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The Best Money Transfer Apps

March 2, 2023

Money transfer apps are a quick and convenient way to effortlessly send and receive money.

We need money transferring services for all kinds of reasons. Money transfers help us pay back our friends when splitting the bill for dinner or a night of fun. It's also how we might pay our rent or utility bills, or send money to someone far away. 

When you need a money transfer, you can look to your preferred money transfer app to get your funds where they need to go. This article goes over some of the most popular and highly-rated money transfer apps available right now so you can choose the best one for you and your money transfer needs! 

Transfer Money to a Reloadable Prepaid Debit Card.

XE Money Transfer App Images

The XE app is useful for transferring money back and forth between countries. On the XE app, you can easily read current charts on currency exchange rates and compare prices. XE is a great app for people who frequently travel overseas, foreign students, freelancers, and anyone else living, working, studying, or visiting abroad. 

XE lets you keep up to date with transactions all while monitoring up to 10 different types of currencies. It also has a calculator that lets you compare prices and convert currencies for when you need to transfer funds abroad. 

World Remit Money Transfer App Images

World Remit is yet another great money transferring app for when you need to send money around the world. They have low fees and are straightforward about their exchange rates. World Remit allows money transfers for 150+ countries. 

Money transfers with the World Remit app are also fast, transferring 10 minutes or less in almost all cases. World Remit is even approved by the FCA and is licensed by many government regulators. Recipient's just have to wait for an SMS text message or an email alert when the funds are available. 

Currencies Direct Money Transfer App Images

Currencies Direct is all about alerting you to the best exchange rates so you can get the most for your money. Set up Rate Alerts with Currencies Direct and you'll be the first to know when the exchange rates are in just the right spot. 

Currencies Direct also prides itself on beating the exchange rates at banks. They also don't have any hidden fees you need to worry about when paying for a transfer. 

OFX Money Transfer App Images

Make fast and secure payments and money transfers with OFX. With the OFX money transfer app, you can make money transfers 24/7, no matter the hour, all while keeping up with the latest market trends. They also have a global support team available 24/7 whenever you have questions, day or night. 

TransferWise Money Transfer App Images

TransferWise uses real exchange rates around the world so you can get the most authentic exchange rates when transferring funds. You can also hold your money to wait and convert it when the exchange rate is the best.

Xoom Money Transfer App Images

The Xoom app is an extension of PayPal. With Xoom, you can deal with your finances abroad. Xoom lets you reload phones, pay utility bills, or transfer funds to other countries. You can even send funds to cash pick-up locations in other countries. 

Xoom also keeps the information from the people and places you send money to, so you just have to hit resend to make another transfer. Then, Xoom will send text updates to let everyone know when transfers are ready. 

PayPal Money Transfer App Images

PayPal is a simple app set up for peer-to-peer money transfers. PayPal even lets you buy and sell with the app and a QR code. Send money back and forth between the people you know to easily split the bill. You can also request for people to pay you back through PayPal for anyone who also has a PayPal account. 

All you need to set up your PayPal account is an email address, a mobile phone number, and a bank account to link to your PayPal account. With PayPal's encryptions, your information will be kept safe and secure. 

Venmo Money Transfer App Images

Venmo is another popular money transferring app that lets you split the cost between your friends for anything. Venmo is also great when you need to pay roommates for your portion of the rent and utilities or pay a parent for your part of a phone plan each month. 

Venmo also offers a card now that lets you shop with your Venmo balance anywhere Mastercard is accepted. The Venmo card also offers cash-back rewards for certain purchases.

Ria Money Transfer App Images

The Ria app can help you transfer money and connect you to over 369,000 money transfer locations worldwide. Now, instead of carrying around cash or checks, you can just pull up the Ria app! 

The funds you send with Ria can reach recipients in as little as 15 minutes that same day. You can also easily make repeat transfers when you need to by saving your transfer information. 

The Ria app lets you upload payment information quickly by snapping a photo with your camera instead of having to manually type everything in. Take advantage of Ria's price calculator too! 

Chime Money Transfer App Images

Chime isn't just a money transfer app. You can also do all your banking with Chime! With Chime, you can enjoy all kinds of neat banking perks like zero hidden fees, get your paycheck up to 2 days early, get spotted with free overdraft, daily balance notifications, and so much more. Transfer money with ease and find the perfect place to handle all your other finances too with the Chime app. 

Zelle Money Transfer App Images

Zelle is a money transferring app that partners with banks and credit unions so that their customers can easily send money back and forth to each other. Zelle lets members quickly send money directly to someone else's bank account all on the app. 

All you need to know is the email address or phone number of the person you want to send money to. This is helpful when you want to send money to someone else's bank account but you don't have their personal bank account information. The only downside to Zelle is that users must have a bank account within the US. 

Western Union Money Transfer App Images

Western Union is a money transfer system that has been around for a very long time. Before they specialized in sending money they specialized in sending telegrams. 

Now Western Union has systems online, in-store locations everywhere, over the phone, and on the Western Union app to help customers easily use their services. 

With Western Union, you can send money to loved ones or pay your bills. You decide. You can even send international money transfers to over 200 different countries. 

Paysend Money Transfer App Images

On the Paysend app, you can send money to bank accounts, even international ones, with no fees. For a flat fee of $2, you can send money to any card, whether it's a credit, debit, or prepaid card. Now you can skip the long lines at the bank and send money internationally for some of the lowest fees. 

ACE Money Transfer App Images

Ace strives to go above and beyond with its money transfer app. With their professional customer service and user-friendly interface, they provide easy money transferring services with low fees and ideal exchange rates. 

Ace also lets you choose between several money-sending options. You can send your funds through a debit card, a credit card, or an online bank transfer. 

In Conclusion, 

Make your life easier with an easy-to-use money transfer app. Get your money where it needs to go and receive money in an instant! You can even ask around on some great subreddits about finance to see what money transfer apps people like. Paying bills and paying back your friends and family was never easier than it is today in this modern technological age.