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Fast and Secure Payday Loans Online

Check City realizes that payday doesn’t always come when you need it to. But with a fast, convenient payday loan from Check City you won’t have to worry. A payday loan is has a quick application process, is surprisingly easy to qualify for, and it’s incredibly affordable.

When used effectively, a payday loan* is better than paying late, over-draft, over-the-limit, and reconnection fees. Especially since these fees can negatively affect your credit score if left unpaid.

A payday loan also gives you access to fast cash, so you can to take advantage of great sales or limited time offers that you would otherwise miss out on if you waited until payday.

Ceylina Payday loans online review “I have been a Check City customer for a couple years now. The reason I chose them as my loan provider is because their [payday loan] fees are very low, and the loan process is very easy… I’ve had nothing but great experiences with the company. Overall the process is very quick, and you will get your money the following day!”

Getting a Payday Loan is simple. all you need to do is fill out a payday loan application. You can Apply Online, at a Check City Location near you, or Over the Phone today and get the cash you need now!

How Online Payday Loans Work:

Getting you loans online is easier now than ever! All you have to do to apply for a loan online is follow the steps below:

  1. Visit and fill out the application online.
  2. We will review your application.
  3. Within 24 hours your funds will be direct deposited into your account upon approval.

How Payday Loans Work by Phone:

  1. Call our loans by phone number: (800) 404-0254
  2. Speak with a Check City representative to fill out your application over the phone.
  3. Get approved.
  4. Sign loan documents (via eSignature or Fax).
  5. Get your loan.

How Same Day Payday Loans Work in Stores:

  1. Walk into a convenient Check City Location and fill out an application.
  2. Write a personal check† for the amount you need (plus our standard fee).
  3. Walk away with CASH upon approval!

If you need fast cash the very same business day then our in-store loans are the best option for you. By getting a loan at one of our 70+ locations nationwide, you can walk out with cash the same day. For online loans you should receive your loan proceeds by the next business day as long as your loan agreement is signed prior to 7 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

What is Required for a Payday Loan?

  • A steady source of income.
  • Your Photo ID
  • A checking account.

No Checking Account? No Problem!
With Check City you can still get a short-term loan without a bank account or checking account through our Check City Signature Loans. A signature loan only requires your signature. The available loan amounts and interest rates may differ from what you can get with a Payday Loan or a Personal Loan.

Check City Signature Loans are available in stores only. To apply for a Check City Signature Loan, stop by any of our Utah Locations for more details and to see if a signature loan would be right for you.

Miguel online payday loans testimonial “I am very happy with Check City; the application was simple and easy. Once I submitted the [online payday loan] application, I got the call right away and after I submitted a few documents I got approved and I received my funds early the next morning, I would highly recommend Check City to anyone.”

Why You Should Get a Payday Loan from Check City

Great Customer Service
One of the primary aspects of the Check City Difference is impeccable customer service. We believe in treating our customers with respect. We want to foster healthy relationships with our communities and do whatever we can to help you and your families.

We’re a State Licensed Lender
Here at Check City we want to have a working relationship with the states in which we operate. That is why we have chosen to be a state licensed lender and not an offshores lender or tribal model lender. Having a state license lets our customers know we are a responsible and, safe lender. So you can have peace of mind knowing that we are doing everything right by your state.

For more information about licensing, rates, and fees specific to your state, you can view our Rates and Fees Page.

Our Credentials and Reliability

  • Check City has been in business since 1986. In this time, we have helped thousands of people meet their financial needs.
  • Check City also has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8 out of 5, This rating comes from a pool of more than 31,000 ratings.
“I am a long-time customer of Check City Online. They are the friendliest and fastest loan providers. Thumbs up to them for being one of the best [online payday] loan providers that I have ever been in contact with. Thumbs up to Check City, thank you!”

We’re a Direct Payday Lender
The best payday loans come from direct payday lenders. Check City is a direct lender, so when you get loans from Check City, the only people you deal with are our people. You want to use a direct lender because your payday loans should be as simple as possible, and indirect lenders add the hassle and insecurity of dealing with third parties.

What’s Wrong with Indirect Payday Lenders?

