33 Work from Home Job Ideas

It might surprise you how many jobs can now be done from the comfort of your own home!

Many jobs now offer the option to work remotely and a lot of times all you have to do is ask. You can also now search phrases like "work from home" or "remote jobs" on any job search site to find remote-friendly job postings near you. 

But don't pass up other jobs just because they don't mention remote work as an option. You can always ask if the job has the potential for remote work even if the job posting doesn't specifically mention working from home. 

There are a lot of reasons you might want to work from home. Maybe you have kids and want to be able to earn money without spending money on childcare. Working online also allows you to live wherever you want without needing to live near your office. You also might just want to be home and work on your own time.

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How to Find at Home Jobs

You can search for at-home jobs on FlexJobs. It's a site all about finding flexible jobs. You can also find at-home jobs on Upwork. On this site, you can find almost any kind of freelance work. Fiverr is another website that allows you to connect with businesses looking for freelance workers to help their businesses.

1. Freelance Writer 

Freelance writers are writers who work for contracts. They get hired to complete writing projects for individuals or businesses and then get paid per project, per word, or per hour.

Freelance writers are also often called copywriters and they are hired to write a wide variety of things and about many different topics. 

They often write articles for a company's blog, ghostwrite books for a publishing house, write up business proposals, or create content for web pages. 

Freelance writers make around $62,170 per year or $29.89 per hour according to the BLS.

2. Content Editor 

Freelance editors also work with written content. But instead of writing the content, they help to plan, organize, review, edit, and revise content for final publication. This includes writing that is going to be published online or in hardcopy form. 

Editors might also be responsible for formatting final drafts for publication. They need to know how to communicate back and forth with the writer to make necessary changes and corrections. They also need a knowledge of the rules of grammar, citations, spelling, and other language and writing rules. 

Editors often charge different prices depending on whether they're doing a heavy or light edit, but according to the BLS they make around $59,480 per year or $28.60 per hour.

3. Video and Media Editor 

Editors can also be video editors. Media editors work with video and film to edit and manipulate the visual content to create a finished product. They might work on commercials, advertisements, movies, or informative videos. 

Video editors often work in studios, but if they have their own video editing equipment they might be able to take on freelance work from home. Video editors could also potentially work as videographers and create professional, beautiful video footage for weddings or other special events. 

A video editor's salary is about $58,990 per year or $28.36 per hour.

4. Graphic Designer 

Graphic designers create visual content, often to communicate a specific meaning or advertise an event, product, or brand. They use typography, photography, illustration, layout, and the principles of design to create visually appealing content. They also often need to know how to use design software like Photoshop. 

As a graphic designer, you can expect to make about $50,370 per year or $24.21 per hour.

You'll have to remember though, with all these jobs, that there is a difference between what the average full-time employee makes and how much freelancers in that same field tend to make. A freelancer's salary will always depend on how much work they can get, and how successful they are. 

5. Web Developers

Web developers are the ones that create, arrange, organize, and even program websites. They might also then be in charge of managing and maintaining the website once they've created it. There's also a chance the company will need you to make changes and updates to their website in the future. 

They might need some programming experience to fully optimize a site for the client. Web developers also need a knowledge of how to write code, work with graphics, and monitor website traffic. 

Web developers can make very decent salaries of $69,430 per year or $33.38 per hour.

6. Interior Designer

Interior designers design the furniture, decor, and layout of the inside of homes, offices, and other buildings. They are often responsible for purchasing design elements like furniture, plants, and wall art. 

They are also in charge of managing the design process, overseeing movers and even construction workers who are inserting design elements like flooring and cabinets. 

Interior designers might not be able to do all their work at home, but their base of operations can be in their own home office. Interior designers also make a median wage of $53,370 per year or $25.66 per hour.

7. Social Media Manager

Social media managers can also be referred to as social media specialists. They both create and share content online. They also research relevant topics and keyword phrases that would interest their audience and help the social media platforms they manage do well on search engines. 

