Tracy Rawle | The CEO of Check City

Tracy Rawle is the CEO of Check City. He was born and raised in Provo, Utah, and loved growing up in the Wasatch Front. He attended college at both Utah Valley University (formerly Utah Valley Community College) and Brigham Young University.

Tracy Rawle began his career working at his father's family-run restaurants. Throughout high school, Tracy used his strong work ethic to work his way from cleaning the restaurants to cooking in the kitchens. He eventually made his way up to management in his family's restaurant business.

Business Background

It was during his restaurant management days that Tracy, Richard (Tracy's father), and Todd (Tracy's brother) discovered the popularity of financial services. With inspiration and foresight, the Rawle's decided to move from the restaurant business to the financial service business. 

The first Check City store opened in Richmond, Virginia in 1986 with 10 employees. The store was an immediate success leading to even more stores opening up in Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland, and eventually reaching Utah, Nevada, and Colorado. Check City now has over 70 store locations and more than 500 employees. 

Even though Tracy found great success in Check City, he didn't let that stop him from taking on other leadership positions as well. He previously served on the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA) Board and has served as the President of Riverside Country Club in Provo, Utah. Tracy has an ownership interest in a number of other businesses, including the development of the Strawberry Fields residential housing community in Orem, Utah.