How Much Do Computer Programmers Make?

Computer programmers make about $5,221 a month while the average full-time worker makes around $3,744 a month.

In America right now, computer programmers tend to make about $1,477 more than the national average and that's only considering the median salary figures for computer programmers. GlassDoor says that computer programmers can make up to $9,166 a month! 

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What Do Computer Programmers Do?

Computer programmers can work in a wide variety of fields. But mainly, computer programmers create and troubleshoot code, computer software, and computer programs. Computer programming itself is all about writing instructions for computers so that programs and software work the way they are supposed to. Computer programmers often use their skills to help programs be more user-friendly for customers or other company employees. Computer programmers complete their jobs by learning and using computer languages like Java, C++, C#, and Python, just to name a few out of many. Aside from computer languages, computer programmers also want to stay up to date in the world of technology throughout their career.

Top 5 Computer Languages

If you want to become a computer programmer you'll want to start getting familiar with computer languages. There are many computer programming languages, but some are more popular than others. 

The 5 Most Popular Computer Languages:

  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • C#

Related Jobs

If computer programming isn't quite what you were looking for, there are other jobs related to computer programming that might better pique your interest. 

Some jobs related to computer programming are software developers, database administrators, computer systems administrators, computer and information systems managers, or computer and information research scientists. 

Software developers make an average of $105,590 a year.
Database administrators make $90,070 a year.Computer systems administrators make $82,050 a year.Computer and information systems managers make $142,530 a year.Computer and information research scientists make $118,370 a year.

How Do You Become a Computer Programmer?

Another perk of computer programming is that the process to become one is rather uncomplicated.

Step One: Get a bachelor's degree

The most common bachelor's degrees for computer programmers are computer science, information technology (IT), or mathematics. 

Step Two: Specialize in one or 2 computer languages

Becoming certified in these computer languages will be especially helpful in your career as a computer programmer. 

Besides your school, there are many places you can go to take courses, training, and testing for certifications. 

You may need to learn many coding languages throughout your career as a computer programmer, but starting by specializing in one or two is a great way to get your foot in the door. 

Specialized knowledge in one or two of them might also help make learning other languages easier later on. 

How Much Do Computer Programmers Make?

Knowing your earning potential can help you know what offers to expect and accept when searching for a job. It can also help you make decisions about which career path to choose. 

How Much Do Computer Programmers Make a Year?

According to PayScale computer programmers make around $40,000 to $98,000 per year. Their average yearly salary is around $62,663. But other places have some things to say about the earnings of computer programmers too. Like GlassDoor, that says computer programmers' salaries range between $58,000 to $110,000 a year, with a base average pay of $76,526 a year. Meanwhile, the salary range for computer programmers according to PayScale is $40,000 to $98,000 a year, with an average yearly salary of $62,663. With $44,928‬ a year as the average salary for full-time workers in America, computer programmers do rather well for themselves.

How Much Do Computer Programmers Make in a Month?

Computer programmers can make an average of $5,221 per month, according to the average annual salaries mentioned above. 

But they also have the potential to make up to $9,166 a month. 

How Much Do Computer Programmers Make in a Week?

As a computer programmer, if you are being paid hourly instead of a yearly salary, you can expect to make around $21.99 an hour and $879 a week. But according to ZipRecruiter computer programmers can make up to $47 an hour!

Computer Programmer Pay by Location

Sometimes where you work can impact what kind of pay you can expect.

For example, New York makes 25% above the average pay, Los Angeles California makes 2% below, and Houston Texas makes 7% below. 

Some of the best paying places for computer programmers are the following cities. 

  • Seattle Washington: $129,290
  • Charlottesville Virginia: $112,240
  • Vallejo California: $112,000
  • Olympia Washington: $107,890
  • Hartford Connecticut: $106,250

Some of the best paying states for computer programmers are the following. 

  • Washington: $126,920
  • District of Columbia: $105,200
  • California: $97,470
  • Arizona: $95,900
  • Massachusetts: $95,380

Computer Programmer Pay by Experience Level

Your experience level can also determine how much you get paid each year. Most jobs will pay you more, the more experience you have. 

  • 1 year or less: $51,344 a year. 
  • 1 to 4 years: $56,731 a year. 
  • 5 to 9 years: $69,571 a year. 
  • 10 to 19 years: $77,466 a year. 
  • 20 or more years: $84,664 a year.