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How to Budget with Dave Ramsey

Everyone wants to have more power over their money and be at the mercy of strict finances less. What many people don’t realize is that the key to financial freedom is a strong budget. Budgeting gets a bad rap sometimes … Continue reading

How to Budget Your Money Like Robin Hood

“Steal from the rich, and give to the poor.” That was Robin Hood’s cry. As the greedy Prince John taxed away all the people’s money, leaving them destitute, a hero had to rise up. So Robin Hood stepped up and … Continue reading

How to Budget for Your Pets

Spring is in the air, and for a lot of people that means new family pets will be coming home. Sometimes in the excitement of looking at fresh litter of puppies and kittens it’s easy to forget about the commitment … Continue reading

How to Budget As a Single Parent

If you ask several of your friend’s what their greatest joy in life is, their answer could very likely be their children. When people decide to have children, their lives are changed forever. Most people picture themselves getting married eventually … Continue reading

How to Teach Your Children How to Budget

Parents have an incredible amount of influence on their children. From what clothes they wear to what foods they eat to what religion they choose, children generally follow the example that their parents set for them. When it comes to … Continue reading

Teaching Your Children How to Budget

Leading By Example As a parent, you have an incredible opportunity to teach your children and teens how to budget, live within their means and even save. In order to set the best of examples, make sure you practice good … Continue reading

The 12 Best Budget Apps (2020 Review)

The biggest part of budgeting is needing to get in control of your spending. But that can be nearly impossible to do on your own. Expense tracker apps can make this a lot easier and even save you money. These … Continue reading

Cheap Weekend Getaways on a Budget

Sometimes a long vacation far away can actually be more exhausting than relaxing. That’s why a weekend trip somewhere near you can actually be more rejuvenating. Not only that but weekend trips are less expensive, you don’t have to take … Continue reading

Budgeting in 4 Easy Steps

No matter your financial situation in life, everyone needs a budget. With a budget, you can plan for needed expenses and prepare for the things you want! In fact, the most simple budget only needs a couple of lists, a … Continue reading

7 Cheap Ways to Travel on a Budget

Don’t give up on your traveling dreams because you think the cost is too high. There are many tips you can use to cut costs and save so you can travel successfully on a budget! Fulfilling all your traveling dreams … Continue reading


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