3 Financial Resources for Small Businesses

February 13, 2023

Check City has convenient financial products and services for freelancers, self-employed entrepreneurs, and new businesses that are just starting out.

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and contractors are an important demographic within our economy. Running your own business can be challenging, especially as a small business when many business loans and financial services are designed for larger corporations. 

That's why Check City is here to help non-incorporated small businesses and freelancers get the small loan funding they need to run their businesses and side hustles. 

Along with short-term loans, Check City also offers other financial services and tools for small business owners like tax preparation services and business check cashing.

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Short-Term Loans for Small Businesses

When you're running a small business you need your budget to run smoothly. Entrepreneurs run into problems like needing money for supplies, for delivery costs, to pay contractors, or to set up the workspace you need to do your job. 

Another problem that can arise as a contracted worker or freelancer is when clients aren't punctual about their payments. You've set your rates and done the work but the ones who hired you are taking their time mailing your check. What can you do when clients are being slow about making payments but you need those funds on time in order to keep working? 

For all this and more, small business entrepreneurs can come use a cash advance loan at Check City and get the funding they need asap. 

Step 1: Fill out the cash advance loan application.

Step 2: Check City will review the application.

Step 3: If approved, Check City will help you set up your loan payment and hand over the money you need. 

Cash Advance Loan Requirements:

  • Basic Contact Information
  • Government ID 
  • Social Security Number 
  • Check or Bank Statement
  • Proof of Income 

Business Check Cashing

Working in business with many other clients and businesses often means working with a lot of checks. Checks are often a preferred payment method for many entrepreneurs and their clients because checks are generally a very secure form of payment

If you need your checks cashed regularly you can use Check City's business check cashing services. 

Check City Check Cashing Perks:

  • NO enrollment fees
  • NO 3 to 10 day check processing holds
  • Funds available instantly
  • Freedom to accept checks from your customers
  • Convenient & professional locations

To speak with one of Check City's small business finance specialists, email or call today!

Email: b2b@checkcity.com

Phone: (855) 800-7543

Tax Preparation for Small Businesses

Once you start working for yourself taxes can become a little more complicated. Save yourself the hassle and take advantage of Check City's tax preparation services

At Check City you can get your taxes filed quickly and efficiently with our professional tax specialists and fast electronic filing. 

Step 1: Bring the necessary documents to your neighborhood's Check City store. 

Step 2: Check City's Tax Services will take copies of your documents and our tax professionals will electronically file your taxes. 

Step 3: Qualifying customers can choose to apply for additional tax services with the tax refund advance in the same visit. 

Tax Preparation Requirements:

  • Government ID 
  • Social Security Number (for you and all your dependents)
  • Tax Documents (W-2, 1099, 1098, 1040, etc)
  • Business receipts and expenses 

If you are wishing to itemize, bring:

  • 1098 (home mortgage)
  • Medical Bills
  • Charitable Donations
  • Nonreimbursed Employee Expenses