Check City Trade Associates

We actively work with other reputablelending organizations to provide better and safer lending services.

As a provider of financial services, we arealways looking for ways we can go the extra mile to better serve our customersand their financial needs. At Check City, it isn't enough just to provide greatfinancial products and services.

We want to give our cherished customers anexceptional level of customer service and care. To better do just that, CheckCity is a proud member of the following organizations within the financialindustry:

INFIN℠ | A Financial Services Alliance

INFIN is an organization of like-mindedcompanies that are committed to consumers within the financial servicesindustry. INFIN and members of the INFIN Alliance advocate for our customersand for industry practices that keep customers safe and happy.

As a part of the INFIN Financial Services Alliance, Check City is committed to INFIN's 6 core values: 1. Insight 2. Innovation 3. Integration 4. Intelligence 5. Integrity 6. Inclusion

Utah Consumer Lending Association

The Utah Consumer Lending Association is anonprofit organization that works alongside legislators and the Department ofFinancial Institutions to provide safe, secure, and local short-term lending toUtahns.

By visiting the Utah Consumer Lending Association'swebsite, you can learn more about why people use short-term loans, the truthbehind payday loan interest rates, and why consumers are happy with theirpayday loan experiences.