Why You Need to Take a Vacation

Using Your Vacation

Many people do not realize that the average American does not utilize all of his or her paid vacation days. Taking your time off and ensuring that you are able to cultivate a healthy balance between work and personal life may help you be a better worker and feel more fulfilled in your life.

When you know that you want to take a vacation, be sure you schedule it far enough in advance. It’s always smart to schedule your vacation in advance so you won’t leave your co-workers empty handed on short notice.

Regional Vacations

America is a vast and diverse place, offering vacation spots in every corner. You may want to visit some of the unexplored areas around you. For instance, if you live in New York, consider a trip to the Catskills. There are many camping, hiking and sight-seeing opportunities. A trip up to Upstate New York to see the fall leaves can be an amazingly beautiful and inspiring road trip.

If you live in the South, you can visit historical Civil War sites. Most southern states have several historical sites for history buffs of all ages.

If you live in the west, consider visiting the mountains of Utah. Utah boasts several National Parks, and some of the most diverse and gorgeous landscapes in the nation. Take a vacation to Utah for a great and enjoyable time.

California offers vast options for vacations. California has a little something for everyone. You can take trip up the coast on Highway One. This historic highway takes you up the entire state, from San Diego northward.

Farther Afield

If you decide that your budget allows you to travel further, you can consider a cruise. A cruise allows you to travel to diverse lands, in a fairly safe environment. You can purchase excursions in each port, or simply stay on the ship. You can relax with every amenity at your finger-tips.

Consider an all-inclusive resort. Like cruises, these resorts offer every amenity in a tropical location. You can snorkel, swim or just chill on pristine beaches. When you are traveling, look for last minute travel deals and get an awesome deal on an excursion.


If time and money play a factor, consider a stay-cation. If a stay-cation is in your future, consider small road trips to water parks, museums, or tourist locations you’ve never seen. That local museum you’ve always wanted to stop by is calling your name! Another stay-cation option is a one, or two night stay at a local hotel. Just a quick change of location can do the trick.

Stay-Cations can also be a great time for you to catch up on your reading, gardening, or finish the small household chores you’ve been putting off. Just having your environment in order can be as restful as a full-on vacation.

If your employer offers paid vacation days, make sure to use it as needed. It’s important to take a vacation and relax so you can come back motivated. Whatever your budget allows, you are guaranteed to have a great time!

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