3 Great Ways to Help Utahns in Need

Are you interested in lending a helping hand to homeless individuals in need? If so, below are three thoughtful and simple ways you can help to make a difference in Utah’s community. Start to help Utahns in need today!

1) Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Soup kitchens provide warm, free meals to those who are in need and volunteers are a key ingredient for the soup kitchens success. Because soup kitchens are typically non-profit organizations, volunteers are very important for many tasks. For example:

  • Meal preparation
  • Serving guests
  • Acting as a source of employment
  • Fundraising and securing financial donations
  • Assisting in needs throughout the day
  • Donating food, clothing, etc.
  • Working with small children
  • Assisting in special events
  • Much more

Most soup kitchens will accept volunteers on the spot as well as any extra food you would like to bring. Volunteering at a soup kitchen is a great way to help Utahns in need.

2) Volunteering at Food Pantries and/or Food Banks

Food banks and pantries are organizations where food (typically basic, non-perishable items) are freely given to those in need. Thanks to nationwide organizations like, food banks help feed millions of people every year. Though donating food and money is a great way to give back, you can also volunteer at one of Utah’s food banks.

3) Donate

Look around you right now. What items do you see than are meaningless to you, but may be of value to another? Consider donating items like clothing, books, computers and other learning material to local homeless shelters in Utah and organizations.

Books and computers provide forms of entertainment for individuals in shelters and also allow them to explore and learn. With limited access to these resources, shelters greatly appreciate any donations. Consider contacting your local shelter to discuss their needs and shortages so you can tailor you delivery to their needs.

Check City is happy and proud to help support volunteers of people in need. To learn more about how you can lend a helping hand or to access more helpful information, visit the following websites:


Giving Back By Volunteering

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