couple sitting in front of a window for a cheap date

Cheap Date Ideas to Save Your Wallet

June 1, 2023

Learning how to utilize cheap date ideas can save your relationships and your wallet.

Whether you're trying to get to know someone new or keeping the flame alive with a long-term partner, learning how to use cheap date ideas can really help. Dates are important for anyone in a relationship. They are how we get to know someone we're interested in and how we stay connected in long-term relationships as well. Whether your relationship is old or just getting started, cheap date ideas can help you stay on a budget while still having fun dates. 

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Cheap Date Ideas

Some of the best cheap date ideas don’t have to cost a single penny. Dates are all about getting to know each other better and spending precious time together. Some of the following ideas are even free date ideas! You don’t need to worry about having a large budget sectioned off for going out when you have an arsenal of cute date ideas to choose from that don’t cost much, if anything at all. 

Eat at a Food Truck

Food trucks are an amazing way to get to know your city or town through food. The food can be less expensive than in a sit-down restaurant, but the taste can be astounding to the senses. Follow the smell of your nose and find your next favorite food truck.

Shop at a Garage Sale 

Is your love language shopping? Garage sales and yard sales are a great way to find new treasures without spending everything in your wallet. People are trying to declutter their homes and not necessarily make a huge profit from doing so. You can potentially find some really cool things together without spending too much! 

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter 

There’s no better way to bond than by volunteering together. Helping out animals in need together can be a great cheap date idea for getting to know each other’s charitable characteristics. If you both love animals, this can be another way you can bond over your fondness for animals. 

Fly a Kite 

Get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air by getting a kite or 2 and flying it together on a day full of sunshine. Kite flying is also a great way to have an activity to do together while still being able to talk. 

Go on a Picnic 

Nothing hits the spot quite like a good picnic. This cheap date idea can get you both outside and allow you to enjoy some tasty food.

Packing the picnic basket can also be a part of the cheap date night idea! Not an outdoor person? You can have a fun indoor picnic instead! 

Visit a Museum 

Some museums have a small entrance fee, but many local museums are also free of charge. There are art museums, history museums, and so many more topics that you could learn more about together. 

Go Thrift Shopping Together 

Thrift shopping is another great way to go shopping as a couple without breaking the bank. There are thrift stores for clothing or antiques that can have all kinds of interesting gems to discover together. 

A couple walking together and smiling

Go on a Walk 

Walking is a great way to have something to do while allowing you both to mostly talk to each other. Whether you’re in a new relationship or a long-term one, walking is a great way to talk and catch up while casually enjoying the scenery. 

Go Star Gazing 

Stars are hard to gaze at if you aren’t away from the city lights, but this can add to your cheap date idea plans! Research together where you can go to see the stars more brightly. Pack together the things you’ll need for a comfortable night of star gazing like blankets, a lamp, a telescope, and maybe even some snacks. 

Paint Together 

Go to the local craft store and get the supplies you need. Then you can take your painting outside or inside somewhere. You could paint a landscape together, a still life, or even each other. 

Browse the Local Library 

If you don’t already have a library card at your local library, now could be a good chance to get one. Call up your library to see if you need to bring anything to get a library card. Some libraries require proof that you live in the neighborhood like mail addressed to you with a local mailing address. Now you can browse and check out books together. 

Teach Each Other Something 

Everyone has hobbies and interests and sharing them with each other is a great way to learn more about each other as you learn something new. You can share your hobbies with each other, or you can teach other something you’re passionate about that the other might not already know about. 

Visit a Local Art Gallery 

Local art galleries are a great way to support local businesses and local artists. You might even find a new favorite piece to add to your own personal art collection. But even if you don’t purchase a single thing during this cheap date idea, you can discuss your favorite pieces together and learn more about each other’s tastes. 

Go Bike Riding 

Bike riding can be a fun date idea that allows you both to enjoy an outdoor excursion together. Riding bikes can also allow you to pack a picnic and go farther than you could if you walked or hiked. Enjoy all of the many places you can go by bike together. 

At-Home Date Night Ideas

One of the best ways to save money and still go out on dates is to do at-home date night ideas. Much like stay-at-home vacations, stay-at-home dates can save a lot of money. When you don’t go out, you can save a lot of money but still have lots of fun times together. Use some of the following cheap date night ideas at home to stay home, save money, and still have fun. 

Build a Blanket Fort 

Blanket forts are a great at-home date night idea because they are easy to make together and only require the blankets you already have in your home. Not only that but blanket forts are comfortable and a great place to watch a movie, tell secrets, or enjoy a snack together. 

Have a Movie Night

Add more fun to your cheap date idea by building a blanket fort for your movie night if you want! A movie night is an at-home date night idea that can give you both a chance to watch something new together, or a chance for you to show each other your favorite movies.

You can also make and share your favorite movie snacks together. Movie nights at home can also make a great group date idea and save you tons of money by avoiding expensive movie theater prices. 

Complete a Puzzle

There are all kinds of puzzles you could choose to complete together for an at-home date night idea. You could have a sudoku competition and see who can finish a sudoku puzzle faster. Or you could find a cool jigsaw puzzle and work on it together as you talk. 

A couple baking in the kitchen together

Cook or Bake Something Together

There’s literally nothing sweeter than baking or cooking something delicious together as a fun and delicious at-home date night idea. You could cook a nice meal and save money by not going out to eat.

Or you could bake a yummy dessert to share together or even with some friends. Turn your kitchen into a taste testing zone and bake something sweet together.  

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a great date night idea for couples that want to get together and feel fancy without spending way too much money. Have each couple bring their favorite wine and you can all taste test them together for a fun and cheap date night idea at home. 

Cheap Double Date Ideas

Another great way to save money on a cheap date night but still go out is to invite some friends along for a double date. You can split the cost 4 ways instead of just 2 ways so you can do more activities without spending too much. Double dates can also be fun and help you find couple-friends to hang out with. 

Start a Book Club for Couples

Starting a book club is an easy thing to do and it can provide lots for you and your partner to do for months to come. It's also a great way to start going on more regular double dates with your friends and start a regular cheap date night tradition. Not only that but reading books together is a great way to start many interesting conversations together. 

Host a Game Night

Invite your friends over and host a game night! This cheap date idea allows you to play whatever games you want, and you can even invite friends to bring their favorite snacks. You could even download some fun party games on your Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox for some video game fun. 

Go Bowling

Bowling is usually really inexpensive, and you can have a whole hour to play against each other and see who the best bowler of the group is. Bowling is also a great pastime for talking and getting to know one another while still having an activity to take part in. 

Play at an Arcade

Go out to an arcade with all your quarters and play a bunch of random fun arcade games together. In a group, you can even have fun competing in different arcade games and then have fun picking out silly prizes at the end. This cheap date idea only costs a few quarters but can include endless fun for the whole group. 

Comedy Club

Depending on the comedian you're seeing, going to a comedy club can be a really fun date idea and a really cheap date idea too! Laughing the night away is a fun double-date idea that will give you lots of time to laugh out loud and talk about your favorite jokes. 

In Conclusion,

Don't let finances get in the way of you having a great time with the people you care about. Go out on fun cheap date ideas as a couple and as a group as you have fun while you save. There are plenty of cheap date ideas for you and your partner to try while still saving your money.