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Check City in the Media

Check City’s joining forces with Warm Hearts

Check City is proud to take part in the Annual Warm Hearts Coat Drive in effort to collect items needed by families across the state for the coming winter months. Donations can me made at any Utah Check City Location.

Check City Takes on Man v Food Challenge to Feed the Hungry, a payday lender, has teamed up its Utah locations with Feed America and Travel Channel’s Man vs Food in the fight against hunger. As times continue to get financially harder, more families are having a difficult time putting food on the table. As part of their ongoing Community Outreach, Check City has stepped up to the challenge of helping to feed some of these 36 million Americans who are finding themselves without enough to eat.

Read the whole press release Now Offering Internet Loan Service in Texas

Texans now have access to convenient short term financial solutions for life’s unexpected or unforeseen financial needs through a payday loan or cash advance loan from Check City has been helping customers get the money they need, when they need it most since 1989.

Read the whole press release

Check City’s Gold Program Featured on Good Things Utah

Check City District Manager Wendy Gibson was featured on Good Things Utah to discuss Check City’s gold program. An overview of the process, how we come up with our offer and some tips before bringing your items in were all covered. Launches a New, Better Than Ever, User Friendly Website

Check City, a nationally recognized short-term lender that has assisted hundreds of thousands of borrowers, recently announced the release of its newly updated website. To celebrate making it even easier to get the money you need, when you need it, they are giving away a Nintendo Wii Fit Bundle.

Read the whole press release

Check City Offers Tax Preparation, e-Filing Services and Refund Anticipation Loans with No Up-Front Costs from Certified Tax Professionals

Access Certified Tax Professionals with Lightening Tax Services from Check City. There are no upfront costs access to certified tax professionals to prepare and e-File State and Federal Tax Returns. Lightening tax has helped over 450,000 customers get the most money back, in as little as 24 hours with a Refund Anticipation Loan from Check City. Services are available online or in person. Visit for details.

Read the whole press release

Check City Donates $10,000 to Utah Flash’s Haiti Orphanage Project

Thanks to the generous donations from good citizens and companies like Check City and the Utah Flash, the call for assistance is being answered, and the hopes of this project are becoming a reality for these desperate children effected by the recent earthquake in Haiti. Thanks to fans and our great sponsors the Orphanage Project was able to raise $17,800. This brings the total raised by Flash Fans for the Haiti relief effort to over $20,000.

Read the whole press release

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