Top Ways to Save on Airfare

It’s the middle of January and for many places across the country that means cold weather, snow, and poor air quality. It seems like every January-February people start to get the itch to get out of town and visit someplace warm. In today’s blog post we’ll cover how you can save on airfare and get out of town without breaking the bank. When you look at the prices of Air travel though, it is hard to believe that anyone who is living on a budget is able to do it. Here are some tips and tricks to find good deals and get back in their air where you belong.

Rack up Those Miles

If you haven’t heard about delta sky miles or any other airline that has the same program available, then you are missing out! Sky miles can help you build up points every time you pay for some things. Think about it, the groceries, the entertainment, all of the things you are purchasing can get you closer to your next trip to the Bahamas! You can actually request flyer miles rather than money. Sometimes it turns out to be worth much more especially when you are looking at the right deals.


There are hundreds of contests out there that offer free airline tickets. While your chances of winning are sometimes not that good, if you sign up for many and stick with it, you will win eventually. The nice thing about it is that you end up being pleasantly surprised and it is all worth it in the end.

Airline Mistakes

Sometimes there are mistakes and Airlines will offer tickets for incredibly cheap or even free. This happened just recently and people were jumping all over it. Not only do airlines make mistakes with their offers, sometimes they will make mistakes and have you waiting for hours. If you make a formal and classy complaint, you can expect to get some sort of compensation.

Ask for Tickets as a Gift

Ya, I know, I know, no one wants to be needy or desperate, but what if you could talk your company into paying for your tickets? For instance what if you made a business trip out of a regular trip or what if you asked for your Christmas tickets to come in with your regular bonus. Most of the time it will be relatives who will be most willing to spot you for your trips so don’t push your luck too much.

When it comes to saving on tickets, it pays to know what you are doing in advance. Everything after that just gets more and more expensive. If you don’t plan things out far enough in advance, you can expect to pay a premium. Make sure that you save on all of your next big trips by minimizing the ever-expensive air fare. You won’t be disappointed when you find that you are flying for dimes and dollars and the person next to you has been spending through the nose to get in the same seat.

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