11 Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas Beyond the Strip

When you think of Las Vegas, you usually think gambling. But there are a ton of fun things to do in Las Vegas other than gambling. Many people don’t realize that Vegas proper has non-gambling attractions as well as amazing day trips to surrounding attractions. In order to enjoy all Vegas has to offer, you’ll need to get off the strip at some point!
Here are 11 fun things to do in Las Vegas that don’t necessarily involve gambling.

1. Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience is the next big thing when it comes to fun things to do in Las Vegas. The experience is a giant open air mall in the heart of the Old Las Vegas Strip. The Experience encompasses old Fremont street and has casinos and other amazing attractions. When you’ve run out of money, you can find many free attractions to experience at the Experience. For instance:

  • Get your picture taken with Vegas Vic or Vegas Vickie, the iconic Vegas Cowboy and Cowgirl of Glitter Gulch!
  • Take the Banger Brewery Tour – Vegas’s downtown microbrewery
  • Free Concerts & Light Shows!
  • And 23 other free attractions!

2. Slotzilla Zipline

The Slotzilla Zipline is one of the newest, up-and-coming attractions near the Las Vegas strip. The Zipline is a giant 12-story slot machine zipline. You start 77 feet up and end up halfway down the Fremont Promenade. The Zipline costs $20, and is a great draw for adventure enthusiasts! If you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie then this should be at the top of your list of fun things to do in vegas.

3. The Neon Museum

Las Vegas is known as the Neon Capitol of the World! You can take a tour of the Neon Museum and experience the Neon Sign Boneyard from Las Vegas History. You can take the hour-long docent guided tour seven days a week.

4. Play Classic Slots

I know, we said no gambling. But you might not have experienced this kind of gambling yet. You can play classic slots, or one-armed-bandits on the 2nd Floor of the D. Here you can play classic machines that take and pay-out coins rather than the new-fangled card technology. You’ll be transported to a bygone age, when Las Vegas was a new city, and coins flew out of the slot machines as you cranked the handle.

5. Mob Museum

Las Vegas has a colorful history with organized crime, and the Mob Museum takes you on a tour of the mafia history of Las Vegas. Meet Bugsy Segal and the gang who started Vegas!

6. Hogs and Heiffers Saloon

The Hogs and Heiffers Saloon is a bar with tons of character as well as a favorite hang-out of bikers. Here you can see Jim Morrison’s mugshot and other souvenirs of the stars.

7. The Shark Tank

Golden Nugget has built a 200,000 gallon shark tank in their $30 million pool. Experience the shark tank from afar or up close when you ride the three-story water slide!

8. Downtown Container Park

Come experience the Downtown Container Park, Las Vegas’ newest shopping sensation made completely from shipping containers. The park is more playground than mall, featuring a treehouse, free concerts and great restaurants to enjoy!

9. Lake Mead

When people think about fun things to do in Las Vegas they often forget about all of the natural beauties that Las Vegas has to offer. To take in some of these beauties you can take a trip to Lake Mead. You can tour beautiful Lake Mead on an authentic three-level Mississippi-style paddle boat, the Desert Princess. You can enjoy the fresh air and amazing views of the lake and surrounding landscape. Transportation to, and from, the lake is not included in the tour price, and the National Park charges a $10.00 per car fee at the entrance to Lake Mead. You can rent a car or take the VIP bus tour to Lake Mead. The VIP tour combines a party-bus and a paddle boat tour of the lake!

10. Grand Canyon

Speaking of natural beauties, every heard of the Grand Canyon? While you’re in Vegas, you can tour the amazing Grand Canyon in neighboring Arizona. Many tour busses leave daily for the Grand Canyon. Take a luxury coach from Las Vegas to the amazing Grand Canyon North Rim. The North Rim is the Grand Canyon at its very best!
Although a much longer drive, the South Rim has much to offer as well. You can hike the South Rim, walk to Yavapai Point, visit Bright Angel Lodge and enjoy the Historic Village District. Along the tour, enjoy a buffet lunch. On the tour, you’ll cross the amazing Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge and travel along Historic Route 66!

11. Red Rock Canyon

Take a tour to Red Rock Canyon, one the best rock-climbing areas in the world! In the canyon, you can view the amazing layered sandstone formations and petrified sand dunes. Red Rock is great for photo-ops. At the Visitor’s Center, you can learn about the abundant wildlife and desert plants that populate the canyon. You will then tour the 13-mile scenic loop in a luxurious Mercedes and back.
Las Vegas is much more than gambling. You can find plenty of activities to enjoy off-the-beaten path. Come to Vegas and have a great time!

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What’s at the top of your list of fun things to do in Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments section below!

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