25 Small Business Ideas for Teens and Young Entrepreneurs

August 23, 2022

Looking for small business ideas for teens and young entrepreneurs so you can get your business going asap? Explore our list of ideas and start making money!

Learning how to run a small business idea for teens can be a great way for teenagers to new skills, build up their resume, and start earning money on their own. But not all business ideas will work great for teens. If you are wanting to take some initiative and learn how to start a small business of your own, then check out these easy small business ideas for teens to get you started. 

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Ideas for Small Businesses Teens Can Run

There are many reasons for a teenager to want to become a small business owner. Being a business owner in some smaller capacity now can help you learn skills for the future. This professional experience can also be included on resumes, cover letters, and even college applications

For a good small business idea for teens, you want something that someone new to the business world can get started with. You also want something you can get started with on your own with little to no financial investment. Starting with some small business ideas from home or online business ideas can also help teens avoid large startup costs. 

Take a look at our many, easy small business ideas for teens and get started today! 

1. Tutoring

Are you getting great grades in a particular subject? Become a tutor and get paid to help teach other students about the subjects you love. 

Book Graphic

2. Car Washing 

Do you enjoy working with your hands? Start a car washing business with some friends and get paid to wash your neighbors' cars. 

Sponge with bubbles

3. Pet Sitting 

Do you love animals? Set up a pet sitting business in your neighborhood and start watching your neighbors' loveable pets while they're away. 

Dog Collar

4. Dog Walking 

If you love animals, then you might also enjoy walking dogs. This can be a great way for you to start a small business idea for teen of your own with animals you love, all while getting the exercise you and your furry clients need. 

5. Lawnmowing and Lawn Care 

If you are interested at all in getting into the landscaping business, then this small business idea for teens would be great for you. Make a business around providing lawn care services and you can start growing your abilities in the landscaping field. 

red lawn mower graphic

6. Child Care 

If you are thinking about going into a field that involves children, like pediatrics or school teaching, then you might want to consider starting a small child care business. You can babysit children or become a nanny over the summer. 

VIntage stroller graphic

7. House Cleaning 

House cleaning can be a great way to build your management skills and customer service skills. You'll have to learn to manage your time and efficiency, and budget in some cleaning supplies into a business budget. 

Broom and dust collector graphic

8. House Sitting 

Many people don't like to leave their house empty for too long when they go away on vacations and trips. Start a house sitting business and you can watch over a home's pets and plants while homeowners relax knowing you're keeping watch over their home. 

9. Personal Shopper 

Who needs delivery services with high fees when they can hire a neighbor they know to be their personal shopper! Start a personal shopper business and you can start organizing large client tasks and checklists and even learn how to work with a business shopping card. 

Shopping cart with items graphic

10. Sell Handmade Crafts 

Do you love to create beautiful things by hand like jewelry, clothes, bags, hair pieces, and more? Whatever you like to make, you could create a shop and start selling the things you make for a profit. This will give you great experience working with a business budget sheet, balancing business expenses and sales.

11. Sell Homemade Baked Goods 

Do you love to bake things? Put your signature recipes to good use by starting a bakery business and selling your cookies, loaves, or cupcakes. This will even teach you how to work with menu creation and managing the input and output of business expenses. 

Cupcake graphic

12. Music Lessons 

Maybe you play an instrument or maybe you can sing. Make use of your musical talents and share what you know with your students by providing a music tutoring of your own. 

Music Notes

13. Freelance a Skill 

If you already some marketable skills then create a small business idea for teens of your own and start freelancing your skills to other companies. Maybe you know graphic design, copywriting, freelance writing, web design, how to create content, or how to manage multiple social media accounts for a company. Put yourself out there and you never know who might need your skills. 

Painting graphic

14. Blogger 

If you love to write then start building your writing career right now by starting your own blog. There are countless free blog sites, writer websites, and website creators you could use to start posting what you write on a more regular basis. Some of these sites will even help implement a payment method for your writing that does well without you having to worry about anything besides making great words flow together. 

15. Start a Podcast 

Are you passionate about a specific topic? Do you have some friends that would also love to sit and talk about this passion together? Then start a podcast about something you love and post episodes on a regular basis as you learn to stick to a professional schedule as a creator. 

microphone graphic

16. Photographer 

Use your skills as a photographer and sit down to create a Facebook page or website portfolio and outline your rates and fees for different kinds of photography sessions. 

