The Secrets of a Successful Yard Sale

The weekend is almost upon us and for many people that means one thing, YARD SALES! Whether you like making some extra money by putting on your own yard sale or you are a collector looking for that last piece for your collection the whole sub culture of yard sales can be exciting.

In this post we’ll focus more on the aspect of using yard sales as a tool to make some extra money. When it comes to getting money fast there are several options whether it’s putting on a yard sale, putting some items on eBay or getting a short term loan like a payday advance. Yard sales can be a great way to make some money because they are free to put on and can help you clear up some of the clutter from around the house.

To some extent, a yard sale that sells a single item can be considered successful. You could have just thrown it away. Instead, you got something from it. Even a purchase of fifty cents is more than you would have gotten from throwing away your old junk. That’s a win.

If you’re holding a yard sale than your purpose is two-fold: get rid of your junk first, and make some money while you’re at it second. Here are some tricks of the trade to make sure that you fulfill both purposes.


Advertise your event in any way you can. Post on social media. Find affordable classified areas of news agencies to get the word out. Post several brightly colored posters on light poles. Grab their attention at the main roads surrounding your house and then guide them through the neighborhood to you. Believe it or not, there are people that drive around in search of yard sales. There are even more that are glad to drop by when they come across your poster. Draw that audience in with posters.

”WOW” Them

Once you draw them in, present them with a full yard. If you’re going to be holding a yard sale, make sure you pack the yard with diverse merchandise. The passerby is far more likely to drop into a yard sale that is overflowing with things to sell. A small event is easily scanned and passed by. A sale knee deep in old possessions is likely to have a treasure for everyone, and people stop for that. Have a yard sale when you have an excessive amount of things to sell. If needs be, invite your neighbors to supplement pieces for their own sale.

Organize, Organize, Organize!

Organize your property by type. All of the electronics should be in one area, all of your clothing in another. Furniture should have its own space; entertainment its own box. Organize the property into sections and label them clearly for your visitors. The better organized your event, the more success you’ll have selling.

Separate the clothing by gender and size. If you make your merchandise more easily perused, you make it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for. If they don’t find it, then they don’t feel like they’ve wasted their time looking through piles of clothing only to come up empty handed. Perhaps they’ll move on to another section and buy something else.

Provide an extension cord for potential buyers to test out the electronic equipment you sell. They’re far more likely to buy it if you can show them that the machine works.

Get every member of the family involved in this sale. Passersby are more interested when there are more people at the sale. You can set your kids up with a lemonade sale out in front while the older ones are out greeting visitors and patrolling the area. Potential visitors are more likely to drop in when they see that the scene has attracted a good sized group of people. This is where it especially helps to have other families in the neighborhood involved. Higher numbers will tell passersby that there’s something special about you.

Smart Pricing

Set reasonable prices on your items. There’s a difference between what you would spend on your product and what you would like to make off of it. Lean towards the price you would be willing to spend on it if you were the customer. You’ll more accurately price your property that way.

Be willing to come down on initial prices. Remember that your primary purpose is to get rid of old things. You were going to throw it away anyways, earning you nothing. Getting any offer may be the best thing you get that day. What this means is that you should be willing to consider lower prices for your items. You’re going to have to be willing to barter with a customer to get rid of some of the higher priced items.

Carry plenty of change. If you can manage it, accept credit cards as well. There are plenty of devices you can rent that will allow you to take credit card payments with your smart phone or tablet. The more versatile you are with your payment methods, the more merchandise you’ll sell. Not everyone will have cash. Not everyone will have a card either. Carry both to be safe.

With the proper planning, advertising, and bartering, you’ll do well in yard sale. You’ll get rid of your old junk while earning a bit of extra money at the same time.