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2 Strategies to Avoid Excessive Bank Fees

Some report that bank fees for your checking accounts are on the rise. Due to the recent Durbin amendment, banks are no longer allowed to charge excessive fees to retailers for customers using debit cards in their machines. Because of this limitation, banks have sought out other ways to earn this extra source of income. On average, they are hiking up our other fees. Some of these fees include:

  • withdrawing money from a non-bank owned ATM
  • minimum amount of money to open an account
  • minimum amount of money in your bank account
  • overdraft fees

A lot of consumers aren’t very happy about the increase in charges, especially since banks were originally intended to allow you a place where you can go to store, and pick up your money at your convenience, not be charged percentages of your income.

Here are two ways to keep yourself from falling prey to these rising fees.

1) Save your money and keep it in just one account. Consciously saving and consolidating your money into one account holds many benefits for you. You will be more likely to meet the minimum balance required to qualify for no fees. An added benefit is that you are less likely to overdraft from your account as you will have a nice cushion of savings to draw from should your budget run out.

2) Open just a savings account. Use a savings account to store your money and nothing more. Cash checks or withdraw cash when you want to buy something. If you want to write a check, make out a money order instead. Find a way to not need a check card, and you’ll be less likely to have to pay a convenience fee at a local store or gas station. Things are always cheaper when they’re paid for with cash.

You don’t have to be a victim of your bank’s fees. Learn how they work and avoid them wherever you can.

How to Fill Out a Money Order

money orders

A money order is a great way to ensure that you are able to make a secure payment.

But there are still a lot of people that have a hard time understanding how valuable a money order can be. In our blog post today, we’ll go over the 5 main fields that you’ll need to fill out on a money order.

Explore this Guide:

What is a Money Order?

Money orders can also be referred to as a moneygram or a Western Union money order. Money orders are like a certified check or cashier’s check. Instead of writing out your own personal check, you can buy a money order at a place like Check City who has Western Union and they’ll write the check.

This secure, prepaid check can then be used to make secure payments, or send money to someone. A money order is a great way to ensure that you are able to make a secure payment. It’s also a way to use the security of a check to pay for something without having to wait for the payee to deposit the check later.

A money order is also more secure than sending or delivering cash. Like a check it names a specific recipient so no one can just take it and run because that person will have to endorse the money order (check) and show ID to prove that it’s really them who is supposed to receive it.

Money orders are commonly used to send funds rather than doing a digital money transfer, or sending cash or checks in the mail. Money orders are even more secure than personal checks because a personal check will have your account number on them. This is fine for some payments, but sometimes you’ll want to keep your payments more separate from your personal accounts.

How Do I Fill Out a Money Order?

When you need a money order you should make sure you know how to fill it out properly. Filling out the money order properly will ensure that you are able to make a secure payment via a money order without any hang ups from filling it out wrong. The way you fill out a money order is very similar to how you fill out a check. Below we will go over each of the 5 main fields you’ll need to fill out in order to fill out your money order properly:
money order example


First, you have to get the money order. You can do money orders anywhere there is a Western Union. After you have your money order, you will want to write the name of the person or company that you wish to pay on the line that is labeled “Payee” or “Pay to the order of.”


Some money orders will also include this section. If you have a specific account that you want credited for the payment then you’ll want to put that information here. Filling out this section will ensure that, when using money orders to pay your bills, the proper accounts get accredited.


You are the purchaser that the money order form is referring to on this line. Here is where you will put your address and any other important identifying information so that the recipient of your payment knows best how to contact you if necessary.


You will need to sign the front of the money order. Some money orders have spaces to sign while other money orders to do not. You will not want to sign the back of the money order, instead you will want to make sure that you leave that space open for the individual or the company that has received the money order to endorse it.

Field #5: DOLLAR BOX

In the box with the dollar sign before it you will write the amount you want on the money order in numerical form.

*Keep the Receipt!
You should also make sure that you keep your receipt. You want to keep the receipt to make sure that the transaction is as secure as possible. The more secure your transaction is, the more you will be able to trust the money order as a secure form of payment.

Common Questions About Money Orders

When do you use a money order?

Money Orders are accepted by almost any business, government agency, or bank. You can use a money order to pay bills like rent, or utilities, or to send money to someone you know. If you are interested in another convenient, low cost alternative to Checks or Money orders you might consider a Prepaid Debit Card.

Where can I get a money order?

You can obtain a money order at any Western Union location. Walmart, USPS, and convenience stores are some common places where you can get a money order, and many stores will also have Western Union services like Check City does. If you receive a money order, it is at these same places where you can cash a money order. Just stop by one of our conveniently located stores for any of your Western Union needs.

What information do I need for a money order?

You’ll need whatever information you need to properly fill out the money order. You’ll need to know the name of the person or business you are paying and how much you want to put on the money order. In some cases it is also helpful to know the address of the person or business you are writing the money order for.

How should I deliver the money order?

You can deliver the money order by mail or in person, depending on how the recipient would like to receive your payment. You can also transfer money through Western Union directly and then the recipient can pick up the money at their own Western Union location.

Money orders are a great way make a secure form of payment. They’re easy to use and provide another level of safety and security for some of your more important payment needs. Stop by any Check City location to pick up your money order!
Stop by any Check City location to pick up your money order!

Utilizing a Money Order to Pay Bills

When you are looking for a way to get a money order, just stop by Check City to get a money order. We will provide you with a Western Union money order at no cost to you. There are not a lot of companies that are willing to provide money orders. When you need a money order all that you have to do is stop by one of conveniently located Check City stores and be sure that you know how much money you want to get the money order for.

Some people do not understand how useful a money order can be in their life. When you are looking for a money order, you want to make sure that you know that the institution that you are going to use it for will actually accept the money order. The majority of businesses, government agencies and even banks will accept the money order.

When you do not have a checking account, a money order can be a great way to pay your bills. There are many people that are hesitant about sending cash, and you have to make sure that you are ready to find an alternative and still make sure that your bill is paid on time. Many people turn to money orders to fulfill this need. This way, you will be able to securely and safely send your money order without having to worry about someone intercepting and taking your money.

Taking the time that you need to be wise about a money order will ensure that you are ready to pay your bills, even without a checking account. Stop by a Check City location to pick up your money order today so you can pay your bills. We will have you on your way, with your money order in no time.


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