There is a science to creating social media posts that are optimized for a specific audience and social media managers are in charge of this. They also monitor current events online and keep track of social media analytics to see how well their posts are doing. 

Social media specialists have to create content that is formatted correctly for different social media platforms. They might need the ability to make images, videos, written content, and even audio, or direct the creation of this content. 

Social media manager is still a relatively new career, but they make about $56,770 a year.

8. Photographer

Photographers can specialize in a certain kind of photography, like wedding photographers, family portraits, professional profile headshots, or they can provide services for all kinds of photography needs. 

Other photographers might work primarily in stock photos that they then sell to publishers, magazines, or businesses in need of website or blog images. 

Freelance photographers often have their own website and social media pages. On their website and social media pages they show the work they've done, outline their services and pricing, and provide contact information for booking appointments. 

Being a photographer is another partially remote job, because it often requires meeting clients on location or traveling to get your stock photos. But it's another job that is commonly done from a home office. 

The median salary for photographers is about $34,000 per year or $16.35 per hour. But photographers create their own pricing guidelines and can often make more based on how many appointments they take on.

9. Translator 

If you know a second language then you can use this skill to do translation work from home. You can take on all kinds of projects like translating books, scripts, web content, and more. Many companies require some type of translation work and many of them reach out to freelance translators for the job. 

Some translators might even be able to get on-site work occasionally if an oral translator is needed to interpret for a business meeting or event. 

Translators have a very unique skill with services that no one else can provide. They make about $49,930 per year and $24.00 per hour.

10. Transcriber 

If you've never heard of transcribers, then here is what they do: They listen to audio files and create a typed-out transcript of the audio file so there is a written record of what the audio says. These transcriptions need to be accurate, so transcribers need to have good ears. 

As a transcriber, you might transcribe meeting recordings, voicemails, or create subtitles for videos. The 2 most popular transcriptionists work with medical files and court reporting. 

A medical transcriptionist makes about $34,770 per year or $16.72 per hour. A court reporter makes around $57,150 per year or $27.48 per hour.

11. Event Planner

Event planners often specialize in a specific kind of event, like wedding planners, but they also often work all kinds of events from birthday parties to charity balls. 

They call venues, they book things, they manage all the details of the event and the scheduling, they work closely with the event hosts to get them what they want, and often also work within a budget. 

Event planners are also a partial not-at-home-sometimes job because they might need to oversee decorating and even hosting and cleaning up. They'll also need to take care of any problems that might arise the day of. 

On average, event planners make about $49,370 per year or $23.74 per hour.

12. Travel Agent

A travel agent is someone you can hire to help you book all your travel plans. They can help you get the best deals and stay on budget. They can even help you figure out your itinerary and where you want to go while on your trip. 

Travel agents primarily work with transportation, lodging, and admission to entertainment. They can also provide advice about traveling or about a destination. They often work with businesses and group planning but can also be hired by anyone looking for travel help. 

Like all freelancers, travel agents will create their own rates but on average they make about $38,700 per year or $18.61 per hour.

13. Virtual Assistant 

At some businesses, you can be their secretary or office assistant without having to go to the actual office every day. A virtual assistant might also take care of creating and posting to a business's social media accounts. They might also work with digital marketing, scheduling appointments, managing events, and running office errands. 

Being a virtual assistant might sometimes entail leaving your home office to run errands, or coordinate with the office you help manage, but a large amount of the daily work you do as an assistant can be done virtually. 

Virtual assistants earn about $38,880 per year and $18.69 per hour.

14. Bookkeeper or Accountant

Bookkeepers can also be called bookkeeping clerks or accountants. They work on some or even all of a businesses' accounts or the general ledger and budget of that business. They record transactions, debits (the costs of things), and credits (the income coming in). Bookkeepers also make financial statements, invoices, and reports that will go to supervisors and managers. 

They might also be the ones in charge of keeping track of and reporting on how the business is doing financially. They keep everyone under budget and are even sometimes in charge of creating and maintaining the company budget. 

