documented time sheet proving the hours you worked and the hourly pay you deserve.

It's also useful to keep your own records to document your productivity or how long some project takes you to finish. This can help you gain insights on how to improve your workflow and productivity.

When you go to work on location there might be a machine you use to punch in, or some kind of time tracking software you use to clock in. 

But if you're working from home, this technology might not be available to you. Fortunately, there are plenty of free and great personal time tracking apps out there that you can use to clock your work hours.

Woman working on computer and phone

Price: *Free Time Tracking App

If the work you do involves using multiple desktop applications and browsers then you should get the RescueTime app. RescueTime can keep track of all your desktop activities so you don't have to monitor how you spend your workday. 

The great thing about RescueTime is that you don't have to log into any of your other accounts. Another big benefit to using RescueTime is that it can help you monitor how much time you waste on social media and help you make and keep social media goals. 

The RescueTime app will just automatically log your desktop activities to create a detailed and informative time report.

TimeCamp app

Price: Free version, $5.25 per month for basic, $7.50 per month for pro, custom enterprise pricing

What is the best time reporter for freelancers? The Time Tracking App by TimeCamp! 

With TimeCamp, you can get detailed reports about how your remote team works. You can also stay in sync with others about the progress of all your work. 

TimeCamp lets you create a personal work schedule for yourself to keep you on track. You can then see your own progress and productivity levels with their charts and graphs. This time tracker app also offers a free plan! 

Clockify app screens

Price: *Free Time Tracking App

Clockify doesn’t just have a free plan for remote work, Clockify is 100% free for everyone all the time! Clockify might also be one of the most popular and commonly used time tracking apps. 

With Clockify you can create a detailed time report for your boss and clients and easily edit your time entries. You can also include your hourly rate so Clockify can record how much you earned after a week of working your remote job as well. 

Clockify also has a desktop app, a mobile app, and a chrome extension. Clockify also lets you invite fellow coworkers that might be on the same project as you are. Then you can easily export time entries to your boss together.

Boosted App screens

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Boosted is the best time tracking app if you want a to do list that lets you run a timer for how long you spend doing each item. Boosted lets you make projects with subtasks and you can clock your time spent on the overall project or on each subtask. 

Boosted also gives you beautiful and simple charts to show how productive you are and which tasks take most of your time. Then, as you log your time spent working, Boosted records all this data in a calendar. 

Price: Free version, $5 per month for professional, $7 per month for business

With the TMETRIC time tracking app and desktop application, you can log away your time working, keep track of all your work-related tasks, and create reports and invoices. 

TMETRIC also lets you create projects and tag your work with all your different clients. TMETRIC also connects with many other work-related software. 

TMETRIC also lets you integrate all your billing information so you can keep track of billable time, project budgets, what's been spent, so you can export all this information to your boss.

Toggl app screens

Price: $20 per month for premium, $10 per month for starters

Toggl takes stopwatches to the next level by giving you the ability to easily start and stop your time tracking app as you take breaks throughout the day. 

It can do a lot more than just record all your time working. With Toggl you can create estimates, plan with your team members, go over business processes, budget projections, and so much more. 

Toggl also lets you set up customized reminders for when you need to start working or if your clock has been running for too long.

Harvest App Screens

Price: Free version, $12 per month for premium

Set up your whole team and their hours worked all in one place. Now you can see the hours everyone is doing and how they are getting paid. 

Harvest also lets you integrate all the other applications you use all the time. Harvest is especially useful for tracking clocked hours as a team. 

It also helps your team members stay on track with projects and deadlines.

8. anchorTimely

Timely App Screens

Price: $5 per month for part-time, $11 per month for full-time, $18 per month for professional consultants

Timely is a time tracking app created by Memory. Timely lets you create a complete timeline of your entire workday. 

Timely utilizes smart AI to track what you do each day and create an organized timesheet of your productivity. You can also track a teamwork dashboard to stay connected with your fellow remote workers and manage all the team projects you have.

Everhour App Screen

Price: Free version, $8 per month for solo premium, $7 per month for team premium

Everhour is a time tracking app for smart teams. Everhour helps you record accurate time reports and send invoices quickly so you can always get paid on time. 

Everhour can connect with useful programs like Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Jira, and ClickUp. Everhour is one of the best time tracker apps for making detailed timesheets for your business and your employees. 

But it doesn't just track work hours, Everhour also has board and timeline layouts for organizing projects and tasks.

Timeneye App Screen

Price: Free version, $6 per year or $7 per month for pro

Timeneye works for teams, individuals, and freelancers. With Timeneye you can manage your workflow whether you're working together or alone, and monitor your productivity so you can find ways to do better. 

See where all your time goes while you work so you know how long all your tasks are taking you. Timeneye is also great for creating a weekly calendar of your work.