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5 Important Home Security Tips

Make Your Home Safety a Priority

It is very important to make sure your home is always as safe as possible! A home invasion or a robbery can break your sense of security and lead to more than a loss of physical possessions. When someone disrupts your personal space, you feel violated, whether you’ve been robbed or not.

As a renter or a homeowner, it’s crucial to increase your sense of safety to protect your family, yourself and your home. Here are some home security tips to help ensure you and your family’s safety:

Alarm System

First, an alarm system. An alarm system is very important for your family and home safety. Whether you are at or away from your home, an alarm system will really help. Most companies installing your alarm system will give you a sign for you to put outside your house. This sign will warn people that your house is secured by that company. By using this sign, it will help people know that your house is secured with an alarm system! An alarm system is one of the most important home security tips.

Close Your Garage

One of the simplest home security tips is keeping your garage closed. It is always very important to close your garage. Usually there are a lot of expensive and important items stored in garages. If you leave your garage open, it’s basically an open invitation for thieves. Garage theft is very common, so it’s extremely important to keep your garage secured and closed! Keep your garage closed for your safety!


Having security cameras inside and outside your home is extremely beneficial for both safety and theft. Seek a professionals help to install them and place them in the correct spot. Cameras are also great because they prevent and help if something were to ever happen.

Family and Friends

Yes, that’s right, family and friends can be extremely helpful. It is always helpful to have good family and friends keep an eye out on your house. Whether you are in your house, or out of town, your family and friends can always help keep your home secure and safe. Family and friends are a great do it yourself home security idea.


Another thing to remember is noise. If your home has noise and activity, thieves will be less likely to break in. Avoid causing your house to look vacant. If your house looks occupied, it will really help with safety and theft. If you leave on vacation, don’t make it obvious.

Consider adding motion sensor lighting around your house. This way if anyone is walking around your house, lights will turn on and scare them! It always helps to keep things lit up if possible.

With a few simple strategies, you can help protect your home from whatever hazards are out there. You and your families safety is always the most important thing. We hope you have enjoyed these home security tips and home security ideas!

Investing in Precious Metals

On January 24th, 1848 a man by the name of James W. Marshall found America’s first gold in Coloma, California. Since then, precious metals like gold, silver, bronze, copper and more have become a worldwide symbol of currency. Even in today’s modern society, these precious metals have withstood the tests of time and still hold value and currency. Precious metals are so valuable because of the way that we use them on an ongoing basis. We use these metals in everything from circuitry to building materials. As technology continues to progress and define our lives, so does the resources which are required in order to create it. But when it comes time to investing in precious metals, how do you know which precious metal to choose? And how does the investment process work?

Many ask the questions, “Is gold a good investment? Is silver a good investment?” Below is a list of four precious metals and why people consider beginning a lifelong investment in these twinkling treasures.


If there were ever a pecking order in the precious metal chain, gold would be at the top of the list. Known for its durability, malleability, and ability to conduct both heat and electricity, gold is one of the most sought after metals in the industry and here is why:

  1. In the event of a political or economic crisis or instability, gold is a valuable resource because of its “store of value” or a valuable asset that can be stored and retrieved over time. Furthermore, the price of gold is less susceptible to fluctuating supply and demand laws.
  2. Investments in gold typically maintain their value and don’t fall subject to the backlash of market fluctuation.
  3. Gold holds high stakes when it comes to trading and utilizing precious metals as a form of money. In the event of war or political/economic crisis, gold is a reliable form of payment for things like food, shelter, transportation and more.


Like gold, silver is considered one of the most precious metals on the market and is traded and treasured as such. Unlike gold, however, the price of silver fluctuates with industrial supply and demand laws. But it remains incredibly sought after by investors because:

  1. Silver is incredibly valuable in markets and can be traded or sold for its worth. Especially with photography on the rise and new products hitting the market like the digital cameras and high-capacity batteries, silver is becoming more desired than in years past. It is also a crucial commodity for highly demanded products like medical inventions (prosthetic limbs, tools, etc.) electrical appliances, bearings, solder and much more.
  2. For the last three decades, the price of silver has fluctuated greatly – and not for the better. However, some economists today claim the metal is currently priced higher than it’s been in the past 30 years. These professionals further claim the prices aren’t likely to rise much higher.
  3. There are several different ways to invest in silver. Research and contact a professional to find the best recommended method for you.


Like silver and gold, platinum is bought and sold on commodity markets across the globe. However, when the market price on gold and silver decline, platinum typically yields a higher profit. Why? Platinum is one of the rarest metals of the precious group.

  1. Similar to the industrial uses of silver, platinum has a high market demand. Between automotive catalysts, jewelry, petroleum, chemical refining catalysts and the computer industry, the need for platinum covers a wide platform of market bases, making the metal more of a necessity than a desire.
  2. The price of petroleum also depends largely on the sales and production of cars in the automobile industry. A rising demand for eco-friendly vehicles has required automakers worldwide to install catalytic converters – a component made solely from platinum or palladium. With the evolution of car production comes an even greater demand for platinum, the princess of precious metals.


As one of the most versatile metals on the market, the demand for copper is always high. Investing in copper is a good idea because:

  1. The list of copper uses is extensive; electrical wiring, car batteries, microchip circuitry, piping, roof flashing, gutters, brass instruments, solar power cells and, to add to the list, copper is malleable with other metals that can fuse to create alloys like bronze and pewter.
  2. Because copper is used across industries worldwide, the demand for this reddish metal has surpassed that of its precious predecessors. Capitalizing on copper, whose value has and is predicted to increase, is a consideration for anyone looking to invest in precious metals.
  3. Because the worldwide production of copper is declining, the value of this precious commodity has greatly increased. It could possibly be a good investment because there is no new supply source that will potentially boost production and make it more attainable, nor is there a reliable replacement material that could take the place of copper. Even though it may not be a headliner of the precious metals, copper can surprisingly be one of the most dependable resources in which to invest.

It is important to take great caution when investing in precious metals. Talk to a professional before you invest and make sure it is right for you! Remember to ALWAYS do a lot of research before investing. It is important to have a diversified portfolio in any setting. Spread your investments around so that you can capitalize on several different opportunities, instead of going all on one particular investment. When it all comes down to it, you want to be able to supplement your income with wise and practical decisions which will offer a good payout for you.

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