But bookkeepers can often use their own home office to work from rather than coming into an onsite office every day. The typical income for a bookkeeper is $40,240 per year or $19.35 per hour.

15. Tax Preparer

Tax preparers are people who are professionally capable of filing taxes for an individual, household, or business. They are qualified to calculate, file, and sign income tax returns for the people and businesses that hire them. They might even represent the taxpayer during an audit. 

If you have the skills necessary to become a tax preparer, you could create your own tax filing business from home and earn up to $25.34 per hour or $52,710 per year.

16. Realtor

Also known as sales agents, buyer's agents, or real estate agents—realtors help guide homebuyers through the home buying process. They direct their clients to take important steps they might not otherwise know about like getting your mortgage loan approval letter. 

They know about an area, where the good schools are, where the flood zones are, and they research to become familiar with the home listings in the areas they work in. They also write the offers and counteroffers when it comes time for buyers and sellers to negotiate the final home price. 

Realtors often can work from a home office, but their jobs do entail onsite work, overseeing home inspections, and showing houses to their clients. 

The average realtor earns about $50,300 per year and $24.18 per hour.

17. Artist 

If you have artistic skills you can potentially start selling artistic services online to customers around the globe! Many freelance artists post examples of their work regularly on social media to promote their business. They also use sites like Patreon to manage donations from people who want to support their craft or sponsor them. As a work-from-home artist you might also want to create your own website so you can have an official platform for customers to request and pay for commissions. 

Clients pay artists to create visual content for both personal and professional use. They might hire you to create a book cover, illustrate for a book or comic, or create illustrations for their business. They might also want customized art for their home or as gifts. 

Some artists also just create their own art pieces and then sell their work in an online store like Etsy. How much an artist makes will depend on how much they are able to sell, but the BLS says artists typically make around $48,960 per year or $23.54 per hour.

18. Animator 

Animators are artists who make video content. The animated videos they make might be for an informational video, an advertisement, or TV shows and movies. Many animators work in the movie or TV industry going to work at studios every day, but some animators are able to do this same work from home. 

Animators make a median salary of $72,520 per year and $34.87 per hour.

19. Create and Sell Your Own Products

If you have a skill in crafting some kind of product then you can also make and sell something with your own business. You can create your own online market from home where people can shop and purchase your products. Then you can grow your business by creating social media pages to feature the items you sell in your online store. 

Some examples of things you could do are sew blankets, clothes, pillows, or stuffed animals. You could also sell baked goods like breads, pastries, or cookies. You could also sell produce if you have a home garden or craft together handmade jewelry. 

20. Start a Podcast

Podcasts are becoming increasingly more popular today, and many podcasters are even making money. You can do it by yourself or with some friends and it can be a podcast about anything!

Podcasters can make money if they work with a podcast station, or by advertisements and sponsorships similar to the way YouTubers make their money. You could also get donations from listeners by using patron sites like Patreon. 

21. Start a YouTube Channel

You could also start your own YouTube channel! YouTubers create all kinds of video channels and vlogs about all kinds of topics. Some are funny, some review or unbox products, and some teach skills like how to cook. 

You have to work hard to create a lucrative YouTube channel and gain sponsors who can support you. Some of the most successful YouTube stars make up to $22 million a year. 

22. Online Influencer 

An online influencer is a person who showcases their life on social media. They often get sponsored by specific brands that they then showcase in that life, review, and talk about. They talk about how to live, make endorsements, and use product placement in their posts. They sometimes have expert knowledge in a specific field or topic that they then mostly talk about and even teach about in their posts. 

Some of the most successful online influencers right now can make up to $3,000 per post on Instagram.

23. Call Centers

Call centers are an office full of people making calls or acting as phone representatives. They take incoming customer service calls for a corporation, make sales calls, take surveys, or do any other phone work that a corporation or organization might need. 

