Avoiding a Pink Slip

When you are working it can be scary to think about being fired. When you are depending on your job to pay your bills, it is important that you know how you can do your best to keep your job. Knowing the most common reasons as to why bosses usually fire employees, may help you avoid those behaviors so you can keep your job. Five business owners in the United States said that these are reasons why they would fire an employee…

1. Under-performance – When you are expected to produce specific results and you are not producing them, you may be putting yourself in a dangerous situation. If you cannot meet specific quotas, talk to your boss about what is going on. Discuss alternative options that you have.
2. Theft – Stealing something from an employee will indicate that you have lost your integrity and you do not value the company. Knowing this about an employee provides a great reason for an employer to fire and employee.
3. Being disrespectful – Even though you do not get along with an co-worker or even with a boss, you have to make sure you are respectful when you are talking with everyone in the work place. Being disrespectful can be damaging for your work environment.
4. Poor Customer Service – When you are working with customers, you need to make the company proud. You are the face of the company and you want to represent your company properly. When you do not treat the customers well, you will be a strong candidate for being let go.

So, when you are at work make sure that you do all that you can to do your job well. Have some integrity about your position and work hard so you can be sure you are able to continue paying your bills.

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