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Western Union Money Orders
and Money Transfers

Western Union Money Orders

Money orders are an easy way to make secure, prepaid payments. 

Money orders are a prepaid payment method that is accepted by almost any business, government agency, or bank. If you are interested in another convenient, low-cost alternative, consider a Prepaid Debit Card.


What is a Money Order?

A money order is like a prepaid check. It is a printed document that has a prepaid amount of money on it. 

An ordinary check usually requires an active checking account and is not prepaid, meaning the funds on the check are taken from your account later. But with money orders, you pay those funds the moment you take out the money order.  

How To Fill Out A Western Union Money Order

Filling out money order at bankStep 1: Visit a Check City location

Step 2: Fill out the money order form. There are 5 sections on the form that you’ll need to fill out. These sections include how much money you want to put on the order, who is receiving the money, any applicable account numbers, your contact information, and your signature.  

Step 3: Once you have the money order, you can take it with you and use it to make secure, prepaid payments. Sometimes money orders are used to pay bills, make large purchases, or make a security deposit. 

Read, “How to Fill Out a Money Order” to make sure you fill out all of the sections correctly. 

How To Send A Money Order

Once you have your order you can send it to the payment recipient the same way you would send cash or a check. 

The safest way to send money is to take it to the payment recipient in person. 

The next safest way is to send it through the mail. Make sure to pay extra for tracking services when sending money through the mail. That way you can make sure the payment gets to its destination safely and on time. 

How To Cash a Money Order 

Woman Counting Money

Step 1: Visit a Check City location.

Step 2: Endorse the order with your signature just like you would endorse a check

Step 3: Pay any applicable fees and get your funds. 

Don’t forget to secure your cash in a safe place before leaving the teller’s counter. Before the transaction is truly complete you want to secure the funds in an envelope or wallet. 

Money Order Services Near You

You want to choose a financial institution that you can trust that has great customer service. Find all of this and more at any Check City location. 

As an Agent Location with Western Union, Check City provides money order services for anyone who needs to purchase or cash a money order. 

Search for a location near you by state:

Money Order FAQs

It’s important to check directly with the issuer whenever you have questions about a financial service you are using. Call Check City with any questions you might have at (800) 404-0254.

Do they expire?

In general, money orders do not expire. 

However, there is a chance the issuer will detract from the total amount of the money order if the receiver doesn’t cash or deposit the funds by a certain date. 

How much do they cost?

Each financial institution has their own service fees for processing money orders. To learn more about each financial institution’s fees, call them to ask or visit their Rates and Fees page. 

As a general example, the US Post Office charges a minimum fee around $1.25 for orders that are $500 or less. They charge $1.75 for amounts higher than $500. The highest order amount the US post office will let you send is $1,000 per order. 

At Western Union, you can expect to pay up to $1 to send up to $1,000. 

Call or visit any Check City location for more specific pricing and fees.


Money Transfers Near You 

Check City is an authorized Agent Location with Western Union. 

This means that Check City is a convenient option when you need to send money anywhere in the world. Best of all, money transfers at Check City are fast and easy!


What is a Money Transfer?

Money transfers are an electronic fund transferring service that can move funds from one electronic account to another. 

With money transfers you can direct deposit funds to any money transfer recipient. 

Learn more about money transfers by reading, “Understanding Money Transfers and How They Work.” 

Transferring Money on Computer

How To Send A Money Transfer

Money transfers are a convenient way to send money because they give customers the option to deposit funds directly into someone else’s bank account. They are especially convenient because they can be done entirely online! 

Step 1: Visit a Check City location.

Step 2: Provide your phone number and the transaction details to one of the tellers. You can even start the transaction on the Western Union app. 

Step 3: Pay for the transfer with cash or a debit card. 

Step 4: Once the transaction is complete, you’ll receive a receipt with a tracking number (MTCN). 

Money Transfers

How To Receive A Money Transfer

With money transfers, the recipient has more options for how they want to receive their funds. If the recipient has an electronic account, then the money can transfer to that account directly. If they don’t have an electronic account, all they have to do is the following: 

Step 1: Visit a Check City location.

Step 2: Bring your photo ID, phone number, or the tracking number. 

Step 3: Money transfers can be received in cash, on a prepaid card, or in your mobile wallet.

Money Transfer FAQs

Ask the financial institution directly whenever you have questions about their financial service. For more information, call (800) 404-0254.

What money transfer fees apply?

The money transfer fees depend on how much money you are sending and where you are sending the money transfer. 

Contact any Check City location to ask about the exact cost of a money transfer. 

How long do money transfers take?

Most money wire transfers are available for pick up in 15 minutes. You also have the option for a next-day money transfer which costs even less.

Does the money transfer recipient have to be a Western Union member?

No, the money transfer recipient does not have to be a Western Union member. But the money will be available at any Western Union location in the specified area. 

The recipient will simply need to have a valid ID to get the money transfer funds.

Western Union Money Orders

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