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(Fitness) 7 Ways to Stay Motivated for At-Home Workouts


At-home workouts come with a lot of perks. You travel less, save money on gym memberships, and you can dress however you want.

Whatever your reasons for working out at home, you’re going to come across your own unique challenges along the way. Our homes can have a lot of distractions. Don’t let the TV, the computer, or the pantry keep you from achieving your fitness goals! Here are 7 tips to help you stay motivated when working out at home:

1. Schedule a Backup Time to Work Out Each Day

Most articles about home workouts tell you to schedule a specific time to work out each day, which is really good advice. However, life happens and usually, that means your schedule is going to be messed up, interrupted, or thrown out of whack.

To prepare for times when your day does not go exactly according to plan, you can set aside two times a day for a workout. You do not have to schedule big chunks of time. Just keep it to a simple 10 to 30 minutes. You’ll still reap plenty of benefits from the exercise.

Then, if something gets in the way of the first time slot, you have the second one to fall back on.

Whether you actually work out twice a day is up to you. Just be careful not to overtrain.

2. Plan for the Holidays

Making a day-by-day schedule is great, but what are you going to do when the holidays come around? Or what are you going to do when you go on vacation?

Try to look ahead at the events you have on your calendar and make a plan for working out during those times. That way you won’t be thrown too off course when life gets extra busy.

3. Set Realistic Goals

If you are going from sitting on the couch all day to doing at home workouts regularly, you probably shouldn’t expect a sudden change in your abilities.

Try to do at least a small workout once a day Monday through Friday and use the weekend to relax and reset your goals.

Whether you get on the treadmill, take a short walk, or do crunches by the bed, doing a little is better than doing nothing.

It’s important to set realistic goals at the start. You’ll be able to set more ambitious goals further down the road as you build strength and endurance. That’s when you really get to see results!

4. Don’t Put Your Equipment Away

Putting your workout shoes, clothing, weights, and mats out of sight also means they are out of mind.

Keep your workout equipment in a place that is easily seen and readily accessible, like your front room as you walk in the door. Subconsciously, you’ll be much more likely to work out each day because your at-home gym set up will be ready to go.

Set up a little corner in your living room or bedroom for working out each day or use a spare bedroom as a personal gym room. Working out at home will become a million times easier when you don’t have to dig out and set up your gym clothes and equipment every single day.

5. Track Your Progress

When you track your progress you can better see the results and renew your motivation to keep going in your new workout routine.

There are phone apps and different programs online that you can use to track your home workouts and your progress with your fitness goals.

However, there is nothing quite like having a physical piece of paper that you can write your fitness goals on and see every single day by your workout area or your bed.

Download and Print a Free Workout Progress Log.

6. Ask Friends to Help Keep You Accountable

Even if you work out alone, it can still be beneficial to get support from other people in your fitness goals. Maybe you don’t live alone in your household and need support in what groceries you do and don’t buy, or need help having free time to use your house’s gym space.

Ask your friends and family to help keep tabs on you and your workout. Friends can keep in touch and ask about your goals and how you are doing with your daily workouts. You might even find a friend with their own fitness goals and then you can support each other.

7. Include the Kids

Having children shouldn’t be the end of your personal life and goal setting. You can include your children in your personal fitness goals.

Children have good memories and can help remind you to workout. You can even have them workout along with you for a fun family activity! You can also make working out more interesting by doing fun, active activities with the kids like going to a bounce house, going swimming, racing each other, going on a bike ride together, hiking together, walking together, or playing sports together. That way you can get your daily workouts in, enjoy time with your family, and stay motivated and excited about working out by changing your routine.


Sticking with anything you set out to do requires motivation and perseverance, just like working out or starting a budget. To help you stay motivated, check back with our blog for more budgeting and fitness tips and tricks. Check City also offers many financial services for the whole family!


12 Helpful Tips When Finding the Right Gym

gym tips

Here are some tips to consider when finding the right gym for you:

  1. Work Out Near Home
  2. Visit When You Normally Workout
  3. Look for Cleanliness
  4. Gym Reciprocity
  5. Read the Contract
  6. Compare Pricing
  7. Observe the Culture
  8. What Machines Do They Have?
  9. Ask About Emergency Care
  10. What Classes Do They Offer?
  11. Look for the Long Term
  12. Don’t Forget the Locker Rooms

We make fitness goals all the time, but when we continue to fail at reaching those goals, it can be really discouraging. Having a gym membership can be just what you need to finally reach your goals this year. The gym industry is huge in America, so it can be difficult finding the perfect gym.

