Short-Term Loans

When you need a small loan you can count on Check City to get you the funding you need with our fast short-term loans.
A short-term loan is a type of monetary loan with a shorter repayment period and a smaller borrowing amount. These smaller loans are helpful when you just need a little funding to see you through. So if you need a loan, but you don't want to borrow more money than you need, and you don't want to be paying off your loans for months on end, then Check City Short-Term Loans might be the solution you're looking for.
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How to Get a Short-Term Loan

Step 1: Fill out the short-term loan application and provide the required items listed below.
Step 2: Check City will review the application.
Step 3: If approved, you can set up loan payments either by writing a post-dated paper check or by setting up an automatic payment with direct deposit. After you've been approved, you'll be given your short-term loan funds. It's really that simple!

Short-Term Loan Requirements

When applying for a loan at Check City, you'll just need to provide a few basic items along with your basic contact information to get your loan application underway.

  • Proof of Address
  • Verifiable Telephone Number
  • Government ID
  • An Open and Active Checking Account
  • Proof of Income (paystubs or bank statements)

The Benefits of Check City Short-Term Loans

Quick short-term loans are a great asset for when you need fast cash to help pay bills or avoid late, overdraft, over-the-limit, or reconnection fees. Here are just a few of the many reasons our customers choose Check City as their preferred lender.

Exceptional Customer Service

The biggest difference you'll see when using Check City is the customer service you'll enjoy with our friendly and welcoming customer service representatives and tellers. We're always here to help our loyal customers, whenever we can.  

Check City is a Licensed, Direct Lender

Check City makes it a point to be a licensed, direct lender in all the states we operate in, so that we can work directly with our customers without involving unnecessary third-parties. Check City also goes through the extra effort to make sure we are state licensed, registered, and certified to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve when taking out a loan.

Enjoy More Financial Services

Check City and our friendly financial services are here for you. Check City stores also have check cashing services and prepaid cards that you can both buy and reload at our stores. Stop by your neighborhood Check City today to see what else Check City can do for you.

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