Nevada Installment Loans

Nevada installment loans from Check City are here for you when you need a short-term financial solution today.
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Nevada installment loans from Check City can get you the money you need quickly, while letting you pay back your loan in segments rather than all at once.

How Nevada Installment Loans Work

Installment loans in Nevada are given to borrowers in one lump sum. But borrowers don't pay back their installment loans all at once if they don't want to. Instead, borrowers can pay back the loan amount they borrowed in increments for an easier loan payment plan.

To start the installment loan in Nevada process, visit us online or come directly to a Nevada installment loan store near you.

Whether you start online or in a store, you'll fill out an application. Once approved, you can walk away with the money you needed and a more flexible loan payment plan too!  
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Visit any Check City Nevada location to use any of our financial services. As a title loan company, we care about providing excellent customer service whether you visit us online or in stores.

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What is an Installment Loan?

The word “installment” in “installment loan” refers to the way a borrower repays a loan. Installments are incremental payments a borrower uses to pay back an installment loan.

For example, a borrower might receive their installment loan all at once in one lump sum. But they’ll pay the loan back in smaller monthly payments over the course of however many months are outlined in the official loan agreement.  

With a repayment plan, borrowers can get their loan money all at once and pay it back in smaller, easier to manage increments.

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Nevada Installment Loan Rates and Fees  

Visit the Nevada rates and fees page to learn more about Nevada installment loans from Check City and our rates and terms, interest rates, any credit score requirements, overdraft fees, credit limits on types of loans, and how we handle credit reports.

You can also contact a Check City representative or start an online chat to learn more. Your customer satisfaction is important to us, and we pride ourselves on the exceptional customer service experience we provide.