Tips for Better Mental and Emotional Health

August 9, 2022

Personal and professional finance can cause a lot of stress. Luckily, we're here to help provide some great tips for better mental and emotional health when dealing with your finances.

Stress is a normal part of being alive, but that doesn't mean we can't deal with stress appropriately to relieve stress. When left unchecked, stress can reach levels that are not normal and really impact our daily life. 

There are many causes of stress, and finances are often the number 1 cause. In a 4-year study done by the American Psychological Association (APA), money was the highest cause of stress almost every year. Money can cause a lot of stress, and that's why the Cash Academy decided to write an article about the best tips we have for better mental and emotional health, particularly where finances are involved.  

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Why Mental and Emotional Health is Important 

Mental and emotional health are important for many reasons. When you take good care of your mental and emotional health, you will be happier and healthier in your day-to-day life. You will also develop stronger resiliency for life's ups and downs because you will have the personal tools you need to deal with your emotional wellness. 

Before you can start implementing effective wellness tips in your life, you first need to grow your mental health awareness. Everyone has mental and emotional health, just like everyone has physical health. Just like how it's important to do physical health check ins with a doctor, it's important to also do regular mental health check ins with yourself, a therapist, or even your regular doctor.

First becoming self-aware of your own mental health is an important first step to stay healthy. 

Find Your Self-Care Definition

Self-care looks different for everyone because everyone has different stressors. Money might be a huge stressor in one person's life, while work and burnout is a larger stressor in another person's life. This is why it's important to gather your own self-care ideas that have stress relief activities with you in mind. 

Start your self-care journey by becoming aware of your own mental and emotional wellbeing and defining your stressors and what self-care means to you. Once you do this, you can start implementing the following mental health self-care tips. 

Mental Health Self-Care Tips

Learning how to manage stress is a personal journey. That journey will look different for everyone, but many of these tips can be a great place to start your own mental health endeavors. Try out the following emotional wellness tips and write in a journal or notebook about the ones that work the best for you and any new wellness tips that you think of along the way. 

Sleep Meditation 

Sleep is an important part of our health. Guided sleep meditation can help you get the most out of your sleep and have a better morning. There are lots of free guided sleep meditation exercises out there that are no more than 30 minutes and can help you fall asleep faster and reduce stress while you sleep. Take some time to implement some calming sleep meditation and other calming routines before bed to get improved sleep every night. 

Sleep meditation

Mental Health Quotes 

Use inspirational mental health quotes to start your day off right. You could even print out your favorite quote and keep it somewhere you'll see it every day. Inspirational quotes can help motivate and inspire you, helping your mind stay in a positive space. Here's a mental health quote example from 

“Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It's about how you drive, not where you're going.”

Journal Prompts for Mental Health 

Journaling for mental health can be a fantastic way to get your thoughts and feelings out in a healthy way. We all struggle at times with feeling overwhelmed or angry or upset, and writing a journal entry for just 30 minutes a day can be a huge stress reliever. 

Journal prompts for mental health

Learn How to Get Your Mind Off Something 

Everyone's mind works differently. How you get your mind off something might be different from how someone else gets their mind off something. Start by practicing self-care daily and taking note whenever you notice a practice that helps keep your mind on positive things and off negative things. Learning how to redirect your thoughts and feelings is key to getting your mind to stay in a positive place. 

Deep Breathing 

When you are experiencing high stress levels, it can help to practice deep breathing. Start by getting comfortable, whether you need to sit or lay down to do so. Then start by breathing in and out slowly through your nose, letting your lungs completely fill and empty with air. As you take a few deep breaths to reset your breathing, imagine yourself in a calming place and try to focus on your breathing. 

Tips for better mental and emotional health- deep breathing

Make a Better Budget 

Studies have shown that money and finance can be the root cause of stress for many people. Making a better budget can help you tackle the stress that money can bring into our lives. A budget can help keep your personal finances organized and provide more financial peace of mind. Budget apps can be a great way to set up an automated and super easy to use budget on your phone. Prepaid cards can also help you control spending and save more. 

Mental Health Tips- Create a budget

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Check for Mental Health Conditions 

Though stress is normal, different mental health conditions can also be source of struggle that needs to be addressed. If you have a mental health condition, simple self-care tips may not be sufficient to help you have a more normal stress response. Consult with a doctor or therapist if your stress is interfering with your daily life or your relationships with others. 

You can find a therapist near you by speaking with your regular doctor for recommendations, or by visiting the Find a Therapist page at 

In Conclusion,

Don't let finances get you down. Learn more about the Cash Academy's personal finance tips so you can take charge of your finances and practice self-care where your wallet is involved.