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What Documents Do I Need to File Taxes?

April 24, 2023

Be more prepared for tax season when you know what you need to file taxes. Learn what documents you need to file taxes and more.

Tax season can be a confusing time. There are so many things you may need to file taxes and so many more things to know about. You also need to consider the multiple kinds of taxes like individual income tax, federal taxes, state taxes, local taxes, property tax, and more.

It can all get very confusing very fast. That's why we created this simple tax checklist to help you know what you need to file taxes this year. 

Learn all about what forms you need to file your taxes and more with our personal tax prep checklist.

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What Documents Do I Need to File Taxes?

what documents do I need to file taxes

The documents you need to file taxes are documents like your W2 or 1099, personal documents like a social security card, and more. 

There are many tax documents that might be relevant to you depending on your situation. 

This is another reason why using a tax professional is a great idea because they'll be able to go through your necessary tax forms much quicker, making sure you get the tax refund you deserve. 

Tax Documents Checklist

Depending on your personal financial situation you might need a lot of tax documents or just a few. 

Below are a few of the many tax documents you could need to file taxes. If you aren't sure what all you need to file taxes, feel free to contact a tax expert at Check City today! 

tax documents checklist
Download a Tax Prep Checklist.

Personal Documents

If you're filing taxes as a household and not as an individual, then you may also need the following information for your partner, any dependents you might have, and any other adults living in the household. 

  • Full Name (as seen on your social security card)
  • Social Security Number
  • Tax ID Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Identity Protection PIN 

Financial Documents

Your tax return will need to include all sources of income you may have. This could include any number of the following. 

  • Bank Account Number 
  • Bank Routing Number 
  • Job Income
  • Investment Income
  • State Income (like tax refunds or unemployment benefits)
  • Taxable Alimony Received 
  • Business Income 
  • Farming Income 
  • Home Business Information (like home size, office size, office expenses, etc.)
  • IRA Distributions Income 
  • IRS Contributions 
  • Pension Distribution Income 
  • Rental Property Income
  • Rental Property Expenses
  • Rental Property Profit/Loss Statements
  • Social Security Benefits 
  • Property Sales Income (like an escrow closing statement)
  • Mortgage Payments and Interest Statements 
  • Charitable Donations 
  • Casualty and Theft Losses 
  • Some Medical and Dental Expenses 
  • Energy Credits 
  • Canceled Debt Information 
  • Unemployment Benefits 
  • Sales Income 
  • Gambling Winnings 
  • Medical Savings Account (MSA) Records 
  • Scholarships 
  • Student Loan Statements
  • Education Costs 
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) Contributions 
  • Self-Employed Health Insurance Premium Payments
  • Self-Employed Pension Plans 
  • Adoption Costs 
  • Childcare Costs 
  • Alimony Records 
  • Educator Expenses
  • Previous Year Tax Returns 
  • Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes
  • Any Foreign Bank Account Statements

Common Tax Forms

Other Records

  • Childcare records
  • Personal information for dependents
  • Income records for dependents or other adults in the household

Not Sure What Tax Documents You Need? Ask a Tax Expert Today!

What Forms Do I Need to File My Taxes?

Here is a list of tax forms you may need to file your taxes. Each one relates to specific circumstances and filing statuses. 

1040 Tax Forms

1040A: tax return form that reports how much you owed and paid in taxes.

1040-EZ: (no longer in use) simple tax return form for single and joint filers with no dependents. 

1040–ES: form used to make estimated tax payments. 

1040-X: form used to correct previous tax returns.

1040-Schedule A: form used to outline itemized deductions. 

1040-Schedule B: form used to report the interest and dividends you earned. 

1040-Schedule C: form used to report business income and loss as a sole proprietor.

1040-Schedule D: form used to report earnings and losses from asset sales. 

1040-Schedule E: form used to report real estate income and losses.

1040-Schedule H: form used to report wages paid to a household employee. 

1040-Schedule K: form used to report shares information to their beneficiaries. 

1040-Schedule SE: form used to figure out self-employment taxes due. 

W Tax Forms

W2: form used to report income and taxes paid to employees.

W2-G: form used to report gambling winnings to winners. 

W4: form used for employees to outline withholding and allowances to employers. 

W4-V: form used for those receiving government payments to outline withholdings. 

1090 Tax Forms

1098-E: form used to report student loan interest payments. 

1099: for independent contractors to report how much income they earned from a client. 

1099-B: form used to report proceeds from brokers, barters, and exchange transactions. 

1099-C: form used to report canceled and discharged debts. 

1099-DIV: form used to report dividend and capital gain distributions. 

1099-G: form used to report government payments to taxpayers. 

1099-INT: form used to report taxable interest. 

1099-K: form used to report to anyone who accepted merchant cards or third-party network payments. 

1099-LTC: form used to report long-term care and accelerated death benefits.

1099-MISC: form used to report other, miscellaneous income. 

SSA-1099: form used to report social security income. 

1098: form used to report mortgage interest. 

1095-A: form used to report insurance plan information if you are enrolled with insurance through the Marketplace Exchange. 

1098-T: form used to report qualified tuition payments and other related student expenses.

Other Tax Forms

5498-SA: form used to report HSA contributions.

5498: form used to report IRA contributions.

8332 tax form: (if applicable) form used to show that the custodial parent is releasing their right to claim the child as a dependent to you.

Examples of Tax Deductions 

types of tax deductions

Tax deductions are expenses that might qualify you to pay less in taxes.

For example, if you work from home and have to spend money on creating or maintaining your own home office, then those expenses might be tax-deductible. 

Here are a few other examples of possible tax deductions that might be available to you: 

  • For paying other income taxes 
  • For paying vehicle sales tax 
  • For contributing to an IRA 

Tax Deductions for Homeowners

If you are a homeowner, you could qualify for a homeowner tax deduction. To do so, you may need some of the following documents on hand. 

  • Mortgage interest statements 
  • Real estate tax records 
  • Personal property tax records 
  • Energy-saving home improvement receipts
  • Energy-saving home receipts

Tax Deductions for Charitable Donations

If you donated to charity in the past year, then you could qualify for tax deductions for charitable donations. To get this deduction, you may need the following documents. 

  • Donated amounts
  • Records for non-cash donations 
  • Miles for charity work done 

Tax Deductions for Health and Medical Expenses

If you have health and medical expenses, you could qualify for a tax deduction. You might need the following cost statements. 

  • Records of medical costs 
  • Records of healthcare costs 
  • Records of insurance costs 

Tax Deductions for Childcare Expenses

Parents and child caregivers can sometimes qualify for tax deductions for childcare expenses. If you are a parent or child caregiver, you might need the following documents. 

  • Childcare costs like daycare or babysitting 
  • Payments to a dependent care flexible account 
  • Any childcare expense receipts you can save 

Tax Deductions for Educational Expenses

If you are in school and paying for educational expenses like books and tuition, you could qualify for tax deductions. If so, you'd need the following documents. 

  • Complete form 1098-T for academic institutions 
  • Complete form 1098-E for paying student loan interest 
  • Records for qualified educational expenses 
  • Records for scholarships 
  • Records for fellowships 

Tax Deductions for Teacher Expenses: 

Teachers and educators can sometimes qualify for tax deductions for all their educational expenses.

  • Records of classroom expenses

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