How to Make An Outdoor Adventure Club

February 13, 2023

As an adult, it can be difficult to make time for outdoor adventures. That’s why making an outdoor adventure club can be the perfect way to bring together a community and get yourself outside more often.

As you get older, if you want to spend time outside you have to work it into your schedule. Otherwise, it quickly becomes impossible to make time for outdoor adventures and you find yourself inside all day every day. If you live in the city it can be even more difficult to get away to the outdoors and many city dwellers don’t even have a backyard of their own to enjoy. Make getting out into nature a priority by creating an outdoor adventure club where you can make time to get outside and make new friends with your community.

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Outdoor Adventure Club Ideas

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide on an idea for your outdoor adventure club. All clubs benefit from having a very clear and specific purpose. For example, maybe you want to make a hiking club because you love hiking. Or maybe you want to create an easy hiking club for people who like to hike, but don’t want to do any trails that are too strenuous. These are the kinds of things you need to think about first when deciding your outdoor adventure club’s purpose. 

Outdoor Yoga

Yoga is a great way to be active at any age. Yoga practice is also ideal for a community group activity because everyone can go at their own pace. It’s easy to modify yoga sequences for everyone’s personal needs and abilities. Creating an outdoor yoga club will help everyone in your group get outdoors and get relaxed with some calming yoga. 

Woman doing yoga outside

Running Club

Are you an avid runner? Then ditch the treadmill and get outside with some friends in a running club. Running can be a really difficult form of exercise, but when you pair it with the great outdoors it can become a joy rather than a torment. Not into running? Start a walking group instead. 

Walking Club

Walking is incredibly good for you. It helps lower bad cholesterol, exercise your heart, and get the blood circulating without having to do any crazy maneuvers or straining any muscles. With a walking group, you can invite almost anyone and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoor scenery while you walk with friends. 

People walking along a trail

Hiking Club

Hiking is a wonderful way to get exercise and enjoy nature. Make it all the more fun by creating a hiking club so you and your friends can make sure to go hiking on a regular basis. Even if your state isn’t known for hiking, there are most likely still a thousand trails to choose from near you. You can even set up different kinds of hiking clubs like a trail hiking group or a rock climbing club. 

Fishing Club

Are you an avid fisher? If so you might benefit from finding some fellow fishers so you can find some company out on the water. Fishing might be a kind of quiet activity, but that doesn’t mean it’s not made more enjoyable with friends who love to fish as much as you do. 

Camping Club

Camping is a great way to get outdoors and do lots of different activities in nature. If you love all things outdoors then you’ll love creating a camping club. RV owners might even want to make RV clubs if they particularly love the RV lifestyle with the RV travel and the amenities and hookups available at RV parks. RV camping can be just the right in between for people who want to go camping but don’t want to give up too many creature comforts while doing so. 

tent in the mountain with a sunrise

Ideas for Your Adventure Club

There are endless benefits to making an outdoor adventure club. You’ll get more vitamin D, more exercise, improved mental and emotional wellbeing, and the opportunity to make new friends with members of your new outdoor community. But remember most of all that staying active in the outdoors and in your community should be fun! Find fun ways to make your club exciting for everyone and a great place to come together as a community: 

  • Bring snacks. 
  • Have a group potluck event. 
  • Be educational. You can make a presentation about outdoor etiquette, safety, or hire a trial guide to teach your group about different plants you come across during your hike. 
  • Do volunteer work every other month. You can volunteer to clean up a place you visit. 
  • Make a website, a blog, or social media accounts for your group and post about the trips and activities you do! 
  • Have regular meetings. 
  • Assign responsibilities to different people. You can nominate different group members to be the President, Vice President, Trip Coordinator, Treasurer, or Social Media Manager. 
  • Fundraise for your trips. You can have a group yard sale or bake-off to save up money for your bigger trips or activities. 

In Conclusion, 

Getting yourself outside is important. The great outdoors are meant to be appreciated and can shower you with mental and physical benefits. 

You don’t have to go through the trouble of making an outdoor club to get outside, but it can help motivate you to make going outside more of a habit, and who knows! You might just make some great new friends along the way.