Making Your Vacation a Work Free Vacation

When you head out onto vacation this summer, leave your work behind. There are many reasons as to why you should take a work free vacation and here are some of them…

1. You will come back re-energized and ready to work. You will be more effective and you may even be excited to come back from work when you take some time away from work without checking into the office or checking your work e-mail the whole time that you are gone. The rejuvenation is a great way to become more optimistic about work and even to motivate creativity and problem solving solutions you may not have been able to develop before.
2. More than likely, the internet that you are using when you are traveling is not going to be the most secure of internet sources. When you are in a hotel, on the beach or even on a cruise ship, you want to make sure that you are transmitting confidential information. So, leave your laptop closed and keep your PDA in your purse. Keeping your information safe and secure is a much better option than trying to work and finding that an important piece of confidential information has been found.
3. Show your team that you trust them, even when you are not in the office. Calling in, micro managing and checking up on your team may be obnoxious and can get really old really quick. When you trust your team, you will be able to give them the vote of confidence that comes with a work free vacation for you. Should there be an emergency, you may want to have a line that your employees or coworkers can call, if it is absolutely necessary.

So, as you take your time off this summer, make sure that you are actually taking real time off.

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