20 of the Best Work From Home Apps

Working from home can come with a lot of perks, but it can also come with a lot of unique challenges.

Working from home can come with a lot of perks, but it can also come with a lot of unique challenges.

Working from home can be a real blessing. You can make your own hours and you don’t have to leave your house to get paid! Who doesn’t want that?

But working from home can also leave you on your own and without the technical support you get at an office. Thankfully, there are lots of apps and tools you can use to make your home office function just as well as an office building.

Smart Break App on Mobile and Desktop
During your at-home workday, you have to remember to take breaks. A typical workday is 8 hours long, but sitting for 8 hours straight isn’t good for your body and it isn’t good for your mental wellbeing. Smart Break is a site that helps you take 3-minute breaks throughout your workday. But that isn’t all! Smart Break also gives you short workouts to get you moving and out of your chair during each break.
Working from home app

Many remote workers also need to keep track of their desktop activities while on the job. But creating a detailed time report of all your online work is difficult to do on your own. Using tools like the Rescue Time App can create this time sheet for you, and you don’t even have to log into any other accounts on the Rescue Time App for it to track your work. If you want to see a detailed report of where exactly all your time goes when you’re working download the Rescue Time App for desktop.

Zoom work from home app

Zoom is a useful web conferencing application where you can make zoom meetings. You can schedule zoom meetings, trainings, create a video webinar, gather together a virtual conference room, and even use it as a phone and chatting system. Zoom meetings are clear and smooth so you can have face to face zoom meetings without internet interruptions. Stay connected with all your coworkers and clients with high-quality video conferencing.

Slack app

The slack app is another very popular communication system for people who work from home. The slack app is most popular for its organized messaging system. You can create different chat groups with different groups of individuals and you can send direct messages to individuals as well. Organize all the many conversation threads and groups you need for work in one single space. Use the slack login to invite key team players to your slack workplace. The slack download can work on both desktop and mobile so you can even stay connected on the go.

Sling App Interface

Sling TV is a streaming service, but Sling is also the name of a great daily, weekly, and monthly work scheduling system. When you work from home you have to organize your own workflow, and Sling can help you do this. It’s also a great application for if you need to set up a work schedule with multiple people. You can even use Sling to create work shifts and communicate in real-time about your ongoing team projects and show the work you’re doing with easy photo uploads.

Focus Forest App Interface

Apps like Forest Focus are a great way to give back while you get work done. If you work from home, then you’ll know that combatting distractions can be difficult. Use the Forest stay focused app to grow digital plants the longer you stay focused and earn coins that go toward planting real trees in the world. Not only can you do some real good while you focus on work, but the Focus Forest app can also show you detailed statistics about how you spend your time and how productive you are.

Focus Plant App Interface

Reward yourself for focusing on your work at home by getting the Focus Plant app. You can set goals specifically for staying focused and being productive and get rewarded as you reach your goals. As you reach your goals you earn raindrops that you can use to you’re your own virtual garden. This is also a great way to visualize your productivity. This plant focus app will let you grow a little focus plant city of your own.

Flip App Interface

The FLIP app for studying is also a great app for timing your periods of focus and productivity. But with the FLIP study app, you can focus together! Connect with your friends or work from home colleagues and chat with them as you focus together. It’s also not hard to figure out how to use FLIP study app. You can also keep score of your productivity in the same way you might compete in fitness challenges on a fitness app.

Study Bunny App Interface

Gain a virtual work buddy with Study Bunny! As you reach productivity and project goals you can earn coins to help you take care of your bunny studying in their little room. Study Bunny even lets you pause when you need a break from focusing. Make use of tools like helpful to-do lists to help you know what you need to get done each day.

Flipd App Interface

What is Flipd? The Flipd app lets you actually lock apps on your phone so you aren’t tempted to waste time on your phone and so certain apps can’t distract you with notifications when you really need work. Apps like Flipd also lets you create a community of remote workers so you can all focus together. Flipd is also great when you need reminders for breaks, to get to work, or incorporate wellness resources into your focus goals.

