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Save Money with These Christmas Present Ideas

Shopping for The Holidays

Shopping for the holidays is just one of the hallmark events that make up the season. Beginning with Black Friday, the holiday shopping craze has become an inevitable rite of passage for most Americans. If you don’t budget carefully, holiday shopping can break the bank. Here are 5 Christmas Present Ideas that will save your budget this holiday season.


Before you think of any Christmas present ideas, you need to learn your budget. You can think of Holiday shopping in two distinct ways. One is the “official” holiday shopping season beginning with Black Friday. The other begins after Christmas, and ends the next Christmas. For each of these shopping theories, a budget is essential. The best idea is to set your budget at the beginning of the year and decide how much to money to dedicate to Black Friday, and how much for the rest of the year.

Black Friday

Black Friday has become a shopping tradition. Retailers have dedicated websites to Black Friday Sales all year. By watching the evolving sales, you can plan a great Black Friday shopping strategy.

In order to take advantage of Black Friday, and not break the bank, set a budget for shopping. With your budget for all Christmas expenses in mind, decide how much you are willing to spend on Black Friday. If you have a budget in mind when you comb through the Black Friday ads, you’ll be able to keep a level head for your shopping extravaganza. With a firm budget in mind, you’ll be able to withstand the overpriced impulse purchases around every corner.

Some retailers have specific hours for specific items. Make sure you keep the availability times in mind. For instance, if the TV you are looking at is only available from Midnight to 3am, make sure you keep the time deadline in mind. Black Friday can be a great time to find good Christmas presents.

Through the Year

If you decide to spread your shopping throughout the year, you will find several “sales of the season” throughout the year. It’s important to do your research so you can find the best price, no matter when you plan to shop. Christmas shopping in April? Yes ma’am. Every sale could be Christmas shopping. Don’t waste your money paying full price right before Christmas.

Don’t Regret!

The biggest regret of the holiday season will be putting your family or yourself in economic trouble by overspending on the trimmings and gifts of the season. Instead, look for the discounted holiday items and gifts that stores will be promoting and take advantage of their sales. Buying in bulk may be another great way to save more on gifts (your uncles will never know or care if they all get the same .99 cent key-chain flashlight).

Homemade Gifts

Often, homemade Christmas presents are the best gifts! Why is that? Because they can be the most meaningful. Anyone can go to a store and buy someone a gift. But not everyone can create a sentimental homemade gift. You are giving the gift of meaning, time, love, and creativity.

With an added bonus, homemade Christmas presents can also be a lot cheaper and will save you a lot of money.

Making a list before heading to the stores will be another way for you to save money on holiday shopping as will shopping at second hand and dollar stores. Whatever your method for saving money this holiday season will be, the important thing to remember is that you are happy. We hope you have found some great Christmas present ideas and have enjoyed these tips.

4 Reasons to Start Early Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping can be a joy or a chore. Trying to find the sold out, overpriced gift the day before Christmas in a crowded store can be very stressful. But don’t worry, we are here to help! With these early Christmas shopping tips and tricks, your Christmas shopping experience will be nothing but fun.

Save Money

It’s never too early to start Christmas shopping! Don’t wait for the high prices around the Christmas season. Start now, and chip away at your Christmas list. Whether you have a large family, or small, your budget will feel less of a pinch if you spend a small percentage each month, rather than a chunk in December. Not only can you save money by spreading out your Christmas shopping, but you keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year. You can savor the feeling of finding just the right gift for a loved one.

Save money by early Christmas shopping during big sales. Take advantage of great prices and sales and look for Christmas gifts. From Black Friday to Holiday/seasonal sales, these are all great ways to save money.

By getting your shopping done early, you can have a stress free holiday season and spend your time with family and friends, rather than stressing about Christmas shopping.

Early Essentials

Start your Christmas essentials shopping the day after Christmas. Lights, tinsel and other decorative necessities go on steep discount after Christmas. This is the perfect time to stock up on decorations for next year’s festivities. It may be challenging shopping for Christmas decorations after Christmas, but you will thank yourself for doing that a year later. Don’t be late, start your early Christmas shopping today!

If you have kids, you might want to carefully consider what your kids will like in a year’s time. If your kids like toys now, will they in 12 months? Any gifts you buy at this time should be a projection of what will be pleasing later.

Make a List

Start with a list of family and friends you intend to buy for. Include doormen, bus drivers, no matter how small, your list should be complete. Review your list periodically to keep your recipients fresh in your mind. Reviewing your list is really helpful so you won’t lose track of anyone. If you’ve missed someone, add them to the list so you can buy for them later.

Everyday Shopping

While you are doing your normal shopping, keep an eye out for the perfect gift for someone on your list. If you’re looking for a blouse, and spot a dress your mother would love, buy it and put it away.

As you buy items for your list, remember to put all the gifts in the same place. If you leave gifts in various places, you run the risk of misplacing gifts, or the recipient sees the gift lying around. When you keep the gifts in the same place, you keep the idea of “gift” alive and well.

When you plan your Christmas shopping throughout the year, you can save money, time, and stress. If you have your shopping done early, you are free to enjoy the holidays! Start your early Christmas shopping today!

6 Great Winter Exercises

The Winter Months

Now that winter is almost here, it is important for us all to focus on how to stay fit and active during the cold months. With the colder temperatures, it can be very difficult to stay fit during the winter! But don’t worry, Check City has you covered with these great tips to help you with your winter exercises.

Staying in shape during this time is a process. However, it is completely worth it. To ensure good fitness, it is essential to be active as much as possible, as well as exercising portion control and healthy options when it comes to diet. Here are some great winter exercises to help you stay fit during the winter:


Stairs are a great cardiovascular workout. A simple flight of stairs can increase your heart rate, and if you are consistent, can increase your strength, improve musculature and increase metabolism. If you want to increase the exercise, consider running the stairs, or taking two stairs at a time. This will dramatically increase your effort and build your strength faster. You may have to work up to a more strenuous stair workout, but it will be worth the effort.

Stay Home

Stay home? What did you just say? Yes, you don’t always need a gym to get a good workout. Today, there are so many different in-home exercises that are great! Whether you are following along on a computer or TV, staying home can be a great option. Start researching today and find your favorite in-home exercising. Being active at home is great for winter exercising!


Snowshoeing is a fun activity and is a great cardiovascular exercise. Snowshoeing is a great way to be outdoors and work your heart rate up. Snowshoeing not only provides a cardiovascular workout, but also increases stamina, flexibility, agility and balance. You can start out with a short 15 minute session, and work up to snowshoeing around the local park. If you have dogs, you can take them on a fun snowshoeing walk! Enjoy a great winter exercise and start snowshoeing.


Dancing can be a great cardiovascular exercise. You can either turn up your favorite songs, or find a fun salsa dancing CD. You can do pushups or other activities between songs to work certain muscle groups. Dancing is a great exercise for many different reasons and is very enjoyable.

Yoga or Pilates

Yoga or Pilates classes are a great way to increase strength and stamina. You can find a local yoga or Pilate’s class and work out with a group once or twice a week. If you prefer, you can find some great Yoga and Pilates DVD’s to work out in the privacy of your own home.


Swimming at a local recreation center is a great way to build heart health. You can swim a couple times a week for a full-body, low-stress workout. Swimming is safe on the joints and great on the heart.

No matter what, it is important to always eat healthy and drink enough water every day. As you eat healthy and stay fit during the winter, you will start to feel great! There are so many different ways to stay fit during the winter. We hope you have enjoyed ours!


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