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20 of the Best Finance Subreddits

June 1, 2023

Each subreddit has its own purpose, but in general, subreddits are a great place to go to post questions, tips, advice, and participate in discussions about the main topic.

If you're unfamiliar with reddit then you should know that reddit is considered the "front page of the internet." It's a gigantic forum with endless amounts of subreddits (or individual forums) that all cover specific topics of discussion. 

As with all subreddits, the following finance subreddits each have their own rules and guidelines to follow when posting and commenting on the forum. When joining any subreddits, it's always a good idea to go to their About Page and read up on the subreddit rules and guidelines. 

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1. r/Finance

On r/finance, you can find both financial news and financial views. Here you can find useful question threads and useful finance articles

This is also a perfect subreddit if you don't want to read about personal finance, but finance in general. This subreddit also attempts to steer clear of posts that have to do with topics related to finance, but that misses the mark, like careers. 

2. r/Financial Planning

At r/financialplanning you can find an entire community meant to help support each other in our personal finance efforts. R/personal finance has a lot of discussions so it's a great place to ask questions and get your questions answered. 

After all, that's what personal finance is all about, getting personal help for your personal finance goals. In this subreddit, you can also find other topics that relate to financial planning like budgeting, income, retirement, insurance, investing, and frugal living

3. r/Personal Finance

A planner with dollar signs next to it on top of green, blue, and red papers.

The subreddit r/personalfinance is one of the biggest finance subreddits on Reddit. If you want to stay connected to the finance community, then you definitely want to follow this Reddit community. 

Personal finance includes a lot of categories, like budgeting, saving, debt, credit cards, investing, and retirement, and r/personalfinance covers them all. 

This subreddit has so much content that they even have their own Personal Finance Wiki that you can use to get all kinds of information they've already covered on the forum. 

4. r/Retirement

Much like getting your first job or building a savings account, retirement is a very important financial milestone in life. It's something you need to start planning for as soon as possible. 

This subreddit will help guide you on your journey to retiring with ease someday. There's a lot you need to know about retirement and r/retirement can explain it all, like how much you should be saving for retirement, how you should keep your retirement funds and annuity providers. 

5. r/Credit Cards

Credit cards can be a very useful financial tool. They can come with benefits, perks, and reward programs. But there are so many things to consider when shopping for your next credit card. 

If you need to know what rates and terms are best, check out r/creditcards where you can find all kinds of helpful resources for how to take advantage of credit cards. 

6. r/Tax

A dollar showing a certain percentage.

Taxes can be really confusing for the average person. Luckily, r/tax is here to help you sort through the mess and figure out taxes. This subreddit talks about tax issues, policies, laws, tax returns, rebates, and tax claims. You'd be surprised how much there is to talk about in the world of taxes. 

This is the place to discuss them. You can also go here if you have any questions about taxes you want to ask the masses. Become an amateur tax expert by following r/tax and keep updated on how taxes work. 

7. r/Finance Advice

*r/Finance Advice has changed to r/Personal Finance. So if you want a subreddit all about financial advice you'll want to instead visit r/Personal Finance. On this subreddit, you'll find all the financial advice you need. 

If the financial advice you're looking for isn't personal, then you'll want to a subreddit that specifically tackles the area of finance you are interested in. 

8. r/Economics

Have you ever wanted to pick an economist's brain? By following r/economics, you can participate in a discussion thread full of economists. 

Much of successful finances have to do with a thorough understanding of economics. You can also keep posted on a lot of economic news and discuss economic news with fellow economic enthusiasts. 

9. r/Finance News

Speaking of news, there is also a subreddit completely dedicated to finance-related news! Staying tuned in on finance news is important if you work in business or if you invest at all. 

You need to stay updated on trends and optimal financial practices. Knowing the latest news on finance can also help you know how to act with your own personal finances. 

10. r/Financial Independence

Financial independence means that you don't depend on credit, loans, or debts. Being financially independent has a lot of advantages. It can help you save more and keep you free from creditors. 

It also lets you keep more of your income for your own personal and professional use and save for important life events like retirement or a house. This subreddit helps people figure out how to become financially independent themselves. 

11. r/Finance Students

This subreddit is for students of finance. But you don't have to actually be going to school in finance to enjoy this subreddit. 

Anyone who wants to learn about finance can use this subreddit to learn more. Finance students help followers learn about the science of finance and how finance really works. 

12. r/Student Loans

Graduation cap with a price tag stuck to it.

Student loan debt is a substantial problem for many college students and former college students. Many people struggle under the weight of large student debt for much of their lives. 

Sometimes, it will feel like you can never get rid of your student loans. Follow r/studentloans if you have student loans and want help knowing how to tackle them. 

13. r/Poverty Finance

This subreddit was made as a personal finance subreddit for those below the poverty line or who are struggling financially. When you are struggling financially, your finances might look very different from the budget of someone who is financially more comfortable. 

Poverty finance helps you with frugality, finding better financial opportunities, and guidance to help people get out of poverty. This subreddit is great too because it's meant to be a safe place for struggling individuals to go for judgment-free help. 

14. r/Frugal

Frugality is a mental philosophy. Frugality means that you carefully assess our resources and assets before making financial plans. 

Frugality also means planning your finances carefully so that there is no waste and expenses are as minimal as possible. Frugality takes into consideration time, money, convenience, and other factors involved in saving money and not wasting a penny. 

15. r/Investing

Coins with leaves growing out of them

This subreddit is the central hub for all things investing. It talks about investing, stocks, and the market. The stock market can be really complicated to some, especially if you've never invested before. 

But that's why this subreddit is so popular. If you are new to investing then follow r/investing, where you can learn about the market, market trends, investing, and how to invest your money wisely. 

16. r/Almost Homeless

Homelessness is a very real issue. Many people struggle with homelessness or near homelessness. 

The subreddit r/almosthomeless is for anyone who needs advice about getting out of homelessness, or anyone who is on the brink of homelessness and needs help staying out of it. This community offers support, advice, and important resources for individuals in hard situations. 

17. r/Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrency is digital money. Many people believe that cryptocurrency is the financial asset of the future. 

Digital funds play an important part in the world and you can learn all about them here on the cryptocurrency subreddit. 

18. r/Security Analysis

A graphic of a shield with a lock on it and a magnifying class taking a closer look.

Security analysts are the ones who tackle and manage these topics for their companies. Security analysis is a great subreddit for advanced investors. 

Security analysts get into the nitty-gritty of company balance sheets, earning reports, company valuations, financial modeling, finance portfolios, and everything else involved in security analysis. 

19. r/PF Tools (Personal Finance Tools) 

Becoming a personal finance expert is all about having the right personal finance tools at your disposal. Personal finance tools can help you budget, invest, and save! 

But there are so many personal finance apps out there, it can be hard to choose. If you need help with personal finance tool recommendations, and learning how to take full advantage of personal finance tools, this subreddit is for you. 

20. r/Financial Careers

Thinking about a career in finance? Join the r/financialcareers subreddit to join a larger community of people also in the same field. 

This subreddit even has a financial careers discord server for everyone to chat with each other more directly as they study finance and pursue finance careers.