How a Sports Fan Can Purchase Season Tickets on a Budget

There are few feelings as intensely energizing than cheering on your favorite sports team in person. The buzz in the air, sights, sounds, crowd atmosphere, and sense of team cannot be matched by simply watching on TV.

If you are a diehard fan of a team, going to your team’s games can be one of the biggest highlights of the year. However, seasons tickets can be quite expensive.

But with the right amount of planning, and by using some helpful tips, the difficult task of purchasing season tickets can be made a lot more manageable.

Pool Your Money Together

One of the simplest tactics you can use to help control the costs of season tickets is to pool your money with friends or family.

If you pool with 4 other people, then the price of the tickets is cut down to only 20 percent of the cost per person. The downside of this is that you will only be able to go to 20 percent of the games.

By doing a “ticket draft” you can ensure that you draft the games that are the most important to you. Another idea that has been used with some success is to sell back some of the tickets to help recoup costs.

Resell Some of Your Tickets

Season tickets usually come at a deep discount off of the face value. For example, the face value of a ticket may be $40.25 per game, but if you buy a whole season’s worth of games you are only paying $22.75 per game.

The difference of $17.50 is a 43 percent savings. By selling some of the tickets, especially tickets that are more in demand, you can pay for a large part of the cost of season tickets.

If all tickets could be sold at face value, then you could go to over 40% of the games, and would end up having recouped the entire cost of the season tickets. The downside to using this idea is that you may have to sell some of the more in-demand tickets because you can make the largest profit margin off of those.

Plan Ahead and Budget

If going to all of your team’s games is really important to you, you can manage that by budgeting your money well. If you save up for a period of time, you can break the cost into monthly payments.

If season tickets cost $1200 total, by setting aside $100 per month you can afford to purchase them. If a large down payment is due up front, you may consider getting a cash advance.

This way the down payment can be broken up into manageable parts that are easier to fit into your budget. An important aspect of purchasing season tickets that you should keep in mind is that by getting seats that are a little bit further from the action, the cost goes down by a large amount.

Settle For the Upper Bowl or End Zone

If sitting upper bowl is just fine with you, consider getting tickets in the upper bowl. This can reduce the price by more than half.

Likewise, by being flexible in your demands of sitting as far as left-to-right, you can save a bundle. Tickets that are not looking straight on to the action, but are angled to either side, are a lot less expensive.

If you are willing to sit down by the end zone instead of on the 50 yard line, you can save yourself a significant amount of money. Lastly, another technique you can use when trying to control the costs of season tickets is to look for deals/promotions.

If your favorite team is a college football team, try and find a friend who attends the school. By being a student, they can receive a large discount. If you ask nicely, and offer to provide them with some college essentials (treat them to fast food), they may be willing to purchase the tickets for you.

This can save you a great deal and it would put you in the heart of the student section, where the fans are the most energetic. Another deal you can try to find is to purchase early.

Save By Buying Early

Many teams will give discounts to their fans who buy their season tickets early. By using these techniques, the most passionate fan can make sure that they are able to attend their team’s stadium on game day.

With careful budgeting, keeping out a watchful eye for deals and promotions, and looking to share the costs either with friends and family or by selling some tickets to other fans, you can make it possible to cheer on your team until your voice goes hoarse, all year long.