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Facing Spring Cleaning

As we emerge from the shelter of our homes into a bright and colorful spring, we start to realize how dank and (dare we say) dirty our houses have become. No doubt the time to purge the closets of their garbage and to scrub those kitchen floors has come.

But with it comes the horror of working hard, indoors, while the sun invites is brightly to come out and play. If you need a little help getting started, here are a handful of things to do to make the process more bearable:

Get Yourself Disgusted

One of the most effective cleaning jump-starters is your personal feelings of disgust. If you need a little motivation to get the cleaning started, try poking around the back of your fridge or looking for something in the depths of your closet.

Turn the mess into your enemy and prepare for war. You will not let the grunge and garbage overpower your home!

Pick a Day

Some people like to get everything done in one, swift shot. If that sounds like you, pick any day that works for you. Plan to work all day, but give yourself perks to look forward to (like delivery pizza for lunch and a movie outing at the end of the day).

If, on the other hand, you work better at the spur of the moment, warn your family members that when the mood strikes – you’ll be cleaning. It could be at 2 in the afternoon, 9 at night, or first thing in the morning. Realize that taking spring cleaning one hour at a time (or 15 minutes at a time) is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Just don’t start any project that you can’t finish in one, spontaneous go.

Brighten the Mood

Next, do everything you can to brighten the mood. This means lights (preferably sunlight), music, and perhaps even some company! Just because you’re cleaning, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. You may roll your eyes at this, but really – an attitude adjustment can make a world of difference.

Blast your favorite music, take short dance breaks, play basketball with the garbage can/pile, and have fun telling stories, talking, or watching the TV while you work. Try to not let these things distract you too much, but better to take more time cleaning and be happy about it, than be miserable for the whole thing.

Admire Your Work

But before you run off to your fun movie night or whatever you have planned after cleaning, take a moment to admire your work. Check out the massive pile of garbage you are getting rid of and roll around on your squeaky-clean floors. Stand back and admire the organized closet and enjoy the spotless walls.

The more pride you take in your work, the better you’ll feel about yourself, the time you spent, and your accomplishments. It will also motivate you to keep things clean, so that next spring, you won’t have to work quite so hard. Not to mention you get to keep a clean house all year round!

So, don’t let spring cleaning intimidate you! This is your chance to restore order to the chaotic universe that is your home.

Spring Cleaning Your Finances

As people thankfully lose sight of winter and gratefully greet the onset of pleasant spring weather, many individuals, families, and homeowners are turning to the old tradition of spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is the time for families and homeowners to set themselves to work at giving their home a sufficient, quality and deep cleansing.

Spring cleaning is the time for families to take an inventory of their possessions, clean out the winter’s clutter, and get reorganized. While these principles are usually applied to physically cleaning out the home, this year a family may wish to consider applying the same principles of spring cleaning to their personal finances.

Save Big Money With Generic Products

And as long as the subject of spring cleaning is fresh on the minds of family members, a family might as well start their financial spring cleaning by saving money on their actual spring cleaning supplies. One of the best ways to save money on household cleaning supplies is by buying generic or off brand cleaners.

Generic brands, store brands, and off brand cleaners, as opposed to the well-known name brands, can be found at discounted prices and overall cheaper costs for the same basic cleaning ingredients that the more expensive name brands include in their cleaners. Buying generic cleaners over name brand cleaners has been shown to save consumers up to thirty eight percent on cleaning costs.

Take Advantage of Coupons and Sales

In addition to buying generic brands, a shopper can save money on spring cleaning supplies by being aware and looking out for discounts and coupons on cleaning supplies at local markets and grocers. Choosing to buy discounted cleaning supplies can be better accomplished by planning ahead for the upcoming cleaning projects.

Beyond saving money for the physical spring cleaning of the home, a family can take their spring cleaning ambition into cleaning up and revitalizing their finances. In some ways, spring cleaning the family’s finances is a very literal cleaning process, what with the various important documents and financial paperwork that will need reorganizing.

To keep better track of one’s finances, and thereby become more effective with their finances, a simple but clear organizational process is typically required. This can be either physical hard copies of important documents that will need to be organized in a clear manner or a digital organization of online or electronic documents.

