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How to Change Careers in 3 Simple Steps

If you’ve found yourself wondering how to change careers, you’re in good company. Walt Disney was working at The Kansas City Star in 1919 when he was fired because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas,” according to his … Continue reading

6 Ways to Use Cheap Clothing Stores to Save Money

It’s tempting to buy all of your clothes new, at full-price from your favorite stores, but there is a better way to do it. If you want to get a new back-to-school wardrobe on a budget, here are a few … Continue reading

4 Easy Ways to Give Your Kids Help With Homework

Lately it seems like we start receiving “parent” homework before the school year even gets properly underway. There’s the little packet of “to dos” handed out at registration. Then another packet of “Spotlight your Child” activities handed out at the … Continue reading

Save Money With MoviePass

How much money do you typically spend on movie tickets every month? It seems that autumn has become the season when Oscar-bait movies are released, and depending on the year, it’s not too far-fetched to end up with a list … Continue reading

How to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

In one of our past posts we discussed how you can budget for a new family pet. In today’s post we’ll discuss how you can make your home pet friendly in preparation for your new furry friends arrival. Most American … Continue reading

How to Budget Your Money Like Robin Hood

“Steal from the rich, and give to the poor.” That was Robin Hood’s cry. As the greedy Prince John taxed away all the people’s money, leaving them destitute, a hero had to rise up. So Robin Hood stepped up and … Continue reading

8 Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas on a Budget

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to start preparing the costumes. If you have multiple young children, dressing each of them up can be a chore, not to mention the hit you can take to your budget! … Continue reading

3 Essential Hiking Tips for Beginners

It’s fall; a great time to try out some of those hikes that looked like an exercise in self-inflicted misery over the hot summer months. Do you have any destinations you’ve had a hankering to try? Was your interest “peaked” … Continue reading

How to Fight a Technology Addiction

With the internet, you have access to a limitless supply of knowledge. Unfortunately, sometimes a desire to digest all of that knowledge at once can lead to a technology addiction. And with your smart phone, all that information is accessible … Continue reading

Budgeting for College Students 101

College is a great time to explore adulthood and learn a few things the hard way. You’re going to make mistakes, that’s a given. I know I did. Of course, now that I’m blessed with 20/20 hindsight, there are a … Continue reading


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