25 Things Your Work from Home Office Needs

Take advantage of remote work and create the perfect work environment for you with the ideal home office space.

Working from home comes with plenty of pros and cons. One of the biggest pros is that you get to have your own private home office and you get to set it up however you want! People who work from home aren’t restricted by the office space their company is able to provide. Instead, you can provide your own office space and make it the perfect work environment for you specifically.

Maybe you love to watch background TV while you work and can set up your own office TV in your space. Or maybe you love working while sitting on a comfy couch and can set up some comfortable couch seating in your office.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to put in your home office then think about what you do and don’t like about your office at work (that is, if you used to have an office at your place of work and haven’t always been a remote worker).

When creating a home office space, it’s optimal to have a room that is completely separate from any other room. You want a home office room that is only used for work. Then, when work is done you can close that door and not return to it until work starts again. Having a separate office room in your home will help you better focus on work during work hours, and help you get back to regular life when the workday is done.

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1. Home Office Design Ideas

The first principle your home office needs is the understanding that function is more important than design.

A quick scroll for home office ideas on Pinterest might inspire you to design a beautiful home office with unique desks and chairs and light fixtures, but if your home office space isn’t comfortable then all that designing won’t be worth it. You might love the way that leather office chair looks, but if it’s not comfortable to sit in for hours at a time then you’ll grow to hate it.

When picking pieces for your home office, always consider how functional the item will be over how great it looks. And don’t worry! With some diligent shopping and searching, you can usually find function and design. Just don’t sacrifice one for the other.

2. Pick Calm Office Colors

The colors on your home office walls should be easy on the eyes, especially if you spend most of your workday staring at a computer screen, as many of us do. Color palettes that use muted tones, earth tones, or softer tones are great for painting your home office walls.

It doesn’t matter so much whether you choose warm or cool toned colors, so long as the colors you choose aren’t too bright and vibrant. These loud colors will draw your eyes attention too much and give your eyes too much to look at when you really need to be focusing on your work. Muted tones, however, allow your office space to easily remain in the background of your vision and create a more calming work environment.

3. Lamp Lighting

Adequate and good lighting is essential to any home office. You need good lighting to see what you are doing, but you also want nice lighting that isn’t harsh on the eyes. Having some good natural lighting in your home office is a good idea. A window or two can even provide all the lighting you need, and natural light from outside can boost your mood.

Get some soft, warm lighting your home office with the right kind of light bulbs, lamps, and lampshades. A lamp that gives off a milder, warm light can make your home office feel much cozier than a harsher overhead light.

4. Blackout Curtains

Seasonal affective disorder is a very real thing. It is when our moods can be affected by the changing atmosphere outside, particularly by the seasons. If you find yourself struggling with mood shifts caused by a certain season or certain weather, then you might benefit from some quality black out curtains. With high quality blackout curtains you can shut away the outdoors when you need to.

This can also help you focus if a window showing a beautiful day outside might keep you from feeling motivated to do office work all day. Black out curtains can block out the outside environment so you can better create your own environment. They can also keep the sun from overheating your home office.

5. Home Office Organization Ideas

Keeping your workspace organized, neat, and tidy is paramount to you being productive and feeling motivated and excited about work each day. It’s hard to focus on your work when there is literal clutter, cluttering up your surroundings.

Create an organization system for your home office that you’ll use and love and be able to easily maintain. You can make your office organization and storage system look appealing too. Don’t just get ugly filing cabinets, get something that can double as decor as well.

Hide chords too! Get some chord organization for your office as well so that no one and nothing trips or gets tangled in chords.

6. Cozy Office Corner

Most home offices will have a desk and chair setup. But also create an alternate space in your office as well. Sometimes you need to get out of your chair and literally change your point of view. Give yourself the opportunity to change things up at work and include another seating area in your office.

Pick a corner of your office and set up a cozier one where you can sit to brainstorm. This space can also be nice if you have a partner or kids that want to quietly hang out with you for a bit during your workday. You can also hang out here for a quick break from work.

