Virtual Yard Sale for the Primary Children’s Hospital 2021

February 13, 2023

Check City embracing new times in a virtual yard sale to raise money for Primary Children’s Hospital.

PROVO, Utah — Check City has always taken pride in its ability to give back to the community. In the face of great adversary, Check City decided to embrace the virtual times by hosting a virtual yard sale to raise funds for the Primary Children's Hospital.

Employee's enrolled in Check City's leadership development program, LDP, are the ones who have organized the fundraiser with light supervision from upper management. LDP came up with the idea after having problems committing to more traditional ways of collecting donations.

LDP will be collecting donated items from employees to post on KSL and OfferUp through the month of July. All profits from the virtual yard sale will go directly to Primary Children's Hospital. To find items posted by Check City, use the keyword CheckCityPCH on KSL or OfferUp.  

Each location will also be collecting cash donations and allowing customers to donate using Venmo.

"It's awesome to see the company moving towards new, non-traditional ways of working." Said Brittany Olivas, manager of a Check City, "I can't wait to see the results of our new fundraiser."

LDP decided that a virtual yard sale was the best route to go due to COVID-19.

"It allows customers to have a safe way to find, pay, and receive items." Said Christian Chavez, LDP member, "I think this is going to be a big hit that will continue to happen in the coming years. Hopefully, this can become an annual fundraiser we participate in."

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