Sometimes call centers will let workers make their calls from their own homes with a headset. Most call centers pay about $16.23 per hour.

24. Data Entry 

People who work in data entry are the ones who enter or update data into a computer system. They are the ones who convert information, data, or files from paper format into digital format. 

Many companies need people to manually enter data so that they can update their digital files but they often allow people who do their data entry to work from home. People who work in data entry can usually earn about $17.24 per hour.

25. Voice Acting

If you want to do voice acting from home you might have to have your own equipment first. Voice actors use their voices to represent a character or provide the voice for radio, an advertisement, or video games.  

Voice actors usually get paid per project and those projects vary in how long they are and how much they pay. Zip Recruiter estimates that voice actors can make around $76,269 a year.

26. Stylist 

Many makeup artists, fashion stylists, and hairdressers decide to work from home. You have to set up a workstation for your clients in your home and create a booking and scheduling system for all your clients. 

Some stylists might also need to go shopping with or for their clients. They might also sometimes be hired to go to events like weddings to fix hair and makeup for members of the wedding party. 

On average stylists can make around $24,830 per year or $11.94 per hour.

27. Renter or Airbnb

Renters manage, maintain, and own properties. They also take complaints from their residents, perform regular maintenance, and handle lease contracts. 

Housing managers can earn $58,340 per year. But this is for a corporation that you work for that owns many properties.  How much you make as a renter will depend on how many properties you rent and how much you spend on your properties each year. Hosts on Airbnb can make about $924 a month.

That means you can make up to $11,088‬ a year, so this isn’t necessarily the only salary you should have, but if you're just wanting a side gig it's a pretty good one. You could possibly make a living with Airbnb or renting if you have 3 or more properties though. 

28. Programmers 

Computer programmers use computer coding languages to create software. They learn coding languages and write code to design all kinds of programs. They can also often work from home at their own computer while still enjoying a full-time position at an actual company. 

On average, computer programmers make about $84,280 per year.

29. Pet Groomer 

Pet groomers bathe pets and cut their hair. They also trim and file their nails, brush their teeth, and clean their ears. If you want to set up your own business from home, you can create a pet grooming station in your own house and start taking on furry customers! 

The average pet groomer usually gets paid about $23,950 per year and they usually charge customers per pet.

30. Personal Chef 

Personal chefs work for different clients to prepare meals for them in their home kitchens. They work with clients' needs, preferences, diet, and allergies. Personal chefs often also do the work of a dietician, creating customized meal plans for their clients. Some other tasks that personal chefs might take care of include shopping for the client's groceries and cleaning up in the kitchen after they're done cooking. 

Personal chefs earn around $53,380 each year.

31. Doula 

Doulas are professionals who train in all things pregnancy, childbirth, and post-birth aftercare. They provide education and emotional support to expectant mothers who hire them to be by their side and coach them through the whole process. Doulas can help women feel safe, supported, heard, and help them create and do their own birth plan. 

Doulas often also know tips and tricks for pregnant women and women in labor. Doulas usually charge a flat rate per client and can charge between $900 and $1,400 per birth.

32. Child Caregiver 

Child caregivers provide childcare in their own homes. Many of them even create their own daycare center in their own houses and provide a curriculum to several children they watch on a regular basis.  

They might also just work as a regular babysitter or as a live-in nanny—though this wouldn't be an at-home job exactly. On average, those who work in childcare earn an income of $23,240 a year.

33. Online Tutor

Some tutors can actually do all their tutoring online through video calls and online chatting with their students. Online tutors might be responsible for providing a curriculum, helping with homework and assignments, or helping explain concepts to the pupils they tutor. They can provide one-on-one coaching or extra classes to groups of students. 

PayScale estimates that the average online tutor makes between $15 and $20 an hour.

In Conclusion,

Whatever job you decide to do from home, many of them require that you, in essence, create your own business. Whether you are selling a product or a service, you will want to create a professional online profile to showcase the work you've done, market yourself, and outline the costs of your items or skills.