It’s Time to Go Paperless

As a part of this, a family can greatly improve their organization of financial documents if they will shred those documents that can be found online. For example, if the family receives their monthly bank statement in the mail and online through an online banking system provided by their bank, then the need for the monthly mailed copy is superfluous.

In this situation, a family can contact their banking institution and ask that their monthly banking statements be sent to them through email or posted on their online account. In this way, a family can cut the clutter of monthly bank statements from their hard copy financial documents and thereby become more organized in their financial records. In addition to getting statements from your bank online, it’s also possible to sink your bank account with most of the popular budgeting apps that are on the market.

It is important for family to remember, however, that while they are going through their financial documents they should have a paper shredder on hand. Sensitive information such as birthdays, social security numbers and bank account numbers may be present on unwanted paper documentation and can be stolen, yes stolen, from the trash and used by identity thieves to wreak havoc on a family’s finances.

While some feel that hard copy financial records are more secure than online records from those who would steal their information, the truth is that with modern firewalls and protective servers in use by financial institutions a person’s records are much safer in electronic form than they are in a hard copy paper form. Because of this, as part of this year’s financial spring cleaning, a family may wish to consider talking with their banking institution about switching all that is possible into an electronic form of record.

Spruce Up The Family Budget

Lastly, a family that is undertaking the project of a financial spring cleaning will probably want/need to refurbish and revise their family budget. Budgets are vastly important tools for a family to use in order to stay financially secure and stable.

But the usefulness of a budget immediately decreases if a family chooses not to abide by the financial guidelines they have set out for themselves. Additionally, an outdated budget can lose its effectiveness quickly as fluctuations in family income or needs arise.

While performing their financial spring cleaning this year, a family might want to consider taking another look at their family budget. Revising where needed and reaffirming their commitment to living with a budget will add to the family’s financial success in the coming year. As always, when you start to focus on budgeting it’s important to stick to your budget and work towards your financial goals but also understand that things come up.

As you work on financial spring cleaning this season understand that there might be times when you come up a little short, if you find yourself in that situation Check City has several services that can help get you through until your next Payday such as cash advances or pay day loans.

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is an important annual task and it’s important not to forget any necessary cleaning tasks.

Many people like to start cleaning out their homes in spring in order to welcome in the sunshine and the warm weather. Spring cleaning can mean whatever you want it to mean. Spring cleaning for you might just be some decluttering or it might mean a complete, deep clean of every corner of the house. 

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Download the Free Spring Cleaning Checklist HERE.

There are many cleaning tasks to hit when you’re trying to super clean your house. It can all feel really overwhelming. Instead of trying to clean an entire house in one day, create a cleaning schedule so you can spread things out in the span of a couple of days. For instance, Monday and Tuesday could be all about cleaning the kitchen, Wednesday and Thursday are when you clean the living room, Thursday and Friday will be when you tackle the bathrooms, and on Saturday everybody handles their own bedroom.

There are also a lot of cleaning items people forget to do when cleaning their house. Don’t forget to clean: the walls, ceilings, fans, baseboards, doorframes, doors, doorknobs, the outsides of windows, window tracks, powerwash the porch and house exterior, stairs and stair railings, furniture, and behind and under furniture and appliances. You may have to move some stuff around but it’ll be worth it for how much cleaner and dust-free your house will feel.

  1. empty cabinets
  2. wipe the inside and outside of the cabinets
  3. reorganize cabinets
  4. wash, dry, and put away all dirty dishes
  5. put a cup of baking soda or white vinegar in the dishwasher and run the hottest cycle to clean the inside of the dishwasher
  6. clean the sink
  7. use draino on the sink
  8. clean the inside of the oven
  9. clean the stovetop
  10. empty and clean the inside and outside of the fridge
  11. pull the fridge out and clean under and behind the fridge
  12. wipe all counters and surfaces
  13. wipe down the table and dining chairs
  14. wipe down walls, baseboards, and any windows and window sills
  15. sweep and mop the floor
Living Room
  1. put away clutter, make sure everything has its own place
  2. vacuum under and behind the couches
  3. vacuum under couch cushions
  4. shampoo the couch, you can rent or buy a shampoo vacuum
  5. dust and wipe down surfaces
  6. steam the curtains
  7. wash the windows
  8. vacuum, sweep, or mop the floor
  1. clean out drawers and cabinets
  2. reorganize items, use boxes to help you organize and give everything a specific place
  3. wipe mirrors
  4. clean sink and vanity
  5. use draino on the sink and bathtub drains
  6. clean and sanitize the inside and outside of the toilet
  7. scrub the bathtub, don’t forget the faucet and showerhead
  8. clean floors
  1. wash bed sheets
  2. reorganize clothes
  3. reorganize all your other items, give everything a place
  4. clean under the bed
  5. declutter and organize your desk
  6. clean floors

