10 Easy Things You Can Do to Make Your Car Last

Continuing on with our automotive theme, in todays post we’re going to cover 10 basic ways that you can help maintain the value of your car. By following these simple steps you’ll be able to help your vehicle last longer without any major mechanical issues as well as help you maintain the value of your car which will come in handy if you ever need to use one of Check City’s auto title loans.

When it comes to vehicles the harsh reality is that they devalue every time you drive it down your driveway. It’s a sad truth of the process that every automobile owner has to come to terms with at one point or another.

They know that driving that brand new car off the lot drops the selling price by dollars on the mile. They work great for tens of thousands of those miles. Deep inside though, you understand that your car is running itself out just a little more every day.

How does that differ from the lives of men though? Every day, bodies are used, abused, and aged. They step one day farther from their youthful, well-performing self. Bodies are slowly degenerating and will continue to do so for decades. The degeneration culminates to the sad day that they stop working well at all.

Man’s lifespan can very much identify with the lifespan of the car—just as they can all living or man made things. Nothing was meant to last forever, that doesn’t mean you can’t extend the life of the thing you have though.
When you feed your body the right nutrients and keep active throughout your life, your body has a better chance of making it to an older, healthier you that still commands good use of your limbs. Proper care of your body grants rich rewards in the future.

So too does taking care of your vehicle lead to great returns later in the vehicle’s life. The car maintains a high value, even though its old age. It does so by running smoothly late into its old age. The car retains its value to you as a main source of reliable transportation. It retains its worth to lenders who can offer your title loans in times of need. It also can help you get a good trade-in-value to put down for the next car you purchase, when it’s time to put her to rest.

So now that you know you want to maintain your vehicle, what things can you start doing immediately to make sure it runs forever? The following is a list of 10 things to start implementing in your driving and maintenance routines immediately.

Ten Easy Tips to Follow

The first five are on your driving habits. First, avoid revving your engine or racing. However nice it might be to feel your horses going to work, they put excessive wear on the engine and burn your fuel. Although one or two incidents certainly won’t damage the engine, continued abuse can take its toll over the coming years.

Second, put your car into neutral when at red lights (especially longer ones). When in drive, your engine is constantly trying to leap forward, providing needed power to the wheels at all times. When at a stop, you’re not going anywhere, idle in neutral if you can to save your car the strain of pushing against an unstoppable force.

Third, drive carefully over objects. Avoid potholes and large objects as they can damage your suspension and tires over time.

Fourth, don’t drive it absolutely everywhere. Carpool when you can, find a manual way of getting around—i.e. walking, running, biking—, or consolidating your trips. Find opportunities not to drive and you’ll save your car the wear and tear of excessive driving.

Fifth, drive smoothly in everything. Smoothly accelerate and brake early. The less you jerk around, the less strain you’ll put on the car, which could loosen bolts or wear on other parts unnaturally.

The next five have less to do with your driving habits, and more to do with your vehicle maintenance.

Sixth, don’t fill up on gas when you see the tanker at the gas station. The strength at which fuel is pouring into the underground tanks stirs up the soot and sediment that can damage the internal workings of your car. Come back when the tanker is long gone, and that sediment has had a chance to settle safely below the surface you draw from.

Seventh, check your air pressure often. Make sure it is always set to the recommended PSI prescribed by your manufacturer. Your tires will last longer, as will the structure of your vehicle as it travels evenly and at maximum comfort with the proper amount of air.

Eighth, go in for routine check-ups. Get your car’s oil changed often. Change the air filter as needed—not nearly as often as they want you to. Keep an eye on your brakes and change them when they’re ready. Get all the regular maintenance stuff down.

Ninth, wipe your seats, dash and rubber door and window seals with products like Armor-All that clean and protect surfaces from sun and other damage.

Tenth and finally, keep an eye on your wheel-well splashguards. These help keep water, oil, and salt from splashing up under the car to the engine compartment. Salt creates rust and wear on your engine, endangering its long-term life.

Take special care when driving your car, and even more care when maintaining it. When you concentrate on these 10 things, you will help increase the life of your vehicle, maintaining its worth for longer. And remember, if you ever find yourself in need of some extra money, be sure to stop by your local Check City Location.

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