3 Great Small Business Marketing Ideas

Are you looking for a way to increase your sales or boost traffic to your website? Use these simple small business marketing ideas to get you started:

Get To Know Your Target Audience

The more you know about your target audience, the more effective your marketing campaigns will be. Use the following questions to learn more about your customers:

  • What is the average age of your target customer?
  • Do they have a high school diploma or a college degree?
  • How much money does your target customer make a year?
  • Is your intended audience single or married?
  • Do you want to target parents of young children or retired couples?
  • Is your ideal customer male or female?
  • Does your ideal customer speak English as a second language?
  • Do they own a home or rent an apartment?
  • What kind of neighborhood do they live in?

Knowing more about your target audience allows you to focus your efforts in the right direction. For example, different ages and groups use different social media platforms. Targeting your audience is one of the important small business marketing ideas.

Learning more about your target audience also helps you choose the right keywords to focus on when you do SEO. Instead of only optimizing for broad keywords, you can focus on niche keywords that your target audience uses. Good SEO for small business plays a key role in a company’s online marketing strategy.

Create and Share Valuable Content

Content should be one of the key components in your online marketing and SEO strategy. Good content will drive traffic to your site, help with link building, and improve your search engine rankings. Try one of these ideas to improve your content output.

  • Create an infographic with interesting industry statistics.
  • Give your readers tips related to your industry. For example, if you run an accounting firm, share articles about budgeting. If you own a gym, share fitness tips.
  • Answer customer questions on social media sites.
  • Share images. Visual content will capture people’s attention. If you own a bakery, you could share photos of yummy treats. If you are in a business that doesn’t have photogenic products, share photos of your staff at company events. Friendly smiling faces will make your company seem more approachable.
  • Start a series of blog posts. Share an inspiring quote every Friday or motivational blog posts every Wednesday.

Create content that is useful to your customers. Share the content you create on your website, company blog, and on social media accounts. Customers will appreciate your generosity and share the useful information with their friends.

Optimize Everything for Mobile Viewing

Responsive design is a relatively new, but crucial part of any successful marketing strategy. A website with responsive design is a website that is easy to navigate on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The design should look good and be compatible with every device.

More and more people are using mobile devices to go online. You’ll lose customers if your website isn’t compatible with a mobile device.

Your customers aren’t the only ones who’ll judge you if your website isn’t optimized for mobile viewing. Google and Bing take responsive design into account when ranking sites for search engines. Don’t let something so simple hold you back.

Use the above tips to improve your marketing campaign and boost your search engine rankings. You can find new customers, increase sales, and get more web traffic—just use these simple strategies to get started!

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