Keep Your Home Clean After Spring Cleaning is Over

clean house

Get Ready for the Day, Everyday

No matter how extensive your spring cleaning is, make sure to keep your home consistently clean after exerting all of that effort. There are many small and simple ways to keep your home clean. First, start each day getting ready for the day. There are a lot of people that struggle getting up and getting ready first thing in the morning. But, feeling put together and ready to go will really make a difference in how productive you are and make things like tidying easier.

Start the Day with Some Quick Tidying

After getting into a better personal morning routine, you can learn to add a quick daily cleanup to your morning routine as well. Even if you only have 5 minutes to dedicate each morning to tidy up it will make a huge difference in the long run. You can also schedule a different time of day for tidying up. For instance, you could put some time aside to clean after you get back from work each day, or maybe right before bed each night you could plan to put some things away before ending the day.

Organization is Key

Finally, invest in an organization system that you like and are excited about. Organization is the key way to give all your items their own designated spot. Then, make a conscious effort to put everything back in its place once you’re done using it.

If you don’t have the money for an organization system, but want to get started right away, stop by Check City today for a cash advance. With our simple cash advance service, you can be on your way to organization and cleanliness in no time.

More Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner, which means that its almost time for spring cleaning! While spring cleaning may not be something that you look forward to every year, it is a great way to start fresh and to get a new start. Doing a deep clean not only makes the room look better and gets rid of all accumulations, but it also makes it so that you can start anew and set a good tone for the rest of the year.

Getting ready ahead of time for spring cleaning will help to make it so that you can get the most out of your experience. In fact, the more you prepare for spring cleaning, the more you might find that you are doing it along the way!

To begin with, start clearing out the things that you don’t need out of your home. Going room to room and junking any clutter that you might find helps to open the room up and make it look much better. Systematically doing this makes for good daily or weekly projects, without anything becoming overwhelming.

Next, make sure that you have all of the supplies which you might want ahead of time. Make a list of everything that you are going to target with your efforts and you can get a good idea of what to buy. Things will vary by person, but getting cleaning supplies, vacuum bags, trash bags, window cleaning supplies, and other things ahead of time will let you dive right into things.

Also, you can prepare the rooms which you are going to work on by moving the furniture either out of the rooms or into the middle of them. this way, you can deep clean the spots occupied by furniture, so you can really get at areas which might not normally be reached.

Being ready ahead of time lets you get to work, without you having to stress about preparation on the spot. Simply take it nice and easy over the next month, and you’ll be surprised how smoothly things go!

Getting a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

As the weather starts to get warmer, the days get longer and flowers start to bloom, you may feel the need to do some spring cleaning.  There are a lot of people that struggle with their spring cleaning because they feel overwhelmed by the messes that they have created throughout long winter days.  Although it may be overwhelming at first, you should be sure that you create a system to ensure that your spring cleaning goes smoothly and is effective. There are some simple ways that you can be sure that your spring cleaning gets your home clean and organized.

First, you should be sure that you are wise about making a plan.  You should not start cleaning your home and expect to finish the process in one day.  Break up your chores so that you can be sure that you have a manageable chunk of work to do every day.  You should be sure that you are wise about the way that you are going to divvy up the work.  If you are doing a chore that you hate, you may want to minimize the time that you do that chore.

Second, make sure that you have a goal date for completion in mind.  You should be sure that you are working hard towards a goal.  You do not want to get so overwhelmed with the project that you move slower and slower each day as you are cleaning and organizing. Keep your goal date posted and plan something fun that day to reward yourself for finishing.

Third, make a little money while you are at it.  When you are cleaning you should be sure to keep your eye out for any extra precious metals.  You may find some old jewelry or even some old coins.  If you do find something like this, be sure to take it into the closest Check City location to take advantage of our Gold Buying program.  We will buy your gold from you. The process is quick and easy and you will be walking out our doors with cash in your hand.

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