7. Plants

Add some plants in some key spots in your office. Office plants can clean the air in your office and also help protect your electronics from static. Office plants also look nice and can create a calm and peaceful work environment.

Watering your plants can also help you keep a regular routine. Office plants need watered every day and this chore can give you something productive to do as you get into gear for work.

8. Home Office Decor Ideas

Decorate the walls of your home office space. Personalize your workspace, but also make the space easy to redo whenever you feel bored with it. That’s why using wall decor is so useful. Wall decor is easy to change every so often. You can also use command strips to hang up your wall decor to avoid putting holes in your walls.

9. Mini Fridge

A mini fridge inside your home office can be a real game changer. A mini fridge allows you to not need to leave your office too much during your workday, or at least not for little things. You can fill your mini fridge with bottles of water, other drinks, and snacks.

10. Home Office Setup Ideas

Set up a coffee station somewhere in your home office. Then your morning work routine can all start where you work. You can even find electric kettles that work on a clock so you can have hot, freshly brewed coffee ready and waiting in your office in the morning.

If you don’t drink coffee then you can set up a tea station, a water cooler, or cans of soda or Gatorade, or whatever you like to drink throughout the day.

11. Home Office Desk Ideas

You don’t necessarily want to shove your desk into a corner or against a wall in your home office. You want to be able to look over your screen and look at something besides work. You don’t want your view to be a wall. Set your desk in such a way that you can easily look out the window from your desk without turning around all the way in your desk.

You can also get an adjustable standing desk so you can also stand to work sometimes. An adjustable standing desk lets you work standing up so you can stretch your legs. Standing desks are great for circulation.

12. Ergonomic Office Chair

The number one thing you should invest in for your home office is a comfortable, ergonomic desk chair. You want a desk chair that you can sit comfortably in all day. The typical remote worker will spend about 40 hours a week sitting in their desk chair. So you need a chair that you can sit in comfortably for that amount of time.

13. Ergonomic Keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard is a keyboard that is designed for typing ease. An ergonomic keyboard will help you be able to rest your hands in the optimal spot. This will keep your hands and wrists from hurting as much after a long day of being at the computer.

14. Ergonomic Mouse

Did you know you can also get yourself an ergonomic mouse? An ergonomic mouse is shaped in a way that will be comfortable for your hand. A computer mouse can come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, designs, and weights. Take a moment to shop around for the mouse that will be the most comfortable in your hand.

15. Optimal Screen Placement

Arrange your computer screen correctly. First, you’ll want to adjust your chair height and position. Then, look straight ahead of you. You want to adjust your computer screen so that the center of your screen is at eye level, or lower. Then your eyes will be looking down to see all of your screen rather than having to strain upward all the time.

16. Footrest

Another thing you’ll need to remain completely comfortable throughout the day is a footrest. There are footrests you can get that are specifically designed for under your desk. Having something to rest your feet on can help your legs not feel restless throughout the day.

But if you have trouble with restless legs or circulation, then you should also get a minibike pedal. You can buy pedals specifically made for under your desk so you can move your legs, get blood circulating through your legs, and maybe even burn some calories.

17. Modern Home Office Ideas

A modern home office that is truly ahead of its time has its own office phone. Get a work phone for your office. A work phone lets you post your business ours and a business phone contact for clients, customers, and colleagues to use. Then everyone can know when and how exactly they can reach you. Having a work phone is also a good idea because you can put your personal phone away or turn on do not disturb so personal business doesn’t get in the way of your work without missing any work calls by using the same phone for both.

18. Clock

Clocks are tricky because being able to see the time can be both useful and detrimental to your workday. Putting a clock in your office might make the workday go by slower or add additional structure you might need to work efficiently.

Either way, you can set up a system that works for you. Hang a wall clock up so you can keep track of your day. You can also use an hourglass timer to let you know when to take breaks throughout the day. A clock can also let you know when It’s lunchtime or when you’re done for the day.