Camera Graphic

17. Snow Shoveling

If you live somewhere that gets lots of snow, then you could start an entire business around snow shoveling. Get paid to shovel snow out of people's driveways and you'll build your resume with things like timeliness, task due dates, time deadlines, and more. 

Red Shovel Graphic

18. Proofreading 

Those that love grammar will love this small business idea for teens. Market your grammar skills and make a business around proofreading content for manuscripts, webpages, articles, and more. 

19. Interior Designer

Designing a home or even just a room can be a lot of work. Help your client's interior design dreams come true by offering interior design services. You can help organize their vision and bring the whole picture together with this small business idea for teens. 

Painting graphic

20. Moving Company

You might not be able to help people move across the company until your business has grown a bit, but you could offer up services to help safely move boxes and furniture for people who are moving. This small business idea for teens could grow to be a booming business one day! 

Brown Box Graphics

21. Laundry Service

Make your own laundry service and make money washing, drying, air drying, and ironing people's clothes. You could even include shoe washing and shoe shining in your laundry service business. 

22. Playing Video Games While Streaming

Did you know that you can potentially make money playing video games? Get yourself set up with a streaming service like Twitch or start posting videos of you playing video games on a YouTube channel. By using ads and sponsors you can potentially make more and more extra cash with this small business idea for teens the more popular you get playing video games. 

23. Web Designer

Starting a business is stressful, but it could be a little less stressful if you start an online business idea like freelancing your web designer skills. Marketable skills like web designers can often be done from home, making this full-time job easy for you to start on your own from home. 

24. Social Media Influencer 

People who are great with social media channels and management could become social media influencers for extra cash. This could be a great way to earn money in your free time as you work on your social media influencing work throughout the day. 

Camera Graphic

25. Data Entry

Data entry is when you enter or update information into a computer system. Data entry is another great small business idea for teens because it can easily be an online business idea. This helps provide a small business idea for teens that they can do from home with little initial investment besides a computer. 

Small Business Name Ideas 

Once you know what you want to do for your small business idea for teens, then you have to think about a name for that business. People need to know what to call you in order to reach out for your services, recommend you to others, and remember who you are. 

Use Your Own Name 

Using your own name is an easy way to make your business sound unique and stand out. It can also make your business's name more memorable to customers, especially if your pool of customers are people in your neighborhood who know who you are already. 

Use the Names of Your Services

By using the names of your services to help name your business, you can immediately call to mind what you do to your customers. For example, if you work as a photographer a name like Picture Perfect would call to mind for customers that you are a photographer and that you take great photos. 

Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Start with some good small business ideas for teens or even some simple side business ideas. Then you can start implementing marketing ideas for small businesses and you never know where that might take you. Your small business ideas could one day become big business ventures! 

There are several things that your small business idea for teens needs in order to do well in marketing: 

A Small Business Name 

Whether you start an online business idea or an in person small business idea for teens, your business needs a name. Try thinking of a name that illustrates what you do. For instance, if you're in the goods business, try using a name that illustrates the kinds of goods your business sells. 

A Logo 

Your business logo should also illustrate the products, services, or goods that your small business idea for teens provides. For instance, if your goods business sells pottery, then your logo could be a vase or a pottery wheel. You just want your logo to be simple enough for you to make, otherwise you may need to hire a graphic designer to create your logo. 

A Website

A website makes your small business idea for teens more official. It also gives your customers a place to go to browse your past work, your products and services, and reach out to you about anything. There are lots of free website creators available for you to use too. If you want to have great customer service, then get yourself a website that has all the customer service information a client would need. 

Social Media Accounts 

Promote your small business idea for teens on social media by sharing relevant content like pictures of the lawn you just mowed or photography samples of sessions you've done in the past. Having social media will also allow customers to interact with you, leave positive comments and reviews, and show your work to the people they recommend. 

A Facebook Page can also be all you need when making a website is too difficult for a smaller business. You can even use your free business Facebook page to keep track of social media analytics and message directly with customers and clients. 

Contact Information 

A big part of excellent customer service is providing accurate contact information so your customers can reach out for your products and services, as well as any questions or concerns they might have. 

Clear Product, Service, and Pricing Information 

Another essential part of great customer service for any small business idea for teens is to have clearly outlined information about your products, your services, and your prices. Customers can't use your services or buy your products if they don't clearly understand the pricing behind your business. 

In Conclusion,

If you are a young go-getter than this article is for you. Take your career in your own hands and use one of these many small businesses ideas for teens to start generating revenue and gaining priceless professional skills.