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We love to shop, but more than shopping, we love event shopping. That’s why things like Black Friday Sales are so popular because it makes shopping into a tradition, an event where you come away with gifts you picked and some bonding time with your shopping buddies.

With Amazon’s Daily Deals you can have a shopping event any day of the week, and you don’t have to wait for a printed catalogue in the mail to enjoy it. Instead you can just take a look at their daily deals online at any time.
Below are some of our top picks from today’s Amazon deals. The prices shown below are the sale prices listed at the time of posting.

Pressure Washer

pressure washer sale

Current Sale Price: $145.49
Originally: $279.00
You Save: $133.51! (48% off)

The Sun Joe pressure washer is a high performance machine with a powerful motor. Its maximum pressure reaches 2200 PSI! It also has two detergent tanks with dials that let you control the mix of detergent and water, a 34-inch extension wand, and a garden hose adapter. This product also comes with free shipping, free returns, and 2-3 year protection plans for only $22 to $30.

White Noise/Sleep Sound Machine

white noise sale

Current Sale Price: $11.98
Originally: $29.99
You Save: $18.01! (60% off)

Have trouble sleeping? Take advantage of this sale and get yourself a Sleep Sounds Machine. You can use it for yourself, or keep it in the baby’s room to help them sleep a full night. It comes with 6 different noise options, and you can power it with either batteries or by plugging it into an outlet, allowing you to take your sleep sound machine anywhere. It even has an option to set a timer on it for 15, 30, or 60 minutes so that it won’t be on all night, just long enough to put you to sleep for the night.

Mini Projector

mini projector sale

Current Sale Price: $107.00
Originally: $189.99
You Save: $82.99! (44% off)

Need a projector for your dorm apartment, or want to put on a cinematic outdoor movie night? Then this is the deal for you. This mini projector is small, compact, and wonderfully portable with it’s own fitted case. It’s also compatible with a Fire TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, and Smartphones, with a 200 inch display.

PNY Products

The following PNY Products are some of the best deals going on today. You can get up to 512 gigabytes of extra space for 60% the original price!
pny products sale

128 GB PNY Flash Card

Current Sale Price: $15.99
Originally: $44.55
You Save: $28.56! (64% off)

256 GB PNY Flash Card

Current Sale Price: $32.99
Originally: $89.55
You Save: $56.56! (63% off)

512 GB PNY Flash Card

Current Sale Price: $77.99
Originally: $199.39
You Save: $121.40! (61% off)

64 GB PNY Flash Drive

flash drive sale

Current Sale Price: $9.49
Originally: $25.04
You Save: $15.55! (62% off)

Sometimes deals and sales are the way that we get things we really need. You may especially depend on sales when you’re in college, or just starting out on your own, or in a new place. So when you find something you really need on sale, and payday is just a couple days too late, that can be really frustrating. Luckily Check City can help you out with a quick and easy Payday Loan so that you can take advantage of important deals regardless of when your payday comes.
Share with us what deals you snagged today by using the hashtag #amazondailydeals, and #checkcity.

6 Reasons 2013 Could Be a Buyers Market

Despite the fear of higher federal taxes this year due to the deal struck by Congress to slow down the Fiscal Cliff, there is hope on the financial horizon of 2013. According to reports on CNN Money, you might not need to be afraid of the number 13. There are 6 prices they expect to see reduced this coming year.

Used Cars

Due to an expected increase in lease terminations, an estimated 500,000 extra cars will be added to the market leases expiring. That kind of increase in supply will surely drive the demand down, meaning that prices will also drop by several hundred dollars. If you’re looking for a nice used car, 13 might be your lucky number.

Gas Prices

According to the Department of Energy, gas prices are expected to drop on average by 20 cents on the gallon. They should drop from $3.63 in 2012 to $3.43 in 2013.


Intel wants their Ultrabook touch laptops to dominate the industry. They said it would last year and saw none of the expected domination. Part of their marketing plan this year is to significantly drop their selling price so they can see that dream come true. You could see prices drop from more than a grand to just $600 by the end of the year.

Travel Packages

If you want to vacation this year, purchase a package. Booking a hotel and airfare together can help make the trip more affordable for you. Depending on the length and destination of your trip, you could save anywhere between hundreds of dollars, to thousands. See what travel packages are coming your way this year.

Solar Energy Panels

You’ve all been waiting for this to become affordable, as the energy is free once you get them set up. Prices are expected to drop by 10% this year, making them more affordable for everyday Americans than ever before.

Flat Screen TV’s

Every man and some women should have perked up at the sound of that. LCD TVs could see an 11% reduction in price. 11% off of $1,000 is just over a hundred dollar price reduction. If you’ve wanted one for a while, then 2013 could be the year you finally get yours.

Keep your head up for the coming year. Price reductions could help your finances out in an all new way. As you shop around for some of these items be sure to do your research and be patient. Also, understand that sometimes the absolute best price on some of these items will come at the worst possible time (usually in between paydays), if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to miss out on a great deal, sometimes it will make sense to come into one of our many Check City locations and get a cash advance to pay for the item now when you know you’ll be able to pay it off on your next payday.

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