Business Check Cashing

Cash business checks at any Check City store for fast check cashing and great business rates.
Are you a business owner looking for cost-effective way to cash checks made payable to your business? Look no further! Now you can cash a business check at any Check City store.
Our business check cashing program is designed for business owners like you. Now you can cash checks made payable to your business at any Check City store! Take advantage of our fast business check cashing and great business rates at Check City today.
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How to Cash a Check at Check City

Cashing business checks is easy. Our services are available to many types of businesses including small businesses and independent contractors.  
Step 1: Complete an application for the Business Check Cashing Program (have a business check cashing account open).
Step 2: Pay a small, one-time Commercial Underwriting Fee.
Step 3: Select to receive cash, a money order, or up to $7,500 instantly funded to a debit card.

How to Open an Account

Step 1: All business owners complete a brief application.
Step 2: Provide evidence of business ownership.
Step 3: Pay a small, one-time commercial underwriting fee.
To open an account, you may need to bring the following documents with you:
  • Provide business documentation depending on the type of business (C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, or sole proprietorship).
  • Documents could include Articles of Incorporation/Organization, IRS form with EIN, and evidence of business registration.

The Benefits of the Check City Business Check Cashing Program

Business check cashing prices are based on a rate of the dollar amount of checks successfully cashed in the previous 60 days. Our business check cashing prices are on a tiered rate system so that the larger the check the more you can save! These business service costs also include a base processing fee and an instant funding fee if instant funding is selected.  

Save Up to 65% in Processing Fees!

Are you a business owner looking for business services that are affordable, simple, and easy-to-use? Check City has the affordable business services you're looking for! Our business check processing is an easy and cost-effective way to accept checks made payable to your business. You could save up to 65% in processing fees compared to accepting cards.*

*Rate comparison of PayPal's merchant processing fee of 3.49% as of 4/6/2023 compared to Check City's commercial check cashing rate for those who cash more than $150,000 within 60 days. Different processing fees and check cashing volumes will modify the potential processing fee savings a business will experience.

Immediate Access to Funds

As a business owner, you know it's important to choose business services with fast payment processing so you can quickly access capital for your business. Access capital for your business immediately with our fast check processing. Don't wait 3 to 10 business days with long processing holds. Instead, go to Check City and get your money now!  

Fast Funding Options

Save money on processing fees, get immediate access to capital for your business, and choose our fast-funding options! Cash your business checks at Check City and choose to receive your funds in cash, a money order, or direct deposit to a debit card.

Cash Any Size Check

That's right, it doesn't matter what size the check is, you can cash business checks of any size at Check City.  

Where Can I Cash a Business Check?

You can cash a business check at a financial institution that offers business check cashing services, like Check City! Cash any size business check at a Check City store to get access to your business funds immediately.  

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