What is a Personal Loan?

Personal loans are an important loan type to remember when considering your loan options.

Personal Loan Definition

Personal loans are a type of flexible loan. They usually come with short to medium repayment lengths that last a matter of weeks or months rather than years. 

Because these are a smaller, shorter, and more flexible type of loan, they often provide a quicker funding option for borrowers who need money fast. 

Personal loans can also be used for many purposes. Borrowers can use them to consolidate debt, start a small business, pay bills, or get your car fixed.

How Do Personal Loans Work?

Loans that come with a specific purpose will most often pay the loan sum accordingly rather than sending the money directly to you. When you take out a car loan it goes right to the car dealership, because that money only has one purpose. 

This loan type is more flexible because borrowers receive those funds directly and can spend the money how they choose. They also come with a quick and easy application process: 

Step 1

First, visit your local Check City store or go to Check City online to fill out an application. 

Step 2 

Check City loan representatives will review the application. 

Step 3

If the application is accepted, you can pick up your personal loan in cash at a Check City store or have the funds direct deposited into your bank account. 

Borrowers receive their personal loans in one lump sum and then pay back the loan in smaller increments over time. That way you can have the cash amount you need upfront rather than having to wait to save over long periods of time. 

How to Qualify for a Personal Loan 

As with any financial product certain qualifications need to be met by each applicant. One of the perks of this loan type is that there are often fewer requirements because they are a smaller, short-term loan type. Still, there are a few items and qualifications you will need as a loan applicant. 

Government Issued ID

The first thing you'll need is a government-issued form of identification. The lender needs this in order to verify who you are. A few examples of acceptable forms of ID are driver's licenses, state IDs, or passports. 

Open and Active Bank Account 

Loan applicants who want to use direct deposit will need to have an open and active bank account that allows direct deposit transactions. Without this, there would be no way for the borrower to receive their loan funds. 

Lenders will need to see proof that you have an available bank account for direct deposit. You can show you have a bank account with a bank statement, a blank check, or an online bank statement. 

Direct Deposit 

You can't receive your funds through direct deposit if you don't have direct deposit enabled on an available bank account. To prove you have direct deposit, bring a bank or online bank statement into the store when you apply. 

Proof of Income 

Lenders need to verify that borrowers can afford the loan they are taking out. You can prove that you have a source of income to make loan payments with pay stubs, job offer letters, or a bank statement showing the direct deposits from your paychecks. 

Phone Number 

Lenders would be remiss if they did not make sure they can get a hold of their customers. Many loan applications will ask for basic customer contact information like your phone number, email address, and mailing address. 

What Can a Personal Loan Be Used For?

The great thing about personal loans is that they can be used for almost anything! You get to decide how to use your funds because you receive the money directly. 

Pay Bills 

Get all your bills paid on time and in full by taking out a small, short-term loan. Being late on bill payments, utilities, or rent can be detrimental to your credit score and overall finances. 

Not only will your credit score go down but you'll also have to pay high late fees. But if you just take out a small loan instead, you can pay everything on time and completely avoid the hassle of fees. 

Fix the Car 

Car problems never happen when it's convenient. When car problems do arise, you need to be able to fix your car so you can keep driving. After all, we depend on our vehicles to run important errands and get to and from work. 

Not everyone can afford to have an emergency car fund set aside. That's where easy small-term loans come in. A small convenient loan can give you the cash you need to get your car fixed so you can keep driving.  

Consolidate Debt 

Do you have a lot of high-interest debt? Multiple forms of debt with multiple high-interest rates can quickly add up to an overwhelming degree. That's why many people elect to consolidate different debts into one loan with one interest rate. 

Start a Small Business 

1099 employees, self-employed workers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners need funds to successfully do their work and run their businesses. 

Maybe you work from home and need help purchasing a computer or office supplies. Or maybe you have your own business but need some help paying for materials. 

Don't let your business falter or slow down for a second. Take out a small, affordable loan and pay whatever you and your business need to keep working and be successful. 

Make Important Purchases 

While it's true that shopping can be a fun and luxurious pastime, sometimes shopping is essential too. If an item you're shopping for is essential to your professional or personal life then it may be worth getting a small loan to help you make that purchase. 

For example, maybe you're moving to a new place and need help paying for basic household furniture. Or maybe your lawn is overgrown and you could really use a new lawnmower.

Purchases like these easily fall under the category of essential items rather than luxury items and are worth a small, short-term loan if you need help getting these items now. 

Take Advantage of Sales 

Sales don't come every day. Some sales only come once a year! When a really good sale comes along for items you know you need, it might be necessary to consider a small loan so you can get the items on sale and save money in the long run. 

Personal Loan Infographic
Download the What Can a Personal Loan Be Used For Infographic.

What is a Secured Personal Loan?

A secured loan is a loan that has some other form of security to help back up the loan. For instance, car title loans are a secure loan that uses the title of a vehicle to help secure the loan funds. That way, the lender can have a form of security in case the borrower can't pay the loan back. 

What is an Unsecured Personal Loan?

An unsecured loan doesn't have a form of security attached to the loan. That's why unsecured loans often have higher interest rates and fees to help make up for the added risk the lender is taking. 

Personal Loans at Check City

Check City offers loans that are both convenient and affordable. Personal loans at Check City also offer a lower APR than Check City's payday loans. 

The application is quick and there's no origination fee. All that's standing in your way is a few minutes of your time to visit a store or fill out an online application. 

In Conclusion,

Loans don't have to be a big hassle and they don't have to be expensive with repayment periods that seem to last forever. By choosing a personal loan you can enjoy greater loan flexibility along with easier to manage loan terms.