There are also many time tracking apps you can use to put yourself on the clock and record your productivity.

19. Desk Toys

Desk toys can act almost like a stationary bike for your hands. Desk toys like fidget spinners are fun and can keep your hands busy while you brainstorm. You can also use them when you need a break from work or to take your mind off things.

20. Charging Station

Make a charging station so you can easily charge your phone and other devices at your desk. You can find charging stations in all shapes, sizes, and types to suit your particular charging needs. This can also be a great way to put your devices away while you work.

21. Office Air Quality

Don’t forget to take care of the air in your home office. Put a fan, humidifier, and air purifier in your home office space. A fan will keep you cool and keep the air from getting stale and musty. A humidifier can prevent static cling and keep you from drying out. And an air purifier can combat dust and keep your environment healthy and fresh.

22. Lap Blanket

Do you get cold easily? If you find yourself getting chilly at your desk then buy yourself an office lap blanket. That way you can keep the blanket on your office chair and it will always be there when you need some extra warmth or comfort.

23. Space Heater

If you really struggle with getting too cold at your desk then you might need to get yourself a space heater. A space heater is a great tool because you can place it under your desk and it’ll keep your feet warm all day long. Don’t suffer in your home office. Make yourself comfortable with things like space heaters, lap blankets, and air purifiers. You’ll find you focus better the more comfortable you are.

24. Office Slippers

Another great way to tell your brain you are at work is to get work shoes for your home office. But that doesn’t mean you have to get yourself dress shoes to wear at home. Even if you get yourself a pair of slippers that you only wear when working, your brain will know that you need to be working right now and you’ll feel more focused.

25. An Inspirational Corner

Above all, remember that your home office is a private, personal workspace. You can do whatever you want with your space! Find what elements of a home office you need and make it happen.

Try adding an inspirational corner to your workspace. It should work to inspire you specifically. Maybe that means having a beautiful fish tank, or maybe that means decorating your walls with inspiring art, or having a quote board you change every so often. Fill your office with inspiring things so you can feel successful and positive about each new workday.

26. Small Home Office Ideas

Not everyone has a ton of space to create their home office. If you only have a small home office space then make the most of it with carefully planned out functionality. Design your functional small home office so that you have what’s most important in your home office and nothing else. Your main goal should be to have what you need while not cramping yourself into your small office space.

27. Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

Some remote workers don’t even have a separate office room to work from. If you don’t have a spare room for a home office then you might have to make do with combining spaces. This means your home office might also be your bedroom, workout room, or even living room. But that’s ok so long as you make whatever space you do have dedicated to your craft.

27. IKEA Home Office Ideas

One of the best places to get furniture for your home office is IKEA. At IKEA you can get desk chairs, desks and computer desks, drawer units, storage cabinets for home office storage ideas, paper and media organization, nifty cords and chargers, and so much more! The list goes on and on for what you can find at IKEA and everything comes quality made at a great price.

28. Home Office Ideas for Her

Are you creating a home office for someone special? If you know your spouse is having difficulties working from home, one thing you can do to show your support is create a home office space for them. If you need some ideas you know she’ll love then take a look at her Pinterest page for inspiration.

29. Home Office Ideas for Him

Or maybe you’re creating a home office space for him! Another great idea for creating an office space for someone is to take on the project together. You can shop online for office pieces together, and work on setting up the home office together too! Working on a home project like a home office space for him can also bring you closer together.

30. Cool Home Office Ideas

Get creative with your home office space with some cool home office ideas. It’s your office, in your home, and you can do whatever you want with it!

  • U-shaped desk
  • Wall-to-wall decorative shelving
  • Paint an accent wall
  • Area rug
  • Finish a slab of wood to make your own desk
  • Convert a shed into a home office
  • Create a hideaway desk for small spaces
  • Combine his and her office spaces into one conjoined office space