Help Me Focus App Interface

If you work alone you might need “apps to help me focus.” The Help Me Focus app is a great focus companion that lets you schedule your work week and control the apps that can and can’t distract you during the time periods you’ve specified. So if you need to keep slack open so you can keep in contact with your coworkers, but you want to keep Facebook messenger from blowing up your phone, you can customize all of this with the Help Me Focus app.

TimeCamp App Interface

What is the best time reporter for freelancers? The Time Tracking App by TimeCamp. On the TimeCamp app, you can create a personalized work schedule and record the time you spend on each project. Then, with simplified statistic layouts, you can see exactly how much time you spent on each project during the week.

Clockify App Interface

Create a detailed time report with the Clockify app. The Clockify login lets you log in with your Facebook or Google account, making login fast and simple. The Clockify app and website even have a Clockify chrome extension so you can easily start a timer from any browser you might be working from and a Clockify desktop app. You can also include hourly rates to track how much you’re making. Clockify also lets you invite fellow coworkers that might be on the same project as you are. Then you can easily export time reports to your boss.

Podcast Logos
Podcasts are a great way to pass the time when working at home and block out exterior distractions. They can also be less distracting then watching TV while you work because you only have to occasionally engage your ears rather than ears and eyes. You can use podcasts anywhere you like to listen to music, like Spotify, The Google Podcast App, Stitcher, or Apple Podcasts. Try some of the most popular podcasts right now like the Joe Rogan Podcast, the Last Podcast on the Left, and other great serial podcasts.
Microsoft Teams Interface

What is Microsoft Teams? The Microsoft Teams app lets you create a seamless teamwork hub with the Microsoft Teams download. You can work remotely without being cut off from your coworkers with all the useful features found in Microsoft teams. Instant message with members of your team, and schedules virtual meetings where you can talk face to face. Download Microsoft Teams for mac, windows, or mobile right now to make the most of your teamwork capabilities.

Shift App Interface

If you work from home then you might understand the nuisance of needing to go back and forth between multiple tabs, windows, and applications. Fix this problem by getting Shift for your desktop. Shift lets you link all of your work-related apps and accounts in one single spot. This lets you create a type of customized desktop workspace from home.

Productive Habit Tracker App Interface

Learning how to work from home is really all about optimizing your productivity and making and keeping goals. The Productive Habit Tracker app from Apalon can help you manage all your goals regardless of whether they’re for work or for your personal life. It’s essentially a productive habits and daily goals tracker. It can be really difficult to manage both your professional and personal life when you work at home. The Productive app can help you organize your day so you can achieve balance while working from home.

Monday.com App Interface

What is monday.com? Monday.com is a website and app that can help you easily organize tasks amongst a group of people. If you work remotely, and you work in a team, then you’ll need an effective way to organize and distribute tasks amongst yourselves. Members of your team can then all sync up on work to-dos together on Monday.com, and mark when things are in progress and when they are done. This way, everyone can know at all times what the stats of a project are. Monday.com pricing can be explored on their website along with some great monday.com reviews.

Boosted App Interface

Merge your to-do list with your timesheets by getting Boosted. On Boosted, you can keep track of all the tasks you have to do, and how much time you spend doing each one. Create projects that you can track and include all the subtasks involved in that single project. See your projects as tasks. And check out your daily and weekly progress in beautifully minimalist charts.

MeisterTask App Interface

Managing tasks and tracking your time spent working are the two biggest things you need to help you successfully work from home. Meister Tasks lets you choose from multiple themes, and attribute tasks to different team members. Then you and your team can move around the work they’re doing from pending to in progress to done. But you can completely customize these categories to your personal needs. You don’t have to wonder about Meistertask vs Trello because Meistertask incorporates the same awesome features that Trello has! Meistertask pricing is also available on their website for Meistertask premium, but they do have a free version for everyone to use.