Make Your Own Adventure Club and Get Outside!

As an adult, it can be difficult to make time for the great outdoors. But there are numerous personal benefits to enjoy by making an effort to get outside.

As a kid, you have plenty of time to play outside, but as you get older, if you want to spend time outside you have to work it into your routine. And if you live in an apartment or a city you may not be able to get quality outdoor time just by going into your backyard. 

Luckily, setting up an outdoor club or nature club of some kind can help you find time for nature while also helping you connect more with your community. 

Why Going Outside is Good for You

There are countless benefits to enjoy by going outside on a regular basis. Outdoor adventurers can enjoy better physical and mental health by spending more time in nature. 

Get vitamin D. 

You can actually get vitamin D from sun exposure. Vitamin D is very important to our health and it doesn’t always come in abundance in the foods we eat. One of the best ways to get your daily dose of Vitamin D is through being outside in the sunshine. It can help you have strong bones and protect you from certain diseases and ailments. Improves your immune system. 

Opportunity to exercise. 

Unless you’re sitting in a chair it’s hard not to exercise at least a little whenever you go outside. And every ounce of exercise contributes to your overall health! Even a short stroll outside can do wonders for your physical health. 

Elevate your mood. 

A lot of things about being outside can give your mood a healthy boost. The light, the sun, the fresh air, or the flowers and trees can help you feel a little better about the world if you give them the chance. But there are also studies to support this idea. The National Institute of Health (NIH) found in a study that just walking outside for a bit each day boosts creativity by 81%. Who knows what creative potential you might unleash just by getting yourself outside a little each day!

Good for children. 

Studies show that being outdoors helps kids focus better. Spending at least an hour outside every day can increase their focus, overall wellbeing, and help them get better grades.

It can be easy to let kids go run around outside and get all the exercise and vitamin D they need, but as we get older it can become harder to find time to get outside. One way to make getting outside easier is to give your outdoor time some kind of purpose. 

  • Exercise outside.
  • Go for a daily stroll at the same time. 
  • Get outdoor furniture. Once you have someplace to set up camp outside, it can be easier to take things you normally do indoors, outdoors while you soak up some sunshine. 
  • Make your outside time a group activity by creating your own outdoor club!

What Kind of Outdoor Club Do You Want to Do? 

There are many things to do outside and everyone has different interests. Some people really like swimming, or hiking, or kayaking. What outdoor activities most interest you? 

Outdoor Quote

These are the things you’ll want to incorporate in the purpose of your outdoor club. Having a clear purpose for your club will help a lot once you start bringing other people into the group and involving them in planning. 

You can focus on one thing. 

You can make it a club all about just one thing you know you like to do: 

  • Skiing 
  • Hiking 
  • A sport 
  • Swimming
  • Camping
  • Backpacking 
  • Running 
  • Kayaking 

Or you can involve many outdoor activities. 

Instead of making a hiking group, you can decide to make an adventure club! That way you can plan activities around all things adventuresome.  

Whatever the purpose of your outdoor club, you’ll also want to keep in mind who you want to invite to the group and the level of difficulty everyone will be ok with. For instance, hikes and trails are often ranked by difficulty. 

They can be considered easy, moderate, or hard. So while you are deciding your club’s purpose remember to also consider the level of experience and difficulty you want to involve and remember to disclose these things to those you invite to the group. 

Who Do You Want in the Group? 

Outdoor groups can be for all groups of people! You can make no restrictions about who can join the club, or you can decide to make your group exclusive in some way. For example, if you’re a dad looking to bond with your kids through fishing, you might make a fishing club specifically for dads and their kids. You can also restrict the group to certain age groups, like if you’re interested in getting to know more people your age. 


The last thing you’ll want to figure out before publishing your new group is all the logistics. Below are a couple of questions to consider and make decisions about before going live with your new club idea. 

  • How are people going to get places? 
  • How are you going to get the equipment?
  • How will your group stay in contact? 

Maybe you’ll expect everyone to use their own cars and equipment to get places, or maybe you’ll want to talk to local rental places for any equipment your group might need. 

You can also keep in contact with your group in many ways. If you all know each other you can simply create a group text message. Or you can make a Facebook group, or use other messaging apps like Slack, or GroupMe. There are almost infinite options nowadays for where to keep your group’s base of operations.


Now that you have your group all set up you can start reaching out for people to start joining. One great way to get members is to create a public Facebook group online. You can also try inviting some people you know and ask them to bring a member or two of their own. 

Example of outdoor club poster

You can also make flyers to hang up around town to meet new people! A flyer doesn’t have to be complicated, just make sure it has all the information they’ll need. 

Ideas for Your Adventure Club

There are endless ways you can really have fun with getting more involved in your community and getting to know new people through starting a club like this. 

  • Bring snacks. 
  • Have a group potluck event. 
  • Be educational. You can make a presentation about outdoor etiquette, safety, or hire a trial guide to teach your group about different plants you come across during your hike. 
  • Do volunteer work every other month. You can volunteer to clean up a place you visit. 
  • Make a website, a blog, or social media accounts for your group and post about the trips and activities you do! 
  • Have regular meetings. 
  • Assign responsibilities to different people. You can nominate different group members to be the President, Vice President, Trip Coordinator, Treasurer, or Social Media Manager. 
  • Fundraise for your trips. You can have a group yard sale or bake-off to save up money for your bigger trips or activities. 

In Conclusion, 

Getting yourself outside is important. The great outdoors are meant to be appreciated and can shower you with mental and physical benefits. 

You don’t have to go through the trouble of making an outdoor club to get outside, but it can help motivate you to make going outside more of a habit, and who knows! You might just make some great new friends along the way.