6 Great Picnic Tips

Your Picnic Planning Go-To

As we look toward the end of winter, and the beginning of spring, the season for picnics are approaching. If you want to have a fun and successful spring/summer, planning a picnic should definitely be on your agenda.

Picnics are a great way to spend your summer and spring outdoors with friends and family.

As you plan your summer/spring picnics, here are some great picnic ideas to remember.

Think of Your Picnic as an Outdoor Party

One of the great things about a picnic is that it is a wonderful chance to throw an outdoor party. If you think of your picnic as an outdoor party, it will help you to understand that planning is necessary, but it will also make the planning process much simpler.

As you consider planning a picnic from the position of a host it will put the party into perspective and help you plan it as effectively as possible. Like every party, a good picnic needs a great group of guests, a good location, and an unbeatable menu.

Consider the Guest List

As you set out on your picnic planning adventure, it is imperative that you choose a guest list that will make your party fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.

You should choose a group that you believe will get along well together, and make sure that no one will be left out, or without a friend. You may want to stick to one particular group of friends, or try combining friend groups to make things more interesting.

Setting the Date and Time

Once you have a guest list in mind, you are ready to get into the specifics of the occasion. Setting a date and time is a great next step in the picnic planning process.

You want to choose a date that will likely be open for most guests (perhaps a weekend), and choose a time of day that will allow for good weather without too much heat but that still offers plenty of sunshine for basking.

You also want to plan ahead to give your guests a heads up, and so you can plan accordingly with the proper amount of food. This is a great thing to add to your picnic ideas.

Choose a Great Location

After choosing the date and time of your picnic, the next big decision is the location. Remember to consider your guests’ locations so you can choose a location that will be fun and convenient for everyone.

You should also be aware that some locations require reservations, so be sure to reserve your spot if that is necessary.

A good picnic spot should have access to sun and shade, have plenty of space for seating (whether you are sitting at tables or on blankets), and be surrounding by pleasant scenery. A park or canyon trail can be perfect places for picnics, though there are certainly many other options.

Come up with a Great Menu

The next step in your planning process is to get a menu together. Picnic menus should be simple and easy to eat in the outdoors, which makes the selection process a bit easier (and narrower) than other parties when planning a picnic.

Consider foods like salads and sandwiches that are easy to eat and prepare.

Also, be considerate and aware of your guest’s food allergies and diet. Make sure you get food that can be stored and carried to your picnic location.

Don’t Forget to Plan for Cleanup

Lastly, as you pack your picnic basket, don’t neglect clean up materials. Bring a garbage bag as well as dishes that will make the clean up process as simple as possible.