1. Work Out Near Home

Location can be very important when finding the right gym. Find a gym that is near your home, or on the way to work. If you have to go out of your way to the gym, you probably won’t go as much, so it’s a good idea to pick a gym close by work or home. Create a list of local gyms in your area that you are interested in.

After you have a list of the local gyms, you can research their websites to see what they offer. When you have narrowed the gyms down to the few you want to check out, hit the pavement. Most gyms offer a three-day or one week pass, to check out their services. Talk to the staff and other members to gauge how the gym meets your needs. As you work out, evaluate how you feel at the gym. If you feel positive, this is a great possibility.

2. Visit When You Normally Workout

Are you a morning person or an afternoon person? Do you like to workout first thing in the morning? Or maybe you like to work out right after work, in the afternoon. Or, maybe you like to work out late in the evening! Visit the gym whenever you are most likely to work out each day. By doing this, you can gauge the crowd control and see if that would be a problem for you.

3. Look for Cleanliness

gym cleanliness

Check for a clean environment and machines. People touch the equipment all day, so cleanliness is essential. With so many people touching the equipment, the chances of catching someone else’s sickness is high. So if the gym employees keep the equipment clean and in good repair that’s a good sign.

4. Gym Reciprocity

Ask about reciprocity agreements with other gyms within your city, or even nationwide. Many gyms are part of a network and will allow you to work out as you travel, or they have multiple locations. Don’t be afraid to ask about reciprocity so you know whether you can use their other gyms as well.

5. Read the Contract

gym membership

Check your contract to ensure that you understand everything you are signing. If your credit card will be charged automatically, make sure you know the exact amount you will be charged. Ask about the fees and different pricing options. It is also important to understand how long you are under contract. Make sure that you understand how to cancel your contract, should you need to.

If you’re gym shopping you should be able to ask for a copy of the contract to take home and read through. You’ll want to make sure there aren’t any hidden fees, and that you understand any rules.

6. Compare Pricing

It is important to gather and compare all the gym membership prices and gym membership deals. This can play a major key in finding the right gym. Some gyms charge more because they offer more, and some offer better deals at different times!

A good way to do this is to gather the data about all the places you’re thinking of and make notes of everything in the same notebook. This way you can see the different prices all in one place.

7. Observe the Culture

Gym culture is a real thing and every gym has one. If you’re going to have an aversion to a certain kind of gym culture, then you’ll want to look out for those things when you go visit. You want to make sure the atmosphere in the gym is friendly, safe, and comfortable. Dealing with a toxic, or obnoxious gym culture is the last thing you need when you’re trying to work out.

8. What Machines Do They Have?

gym machines

A good mix of machines and equipment is a great sign. They even say that an assortment of different brands is a sign of a quality gym, since different brands will make certain equipment better than others. Make sure the treadmills, ellipticals, and other machines will fit your needs so you can switch your workouts up with different exercises.

Above all you want to make sure they have the machines you want. If you’re an avid treadmill runner then a gym with no treadmills wouldn’t be the right fit for you. Also, if they only have 2 treadmills that are always in use, you may want to look elsewhere, since the machines you want will always be busy.

9. Ask About Emergency Care

You may never need emergency care services at the gym, but it is a place where sudden emergencies could arise from overexertion, or through dealing with heavy equipment.

Are the gym staff trained in CPR? Is there an AED kit nearby with staff trained to use that too? These are all questions that are perfectly acceptable for you to ask when visiting prospective gyms.

10. What Classes Do They Offer?

gym classes
You want to take full advantage of your gym. Workout classes and trainers are one of the ways you can do this. Signing up for scheduled classes can really help you to stay on track with your fitness plans.

Gyms can also offer a lot of extra amenities besides lockers and machines. Some even have a food court or a smoothie bar. If there are any special amenities you need in a gym, make sure you add them to your gym shopping list and star the options that include them.

11. Look for the Long Term

Don’t be blinded by flash deals! Just because there are deals it doesn’t mean they are the best gym to go with in the long term. A gym membership is a long term thing. Daily workouts can be a part of the rest of your life. So shop with the long term in mind.

12. Don’t Forget the Locker Rooms

What about the locker rooms? Maybe you’ll bring your gym clothes with you in a gym bag, but having a locker at the gym can be nice in case there is anything you need at the gym every day. So don’t forget to check out the locker rooms to make sure they’re comfortable and clean as well.


Finding the perfect gym for you can take a little research. But with the right research you can find a gym that will help you keep your fitness goals and resolutions.


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