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6 Simple Ways to Make Learning Fun

Learning is Fun

Life isn’t always fun and games—but your kids probably wish it was. If you are trying to encourage your children to keep learning, it helps to make it fun. Use these simple tips to make learning fun!

Your Child’s Interests

Does your child love dinosaurs, pirates or dancing? Use your child’s interests to your advantage to make learning fun. For example:

  • If your child loves animals, make alphabet flashcards with animals on them.
  • If they enjoy football, help him practice his math with story problems involving sports.
  • If your child loves pirates, teach her to read with books about pirates having adventures.

Personalize your children’s learning experience to keep them excited and engaged in learning new skills.


Competition can be a great motivator. You don’t have to put your kids against each other or make things stressful—just use some friendly competition to spice things up a bit. Try one of these simple activities to encourage your kids to keep learning:

  • Play a matching game with addition or subtraction flashcards.
  • Let your child use a timer while they work on homework. Have them try to beat last week’s record.
  • Create a treasure hunt and give your child educational clues to help them find the prize.

Working Together

Learning to work well with others is an essential life skill. Let your kids work together to plan an educational activity, prepare an informative presentation, or just practice their multiplication tables. Working with others will keep things from getting boring, and your kids can learn from each other while practicing their teamwork skills.


Technology can be very helpful, use it to your advantage.

  • Download educational games on your tablet or smartphone. There are great learning games for kids!
  • Let your kids watch a reasonable amount of educational television.
  • Practice writing skills on an electronic device.
  • Let your kids make their own educational video.

Field Trip

Change things up by getting out of the house or classroom. A field trip will be memorable, exciting, and can be very educational. Taking your child to museums and other educational activities is a great way to make learning fun!

  • Take your kids to the zoo or aquarium and spend some time reading the signs about the animals.
  • Bundle everyone up on a clear night and go look for constellations.
  • Take your kids to a local park and look for different kinds of plants and animals. Create a scavenger hunt to keep things interesting.
  • Take a trip to the grocery store and have them practice their math skills by planning a meal on a budget.
  • Go to an art museum and have your kids pick a favorite piece of art to write a short report about.

You may even want to create a worksheet that they can fill out while they are in the museum or field trip. This will keep them engaged without even knowing it!

Hands On Activities

Hands on activities make learning more fun and are very enjoyable for many kids. Try one of these activities:

  • Cook a recipe together. Your children will get to practice their fractions while learning about planning and following instructions. At the end you’ll have a yummy treat as a reward!
  • Help your kids write and illustrate their own stories.
  • Practice counting with Legos or stuffed animals.
  • Teach your kids to measure their heart rate after playing tag outside.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. Use the ideas above to keep your kids excited about learning new things!

3 Great Summer Activities for Kids

Finding Activities for Kids this Summer

Summer is here, the kids are out of school, and if anyone is going to retain their sanity, you’re going to have to come up with some summer activities for kids to keep your children busy.
Having your kids at home for their summer break can be a lot of fun, but it can also be overwhelming. Days that used to be filled with school and after-school extracurricular activities are now over and kids have a lot of extra time on their hands.
Every parent that is home with their children throughout the summer has undoubtedly noticed their child get frustrated about not having anything to do. Keeping your children active and busy throughout the summer will ensure that you and your children are able to enjoy the time off from school.

Get Outside, Get Active!

Start by making sure that your children are playing outside. Take them to a park, let them play in the backyard or take them to a beach or lake. Playing outside is a great way for children to get their energy out and tap into their imagination. Encourage them to play games and run around to get their energy out while they are outside. Being outside is a great summer activity for kids.
In addition to helping you keep your sanity, having your kids play outside will also help them stay physically active. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children need at least one hour of physical activity each day. Physical activity helps kids strengthen muscle and bones, as well as gives them energy and helps them stay in shape.
While free play time is very beneficial to your children, it’s also a good idea to enroll them in one or more organized sports team. This helps ensure that they get enough physical exercise, and they get the benefit of competing and playing with children their age. Skills such as physical coordination, playing well with others, and good sportsmanship can be developed with team sports as well.

Promote Creative Play and Spontaneity

Planning activities in the house that your kids can do on their own will also be helpful. Start a project with them and make sure that it is something they are excited about. You can start building a tent in a spare bedroom and let them continue with the adventure.
Finding ways to ensure that they feel comfortable playing and using their imagination will be beneficial for you and for your children. Children already have an active imagination, but encouraging their creativity and spontaneity will help them carry it well into adulthood.
Not all summertime activity has to be (nor should it be) planned out to the minute. Instead, give your children a wide berth to come up with their own activities. You don’t have to let them run wild over the neighborhood, but you should try your best to provide them with a safe framework where they can just be kids. One way to do this is to provide rules and boundaries within which they are free to do as they wish.

Take a Tip from an Old School Standby: The Field Trip

Your kids most likely loved field trips during school, but it can also be a great way to get your children excited and involved this summer. Plan something with them, so they can feel the extra accomplishment that comes with planning an activity and carrying it out. If you have more than one child, you may want to let each of them choose a location. Focus on museums, parks or other interesting and local sights that you can go see.
These “family field trips” are a great way for you children to get to know your community and learn about local history and customs. You may wish to look for ways to integrate the things they learned at school, so that they can continue their education throughout the summer and not be behind once they return in the fall.
Field trips are also a great way to break up the week if you feel like everyone is stuck at home for too long. A change in scenery could be just what the doctor ordered if anyone is starting to get irritable at home.


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