  • Using indirect lenders is more expensive because they have to go through the extra process of finding direct lenders for you to borrow from.
  • Indirect lenders have more risks for the customer because there are more variables and institutions involved in your loan, application, and information.
  • Indirect lenders are less likely to care about your loans and fix problems for you because you aren’t borrowing directly from them.
  • It is more difficult to become a long-term customer with indirect lenders, because they are an unnecessary go-between. But with direct lenders like Check City, you can go to the same trusted place your whole life for ALL your loan needs.

We Keep Our Customers Safe
There are thousands of online payday lenders, and not all of them are trustworthy. So how can you tell if a site is safe or not? Easy, Check out the many ways Check City qualifies for your trust below.
How We Keep Our Customers Safe:

  • Digicert Data Encryption
  • McAfee Security Scans
  • BBB Accreditation
  • UCLA
“Thank you all so much for your help, you helped me out a lot with the [online payday] loan and I greatly appreciate it. I will be using you all again and will be telling my family and friends about you. Thank you so much.”

Still Have Questions Regarding Payday Loans?

Check out our Payday Loans FAQs Page for more answers to your questions or keep reading below for some additional information about payday loans.

What is a Payday Loan?

A payday loan is when you take an advance on your next paycheck. You take out a small, short-term loan and repay it when you receive your next paycheck. By doing this you can get the funds you need from your next paycheck sooner.

Also check out our Check City Personal Loans for your larger loan needs!

Why You Might Need a Payday Loan

Emergency Expenses (Car Repairs, House Repairs, Medical Expenses, and more)
We understand that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. Even if you’ve been doing your best to budget for planned expenses, sometimes emergency expenses come up. Cars break down, water heaters go out, and health issues can hit out of nowhere. By coming to Check City for your quick loan needs you can stay on top of any emergency expenses.
Pay Everyday Bills
We are all in a constant cycle of paying regular bills like rent, groceries, utilities, credit cards, student loans, business expenses, and many others. It is important to stay on top of these regular expense because late fees and penalties can throw you into a financial hole that just keeps getting deeper.

Check City Payday Loans can help you avoid late fees and penalties by helping you stay on top of all your important payments. This is also important because late, overdraft, over the limit, and reconnection fees can have a negative impact on your credit score if left unpaid.
If You’re Unbanked or Can’t Get a Small or Short-term Loan with Your Bank

  • Even small bank loans, even small ones, can be difficult to get. You can waste precious time in an appointment with a bank’s loan officer, going through all the hassle that a bank loan application requires, and still not get the loan. By getting a loan with Check City you bypass all the stress and disappointment that borrowing from banks can have.
  • If you have bad credit then getting even a small loan from a bank becomes nearly impossible. But Check City doesn’t use a traditional credit report, so if you have bad credit you can still apply for a loan with Check City.

Avoid Borrowing Money from Friends or Family
If you can’t get a small loan from the bank then who can you turn to next? Perhaps you can ask those you know for help, but borrowing money from friends and family members can create unnecessary tension between you and those you care about. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t afford to wait for your next paycheck to come, we can help you keep your financial affairs private and secure.
Make a Personal Repayment
There’s nothing more awkward than owing money to a friend or family member. By taking out a payday loan with Check City you can make good on your personal repayments and avoid the awkwardness that comes from owing money to somebody you know.
Take Advantage of Sales and Limited Time Offers
As the saying goes, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” You can save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars if you buy products at the right time. Unfortunately, sales don’t always line up with payday. When it makes sense financially, you can utilize one of our payday loans to take advantage of sales or other limited time offers that you would otherwise miss while waiting for payday to come.

“I just wanted to leave a quick message to say thank you very much for all your help. It [the payday loan] was just enough to get me over the little bump, to help me get back on my feet and help me get on with life. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!”
Irene next day payday loan review “Check city is where I have a payday loan, I was approved. I saw an advertisement online, Check City was very fast, efficient, verified everything and the money was in my bank account by the next day. Easy process, easiest thing I’ve ever had to do. Don’t have to go to the store, inside or anything, to fill out anything. Thank you, Check City.”

Apply Online or come by a Check City Location today and get the cash you need now!
*Payday Loans should be used for short-term financial needs only, not as a long-term financial solution. If you are experiencing credit difficulties, we encourage you to seek credit counseling. Although we strive to assist every applicant, not all loan applications will be approved.

†Check City holds the check until your next payday or some other date you specify and then cashes the check to repay the loan.

All Check City Payday Loan testimonials on this page are from real Check City customers, not actors. Customers were compensated for their time and for the use of their experiences.

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